Three rounds of tie talking, once the US military conflict, China maintains neutral or help Russia?

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Three rounds of tie talking, once the US military conflict, China maintains neutral or help Russia?

2022-01-19 00:07:52 26 ℃

It is related to Ukraine. Russia has held talks with the United States, NATO and OS, but the three-wheeled knocks have repeatedly talked, but the tension is not only relieved, but it turns sharply. In this regard, the outside world has guess whether Russia and the United States headed will break military conflicts. Once the US military conflicts have occurred, how do China should choose, is it neutral? Or is it help Russia?

Recently, the conflict between the border between Russia is intensified. After three rounds of negotiations, Russia began to release "话" and the US Western countries. According to January 15th, January 14th, Russian Foreign Minister Lav Rov said at the annual reporter meeting that Russia's patience "has been exhausted" on the West, and accuses Western countries destroy the international relations framework based on the Charter of the United Nations. Instead of replacing international law with your own rules. In addition, the three talks held in Russia and Western countries, Lavrov said that they are looking forward to rebuilding with the US on security, but depending on Washington's reply, the Russia wants the United States and NATO to make a written reply to this, and Give a week. At the same time, Lav Rov also emphasized that Russia will continue to prepare for the development of the situation. If the US refuses to ensure that NATO does not have ever, Russia's response may be a variety of proposals, depending on the proposal submitted by military experts to the president.

For Russia's tough attitude, the United States is also tat it. The American assistant Sandy said that Western is ready to respond to all possible, and the United States has "don't hold any fantasy" on Russia, prepare for the necessary measures, protect allies and partners, and counterattack the possible "aggression behavior". At the same time, Sandli also pointed out that the United States will also communicate with allies and Russia and point out that "sanctions" is only part of the tools, and there are other measures to deal with Russia.

It can be seen that the intensity of the current Russian-Wo situation can be seen, and the worst result is the war. Once the military conflict broke out, although Russia relies on strong military strength to be crushed Ukraine, if the United States Western countries will cause a small challenge to Russia, at this time, China has a comprehensive strategic partnership with Russia. How to choose?

In this regard, the external analysis believes that China cannot stand by, and should also help Russia, because this matter is also related to China's security and benefits, but points different. First of all, if Russia is only a small-scale military conflict, Russia can stand up, control the situation, and China can choose to remain neutral, but to survey on the international stage, in China The influence is a role, and to some extent help Russia.

Secondly, if the scale of conflict expands and has sustained signs, the United States will inevitably take a means of suppressing sanctions against Russia, especially in terms of economic, and, Russia is clearly consumed. At this time, China should apply to Russia from all aspects of economic to military, and firmly help Russia. After all, this example has been, during the Syrian War, the Russian domestic economy encountered heavy due to the downturn of international oil prices, is the huge energy cooperation order for China, which is transported in the Russian economy, ease the crisis.