The US army is approaching, but it is too late to start the first shot, Zhang Zhaozhong: I am afraid that the fish will die!

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The US army is approaching, but it is too late to start the first shot, Zhang Zhaozhong: I am afraid that the fish will die!

2022-01-19 00:08:52 47 ℃

The United States has risen rapidly after World War II, and it has become the world's first strong country, economic and military development is very fast, and is in the world's leading level. Therefore, with its powerful strength, the United States began to deploy military power around the world. Among them, the oil resources in the Middle East are very rich, while oil is an indispensable resource in countries, and the United States is no exception. In many Middle East countries, Iran now has become one of the goals of US sanctions. The United States has launched an armed forces to Iran several times. In order to sanction in Iran, the United States will quickly respond to the arm and the strategic bomber troops in Iranian countries. Even the Hallmuz Strait in Iran is essential, often has a US aircraft carrier sailing here. But it is also strange, even if the US army has been approaching, it is also too late to start the first shot. Why is this? Zhang Zhaozhong: I am afraid that the fish is dead!

Since Meiyi relations are gradually deteriorated, the US Treat Iran is a variety of suppression. Even so, the United States has not had a substantive action on Iran, but Iran is not afraid of the United States, and then there are all kinds of provocations in the three places. Even Iran also dispatched a large-scale missile speedboat and the US military in the Hallmuz Strait, but even if the distance is only 400 meters, the US military has not returned just to do its own defense. Also, Iran had previously hit down the US "Global Eagle" drone, and there is no practical reaction in the United States.

With the strength of the US military, you can get defeat Iran. However, the United States treats the hard attitude of Iran once again compromise, this is very can't understand. For this issue, experts Zhang Zhaozhong gave an unexpected answer, which is the most afraid of fish in the United States. Iran has a trump card is that you can make use of enriched uranium radioactive bomb, although it's far less powerful nuclear bomb, but the danger is that the US still feel fear. Once Iran's use of the bomb against the United States, after the explosion also emit radioactive material to produce great harm to the human body. Also today Iran has missile technology, and the technology content is not low.

In fact, plainly, even if the US can beat Iran, once Iran took the attitude of the die, the US is not very good to get out. So, faced with such a situation, the US military against Iran from time to time only to the point of provocation, to show himself strong military power, but has refrained from the real thing, it is I really do not "dare" ah!