When Wang Wei was sacrificed 21 years ago, Zhao Yu is full, why don't you fight against the counterattack?

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When Wang Wei was sacrificed 21 years ago, Zhao Yu is full, why don't you fight against the counterattack?

2022-01-19 00:08:46 40 ℃

There will be no lack of heroes in any age, and there is also the existence of such people. It is because of their payment, the country can develop more stronger, and many times the sacrifice is inevitable, people who really have courage, they are worth "Hero" title. Although it is now in the peaceful age, China has not had a war for a long time, but it is difficult to avoid the provocation of some countries. 21 years ago, a hero was unfortunately sacrificed. The name of this hero is Wang Wei. He is an excellent pilot, starting to surpass the strength of the peers and calm character from the school, even if he is a leader in the same age pilot.

Wang Wei and the US Army chase

On April 1, 2001, an EP-3 reconnaissance machine of the US military illegally invaded China's airspace, causing a certain threat to China. At that time, China issued a warning for the US military machine. I didn't expect that the other side didn't think about it, still arrogant in the air. Hover. China is unbearable, decided to send a fighter to intercept and drive it. Wang Wei took the initiative to ask for the implementation of this mission, and finally and the US military chase was unfortunately being scraped with the former wings, which caused the fighter crash. Although Wang Wei is skydiving, but still unfortunately sacrifice, only because China's survival equipment is not advanced enough, Wang Wei adheres to the arrival of the rescue force. When Wang Wei sacrificed, the comrades Zhao Yu also drove the fighter to perform the task, so he witnessed the whole process. It's just a strange thing that I saw the comrades crash, why did Zhao Yu not hit, revenge for his comrades?

Why did Zhao Yu be attacked?

Zhao Yu recalls that the weather in the weather is not high, Wang Wei and the US military machine entered the "you chasing me" and chasing the battle, he stayed on the side of Wang Wei. But what did he didn't expect that the US military machine suddenly came back to the horse when flying, causing Wang Wei's fighter to start falling. At that time, Zhao Yu was very concerned about Wang Wei's security problem. I didn't immediately initiate a counterattack for the US military. Although he was very angry, he wanted to fire in the US military aircraft, but for the general view, it was an instruction to request the Ground Control Center. After the analysis of the situation at the time, the China Command requires Zhao Yu to open fire to the US military, but to find a way to lock Wang Wei's position in order to be searched and rescued.

Only Wang Wei's war plane and his own fell are very fast, Zhao Yu did not master his fallback. Although the country dispatched 100,000 military people, they did not find Wang Wei. At that time, the reason did not open, mainly considering the critical stage of China in development, plus the strength gap between themselves and the US military is still very large, once the selection of tear face, the United States will completely go to the opposite side of China, or even the United States is likely to In order to launch an attack on China.

In any case, the US military machine has indeed no fire, but the plane rubs Wang Wei's fighter, so that the United States can use the driver of the two federats. In this case, China is unable to initiate military blow to the US. In the end, China seized the US pilot and his fighters, and contacted the US Embassy and asked the US to give this matter to this matter. Later, the United States publicly made an apology statement, although it is not very sincere, we don't have him.

China's original hunition is worth it

When a country has not truly wedn full, you can't enhance the unbeatable country, otherwise it will only be yourself. How many countries are insufficient to irritate the United States, and they will eventually launched a war by the United States. Syria, Libya and Iraq are the lessons of blood, and China finally chose tolerance. It is the original tolerance to get China's development time, with today's strength.