Japan will refuse to recognize the principle?China Consul General speaks: Don't forget your own cultural mother

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Japan will refuse to recognize the principle?China Consul General speaks: Don't forget your own cultural mother

2022-01-19 00:08:28 46 ℃

In recent years, China-Japanese relations have been in a state in which the relationship is gradually deteriorating. The Japanese government is frequently involved in Taiwan Sea. It is also increasingly increasingly increasingly increasingly profitable. It is reported that Japan has even gives up the idea of ​​giving up the principle.

Japanese attitude

Recently, China's Consul General, Xue Jian, who was in Osaka, said in an interview that Japan frequently tries to China's red line, and constantly engage in small actions on Taiwan issues, and also throwing refuses to recognize a Chinese principle. Japan's approach has touched China's bottom line, but also the disrespectful and provocation of China. In this regard, Xue Jian said that I hope that Japan should not forget that their cultural motherland is China's historical facts. Xue Jian said that because Japan is a yellow people like China, how to never the West, in the eyes of the white people are also "second-class citizens."

To analyze the current situation, "second-class citizens" is used to describe Japan is very appropriate. Although Japan is a sovereign state, the Japanese government cannot truly master the sovereignty of his country. After all, any sovereign state will not allow the other country to station in the country.

On the other hand, Japan served as a fascist aggressor in World War II, after the war, has received a lot of restrictions in the development of the army, and the Japanese army can't even call the army, but called the self-defense team.

Japanese current situation

Although Japan said that it is a yellow, but it is close to the Caucasian, Japan's entire country is biased towards the Western countries and wants to get out of Asia to enter the European camp. This behavior in Japan completely forgot the history of his country and forgot his culture. Xue Jian said that no matter how it works in Japan, it will not change their yellow blood, and Western countries will not treat them as their own. After all, I can also be targeted by the European Russia, what is Japanese in their eyes?

It has always been to join hands with the United States to stop China. Although speaking, the first phase of Futian Kangfu's friendly attitude toward China, but in the atmosphere of the Japanese government's overall pars, Japan's investment in Western countries seems to have a nail. Japan only recognizes the facts soon, in order to change the status quo of the country.

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