In 1924, the Saxi Sentinel was rescued after 9 years, and his losses were lost, and still sticking to the post.

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In 1924, the Saxi Sentinel was rescued after 9 years, and his losses were lost, and still sticking to the post.

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In 1924, a military army in Poland was ordered to come to Brest.

It has been occupied by Saure, and their task is to discover the military dules that were blown up at the time.

However, the military demand has been fried nine years, and 9 years have not seen the shadow of any military demand.

Thereafter, a soldier found a pile of soil slopes like hills, stacked on wood and stone.

He immediately called other soldiers, moved all wood and stone.

As stones and wooden blocks were moved by a little, they actually saw an entrance to the underground tunnel.

A group is very excited, and you caught the fire climbed from the hole.

But just entered the stone cave, the feet did not land yet, he heard that from the cave, it took advantage of it:

"Stand, who you are?"

Because the hole is a long tunnel, this drunk is also accompanied by a burst of echo.

What makes the soldiers are surprised that the sound of the gun bolts is also passed.

After a series of communication, the truth is finally announced.

It turned out that the people who called the words were the "Sand Russian Thream", which is unexpected to everyone.

The Polish soldiers don't understand, how did he survive in the underground for 9 years?

What kind of belief is that he is still sticking to the post after being buried in the bottom.

All of this has to start from the Sand Reway.


In 1914, the world broke out the first war.

At that time, the world's strong German Germany, because the national comprehensive power developed rapidly, and they started to have a small resource.

So they decided to make global resources to reshuffle the global resources through the war.

And the Russia in Russia was also forced to participate in the war.

However, Saulatu, the Shatu Russia is not strong, although there is already a high-speed momentum.

However, if the strength is not too high, the strength is not too high.

However, no one thought that after the joining the battle, Sha Russia actually showed a super high combat power.

At the time of the German, the British French Union was stalemate with the British and French Union.

Salax has become a strange troops, and it is necessary to attack Germany's capital Berlin in Germany.

Such a situation makes the Salahshi rose, and I have never thought about whether I have a higher strength with Germany.

And Germany, after being entered into the country by Saulacy, began to return to the taste.

They temporarily gave up the confrontation with the British and France, and all the firepower was aligned with the army of Saulan.

The army of Sa Russia has the strength of the German fighting, and the front of the battle began to completely defeat.

After defeating, Saudo also fully understood that his strength has a certain gap with Germany.

So they started to stand back, retreat to Poland, ready to find opportunities.

At that time, Poland was occupied by Sand, and they built a lot of underground troops in Poland.

They think about it in Poland, and I have a painful blow to Germany.

Can Germany have not wanted to give the Salast chance, Saudo retreat, Germany further.

The Poland, the occupied Poland, will not be guaranteed, but does not want the general to leave the supplies to Germany, so they decided:

"I am blown up the underground army, and I don't leave it for Germany."


It is the Royal Trilist 169.

The situation in the battlefield, so the soldiers are uneasy.

However, there is also an exception, all the soldiers have a fearful expression, but only a soldier face is full of jagged.

This soldier named Asisaff because he knew that he finally came home.

At the time of participating in the army, Ashalv was just engaged with his favorite girl.

The war of all year round made him exception to his family and also thought of his unmarried wife.

His fiancee wrote to him before, and his letter expressed his thoughts on fiance.

So, fiancee also said that he will wait for him to go home, and two people will hold a grand wedding.

And Ashalv regards this letter as a baby, every time it is stationed, he will carefully put the envelope in his arms.

Seeing that the army of Saula is to return to Russia, how can this be unhappy?

However, when he was guarding the post, he found a touch.

Because they guarded a military warehouse, he saw a lot of explosives at the entrance to the warehouse.

But although doubt, he did not put it on your heart:

"May just be placed here."

He doesn't care at all, because his mind is full of missing his wife.

After he walked into the warehouse, he inspected a circle in the warehouse.

After confirming that everything was there, he walked back to the guard booth and his comrades conducted a job.

Subsequently, he hid in the booth, and then went to the unmarried wife to give his own letter.

Just when he had just opened the envelope, the hole came from a horrified explosion.

I haven't mentioned what happened, the huge power of the explosion, rushed into the warehouse from the hole.

Ashalov is also directly overturned by this air wave, directly unpaid personnel.

It turned out that Germany suddenly started rapidly, so that the Saudo was not.

Finally, the commander of Shatu has issued an emergency order, and the generals need to be returned to China.

Some items can't be carried out, and they will cover the destruction in the ground.

In short, it is a military need to stay to Germany.

At that time, the explosives seen in the hole in the hole were convenient for destruction.

In fact, Russia has also left the road, they just blow up the tunnel, and there is no explosive in the military library.

Because they are ready to restart, only need to dig up the tunnel.

Only because of the command is urgent, Asa Lirv, which is responsible for duty is not notified in time.

With the leave of his previous soldiers, the soldiers who were responsible for blasting thought that no one, ignited the introduction of the provision.

Asahof, this is buried in the bottom of the military demand.


I don't know how long, coma's Ashalov finally woke up.

First introduced into the eye, is the endless darkness.

He stabilized his body and pulled out the match from his arms and ignited a candle.

At that time, Asa Laf did not know what happened, so decided to go outside the hole.

But the more you go, the more gravel under his feet.

Until the end, he was blocked by the stone of the tunnel.

Seeing such a situation, Aisairv is completely stunned, all hopes all the moment.

He sent a crazy to the end, planing the loess and gravel with both hands.

But how can the flesh and blood compared to hard stones?

Soon, his hands were bloody, and even the fingernails were out of them.

Although this, the blouse and the loess have no wire change.

He began to struggle, and someone can hear his voice to save himself.

But his heart also understands that this is just in vain.

Soon, he was calm down.

Because he knew, he was buried underground underground.

At that moment he desperate, I thought of being relieved.

When he returned to the booth, he saw the envelope from his arms, once again.

After a moment, he got the letter, and put it back to the arms carefully:

"For my unmarried wife, I have to live anyway."

Fortunately, Asisaff is buried in the military library.

There are many living materials, such as canned, fried noodles.

Even the bedding, matches and candles commonly used in life, there should be everything in the warehouse.

Soon, Ashalv will sort out these things.

At that time, in order to safely, the underground military library would reserve a venting hole to ensure the circulation of air.

The entrance and exit of the military depot was fried, but the venting holes were intact.

It is a unfortunate thing.

When he finished finishing everything, he suddenly found no water in the military library.

This is undoubtedly fatal.

But this problem has not difficult to imagine.

He enlisted a circle in the military deposit, found a very wet stone wall.

Since it is wet, it will illustrate the existence of groundwater.

Therefore, he uses a military device to dig a pit under the wall, allowing moisture to flow into the pit.

Sure enough, when he viewed again, there was a little water in the pit.

Although the water is not clean, there is even a rich solar flavor.

But for those who have been forced to the desperate, this is the hope of living.

In this way, Ashalv plans to have a survival plan that is a dayless day.


In order to make your body, he began a regular life.

Because the military demand is clear during the day, he judges through venting holes.

When the vent is brighter, he knows the past day.

In the cave, he still maintained life in the troops.

Every day, I will stick to the running exercise. Every day, he will make a mark on the wall.

Every week, it is his "good day". He will replace a new clothing, tall the clothes, and also play the role of the memory.

He understands that you don't talk for a long time, it will lead to retrogression, and even finally lose this ability.

So he speaks on the wall every day.

Of course, it is loneliness that makes him unbearable.

Whenever he feels lonely, he will take the letter of the unmarried wife to read.

Fantasy, with the fiancee in the mutual feelings, let the inner hope are not cast.

In this way, he lived in the munition in the dark, lived for 9 years.


In 1924, a colonel in Belarus came to Brest.

The colonel of this Belarus is the military officer who ordered the bombardment of the soldiers to the warehouse.

At that time, he was stumbling because of various factors, so he thought about the secret to the generals to tell Poland.

Only in this way, his life can improve.

Soon, the commander of Poland knew that after this news, he specially sent a small team to come to the military warehouse.

It was found for 7 days and finally found the location of the warehouse.

But didn't expect that there was a sound in it.

At that time, a Polish soldier war walked forward, soon he passed the sound.

"Stand, who you are?"

In the soldiers in Poland, some people understand Russian, try to talk to the other party:

"We are the soldiers of Poland, and they receive the command to perform the task."

The voice just fell, and the Polish soldiers were required to show the passage of the Royal Tril Party 169.

This is difficult to fill the Polish soldier, and the Saudo will die early, and where there is a pass?

So they told this information the owner of the sound.

The opposite is quiet for a moment, followed by the sound of the gun:

"I am the soldier of Saulan, there is no superior order, you are not allowed!" Helpless, the Polish soldiers had to come out of the tunnel, and told Belarus.

After listening to the school, I was apparent to him, I couldn't believe it.

So he personally walked into the tunnel and prepared to explore.

I didn't expect to enter the tunnel. The voice of the distance remembered again, asked him the identity.

After he told the other party, the other party quickly ran out.

After the colonel, he immediately salted a military ceremony:

"Reporting the school, I am the sentinel Asisaff, please indicate!"

I heard the voice of Ashalv, and the colonel was unbelievable, I wanted to make close attention.

And Aisairv will take a step back:

"Comrade Shangyue, please turn off the torch, it makes my eyes hurt."

Finally, after the colonel put the fire in the hands, finally saw the look of Ashalov.

I saw that Asisaff is already full of white hair, and the white hair of oil is already in the waist.

However, although he is very miserable, people are surprisingly spiritual.

Finally, the soldiers of Poland helped Ashalv, slowly got out of the cave.

However, since Ashalov has never seen sunlight in 9 years, he walked out of the cave moment, he made a miserable call.

His eyes were stabbed by sunlight, although the Polish soldiers quickly brought to the cave, but Ashawv was still blind.

And the colleeration is a glimpse:

"Sorry your sentinel, because my negligence, let you suffer."

However, Asisav is a face of a face:

"I have passed, let it go."

Later, the Polish soldier took Ashalv back to Brest, arranged him to enter the most advanced hotel.

Not only that, they still spend money to take a shower and haircut to Ashalov.

Everything is arranged, the Polish soldiers also have the best doctors to Ashalv.

But unfortunately, they did not have the eyes of Ashalov.

After that, the Polish soldiers wanted Aisairv to live more, but they were refused by Aisaff.

Because he has more important things to do.

This 9 years of time, he is not missing his unmarried wife, and thinks about the agreement with the fiancee.

He wants to go back and tell her that he is willing to marry her.

When he left, he went to the military ceremony in the army of Poland, and immediately embarked on the train.

As the thistle sounded, the train slowly opened.

On the train, a verandon buried 9 years is walking towards happiness.

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