Take Shourtron is not talking about it, Iran's high-level assassination video, work is ready

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Take Shourtron is not talking about it, Iran's high-level assassination video, work is ready

2022-01-19 06:04:16 43 ℃

According to Global Network, Miyi has recently rushed to hot search, whose cause is related to an air strike two years ago, and the Trump government has planned an air strike, hinding Iran, leading to the country of Sulamanni Airport.

The Iraqi government has never given up the idea of ​​revenge for Sulemanni, and the relevant investigation work has been in progress, no matter how many people involved in other people, Trump must first have a retaliation of I.

Iran is not to talk about it, and the highest level of Iran has released a seclusion video, which is an analog animation, but it is clearly an external statement, and the relevant preparation is ready.

Iran's highest layer assassination video

The Sulmanni has a significant significance for Iran, but in the early 2020, an air strike has taken his life, which has triggered a great sensation in Iran.

Today, the former US President Trump has stepped down, and Leich has become the President Iran, but this grievances will not be two clear because the government's defers, the people are still indignant, and the IQ has also not abandoned the investigation. The list of suspects today has gradually opened.

Recently, the II Government announced a list, with 51 US officials, they are all objects that I want to sanction, and the US President Trump ranks first. What is unexpected is that Iran is not only on his mouth, but also demonstrates this attitude from actions, the highest layer has released assassination video.

This is an analog animation video. It can be seen that the scene they set is Trump's residence in Florida, Trump is working with companions, after all, this is his favorite movement. Subsequently, the Killer robot of Iraq entered it and killed the Tri Pu. In addition, the video is also shown, including relevant personnel, including Trump, will pay the corresponding price.

This assassination animation is open, indicating that I is never given up revenge, and even has been fully prepared for retaliation action, Trump or will soon become the country's strikes.

The current government has naturally received relevant news, and made a response. The spokesperson of the Five-Corn Building said when they were interviewed. At present, they are paying attention to this animation and the next action of Iran, and call the Action or will The national security of the United States, including the US military in the Middle East, should also be vigilant.

Pengoeao is also a focus of strike objects

In fact, there is still a person, and it will become the focus of Iran's hit, he is Pengpeo. As a country's former Secretary of State, he is very popular in Trump in a period of time. It can be said that it is a red man in front of Trump, and he also plays a crucial. Role.

Pengpeio is very concerned about his situation. After all, he is not as protected as Trump, Iran wants to fight him, it is much more simple than hitting Trump.

So he decided to ask for help from Bunden, I hope that Biden can protect him because he is American citizen.

The Biden government has also responded to this matter, warning Iran not to act rashly, do not hurt any of the lives and interests of US citizens. In fact, Biden is not seen for Pengpeo. After all, their position is also opposite, but in the face of the identity of American citizens, Biden can't do it completely, otherwise it will only fall to the tongue. However, the relationship between the United States of Miyi has not yet recovered, and what is going on, it is not clear.