The fastest nuclear submarine: 44th mad chasing the aircraft carrier, the US military helpless protection: I don't run.

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The fastest nuclear submarine: 44th mad chasing the aircraft carrier, the US military helpless protection: I don't run.

2022-01-19 06:03:52 22 ℃

Soviet 661 nuclear submarine

Because of the huge resistance of sea water, the speed of modern warships is generally around 30, but the fastest nuclear submarine in the world can reach the speed of 44, which is the Soviet 661 nuclear submarine. The nuclear submarine rely on the 44th speed to chase the US aircraft carrier, let the US aircraft carrier tracking the Soviet nuclear submarine is helpless.

The 661 nuclear submarine is served in 1969, 106.9 meters long, 11.5 meters wide, and the drainage is more than 5,000 tons, more than 8,000 tons of water, and 80 crew controls. This nuclear submarine is the fastest nuclear submarine since human history, and has not been broken by people. Both this nuclear submarine, the most well-known story is its "chasing competition" with the United States Lexar-grade Saratoa aircraft carrier.

Punch of 661 nuclear submarine

In 1971, the US Saratoa aircraft carrier entered the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, saving toward Miami. Suddenly the crew on the aircraft carrier found that the officers and soldiers on this aircraft carrier intended to get rid of this nuclear submarine. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the nuclear submarine is slightly slower, but the Saratoa aircraft carrier has increased the speed to the limit of 30, but the nuclear submarine is still followed.

This scene was scared to the crew of the American aircraft carrier, and we must know that the speed of the aircraft carrier is generally 30 sessions, while the speed of the nuclear submarine is generally in 25 to 27, and even 23, 24. But this nuclear submarine can follow the Saratoa aircraft carrier in full speed, which is obviously at least at least the same as the aircraft carrier.

This means that the country with this aircraft carrier has mastered some kind of black technology, which allows the speed of the nuclear submarine to at least 30, which is subversive in the military field at the time. When the Saratoa aircraft carrier reports the news to the White House, the atmosphere of the White House is extremely denied, because only one country in this world can master this technology, that is, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has this speed that is terrible nuclear submarine, and the future marine situation may have changed.

So the White House ordered to let the Saratoya aircraft carrier fully driving, and it is necessary to open this nuclear submarine. After the Saratoa, the aircraft carrier once again raised the speed to the limit, the Soviet nuclear submarine followed by the back was not only touched, but it spared from the side of the American aircraft carrier. This scene directly looked at the officers and soldiers on the Saratoa aircraft carrier. If the scene in front of the eyes is true, then the speed of this nuclear submarine should be able to reach the horror of 40. It can only be helpless, because they really run.

Expensive 661 nuclear submarine

Later, after the decryption of the Soviet Union, this magical nuclear submarine was a 661 aircraft carrier in the Soviet Union. It enhanced the fastest speed in the laboratory to reach 44.85 sessions, far better than all in service warships in the world. Although the nuclear submarine is powerful, it is not a large-scale service because it is too expensive.

The entire 661 nuclear submarine boat is made of pure titanium alloy, which allows it to resist the seawater resistance from advancement and increase the speed to 44. The titanium alloy is very expensive, so this 661 nuclear submarine is called "goldfish", and the Soviet Union is only built.