"China urgently speaking: Chinese citizens should pay attention!"

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"China urgently speaking: Chinese citizens should pay attention!"

2022-01-19 06:04:06 25 ℃

For a few days ago, the neighbors of Kazakhstan suddenly occurred in the country, and a large number of riots walked on the streets and burned and looted, and it brought a small loss to the country. After aware of the seriousness of this riot, the Harbin government quickly dispatched armed forces and seeking support for many countries such as Russia. Subsequently, under the efforts of many parties, the situation quickly stabilized. There is not long time in Harbin's turmoil, and China's other neighboring country Pakistan suddenly passed bad news. The situation in the country is more unstable, so China quickly quickly reminded Chinese citizens.

China urgently speak

According to the Global Network on January 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Citizens in Karachi reminded Chinese citizens to travel to Bochistan, which has not returned from Chinese citizens who have evacuated from the province. Chinese citizens in the province have evacuated as soon as possible . In order to stay in the province, Chinese citizens and Chinese institutions must be aware of vigilance, pay close attention to the safety information released by the local government and China's residential building, strengthen prevention and emergency preparation, and take strict security measures when they go out. In case of an emergency, please contact the police in time and contact the Chinese station.


In fact, in recent years, Balochi provinces often have explosions and other incidents, bringing many instability to the local area. It is reported that when Pakistan has been independent, the province has opposed a part of Pakistan. Until today, the province still has many armed forces, trying to continue to seek independence. Today, these armed forces often plan various actions such as explosions, causing the local situation to become a great threat to the local people and overseas people.

It is worth mentioning that these armed forces have also established extreme organizations to lead to terrorism in the province. In recent years, China and Barbai countries have been seeking to deepen cooperation, hoping to continue to deepen relationships, but the armed forces of Balochistan do not want to see Zhongba's closer, try to prevent China and Pakistan. In order to destroy the infrastructure projects cooperated with China, these armed forces also treated Chinese as a target.

Chinese citizens should be highly vigilant

Although the Pakistan security forces have been carried out in the local area in recent years, various attacks still have occurred. On December 30 last year, Quita, Balo, suddenly took a major explosion accident, and 4 people were killed, and 15 were injured.

It is reported that the explosion site is just near a school. When the explosion occurred, a group of students just came out, followed by casualties. In addition, on August 20 last year, there were also attacks on Chinese citizens, which again explained that the local situation is very unstable, and all local Chinese citizens must maintain a high vigilance and do related protection measures.

Some information reference Source: Global Network

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