One destroyed Japan?The military has already filed the United States, the world "No. 9 Missile"

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One destroyed Japan?The military has already filed the United States, the world "No. 9 Missile"

2022-01-19 06:04:27 38 ℃

Since the O'Keki variant, there has been no news in Delta strain since the international basis, especially the US, Delta virus disappeared in the United States? It is to know that how can the United States are in the global epidemic, how can Delta poison plants disappear? I don't know, I'm smashing, the experts said that the United States has already had a big problem. I didn't expect that Washington was so big, and the pit was laded worldwide.

In front of this epidemic crisis, the United States is in trouble, mistakenly estimates the risk of viruses, and the United States has begun to find a new pot man to find a bow, to the other countries, and Opal prevention and control measures in other countries refer to hand painting, rising virus traceability to the political level, take the opportunity to suppress emerging countries, the United States does this, that is, local epidemic continues to out of control. The problem of "viral traceability" has always emphasized in Dtrickburg, and it has never responded to the connection between the two, and the US "double standard" moves, just prove The country has problems.

Then Delta poison plant is dying in the United States. This seems to be a good news, but in fact, with the emergence of O'K戎, it has continued to ravage in the United States in the United States. The face "with poison attack" said. This practice has appeared in the United States once before the epidemic global pop. In the second half of 2019, the new crown virus has not appeared, and the United States reported the infection cases of "electronic tobacco". Later, with the new crown virus ravaged globally, "electronic tobacco" seems to disappear from the United States, then the United States's epidemic continued to out of control .

In fact, whether it is Delta strain or the Otcock strain, it is a variety of new crown viruses, and more terrible is that the propagation of the O'Ker mutant strain is stronger. Seeing the O'Kek tuning strains, many countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany have successively "Fengcheng", but even the same, there is still no "魔爪" of O'Kek. South Africa discovered that O'Keri poison, the United States cut off route, but it was also spread by virus. In just one month, the virus has been "attack" the United States, and a large number of people infectiviation.

It is worth mentioning that US medical experts have long called on the US government to do epidemic prevention measures, but the speed of the propagation of the O'Ker mutant strain is really fast, even WHO issued a warning: "New one The wheel storm is coming soon. It is relatively weak in O'Tomik's poison, and the cure rate is relatively high. It is still the case of the United States to face the epidemic, and the epidemic will beat the epidemic and restore the past normal life.