US Russia is doing the "War Plan", the US prepared 18 kinds, Russia or to Latin America deployed nuclear weapons

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US Russia is doing the "War Plan", the US prepared 18 kinds, Russia or to Latin America deployed nuclear weapons

2022-01-19 06:04:33 40 ℃

After Russia held three conversations with the United States, NATO, and OA will be held in Russia, the Russian situation has not been alleviated, but because both parties are not willing to compromise, it becomes more nervous. In addition to direct access to Germany, Ukraine has recently received the armored defense system supported by the UK, and the US has also supported a lot of equipment, and Ukraine's movements are the actions of the NATO in the United States and their leaders. In this context, US Russia has begun to do "war preventions", allegedly prepared 18 kinds, and Russia did not exclude deployed nuclear weapons to Latin America, such as Cuba, Venezuela, etc., ready to treat them The body of the person is pressured to the United States.

According to the "Global Times" report on January 18, as the US strategic dialogue broke, the situation in Ukraine became nervous. The United States accused Russia still continued to increase the Russian and ugly border, and it is likely to "invade" or take over the whole Ukraine; at the same time, Russian Presidential Spokesman Peskov also said that, like the United States, Russia is also preparing for possible "scenarios". Soon, the US Deputy Secretary of State, Newland, is open, and if Russia dares to "invade" Ukraine, the United States has prepared as many "response programs" for Moscow, so from the current perspective, US Russia is preparing.

Although the United States did not disclose his "18 plans" for Russia, the "18 plans" for Russia, but there were certain military means and "economic sanctions".

For example, according to foreign media reports, the United States intends to train a large number of militia in Wu's surroundings in the case of Russia's "occupation" Ukraine, helping the people in Wuzhong "uprising". In addition, there is also a report that Biden has ordered the "guerrillas" in the Pentagon training in Wuzhong, the Wuzheng army is also preparing for the "decisive", and even pregnant women must be on the battlefield, and it can be found that the United States claims "18 War plan, this is not a joke.

So, how does Russia prepare to deal with the US war threat? It is simple to say. Putin is 100,000 in the Russian Wulfang Chen Bing, divided into 100 tactical camps, each tactical camp has at least one motorcycle infantry or tank, a strengthened artillery and other, Putin or with these experienced veterans, in a large number With the help of the fighter, torn open a big mouth on the Urdian defense line of the Russian border, and then drive straight, directly capture the Ukrainian capital Kiev, thus the whole Ukraine.

This is a routine means. For the Russian army, it is not difficult to do this. Former Urban Special Forces believe that the Russian army only needs 24 hours to capture Kiev, only 6 hours, but not too late It 24 hours.

In addition to routine means, Putin has prepared "unconventional means", and Russia, Russia, Russia, in the interview with the national media, once clearly, does not exclude the possibility of deploying military infrastructure in Cuba, Venezuela, Although Riabkov said more euphemism, everyone is still associated with the "Cuba Missile Crisis". This means that Russia may deploy nuclear missiles in the Latin America where Cuba, Venezuela is located. In this way, Russia can cause direct, serious, unable to ignore nuclear deterrents in the United States, thereby ensuring their own safety.

So, will the US Russia will eventually "win the army" because of Ukraine? It should be said that it is unlikely. On the one hand, Biden has clearly stated that it will not provide protection for Ukraine. At present, everything in the United States, NATO is not intended to have a hard time with Putin. Live blood swallow. On the other hand, China and the United States and the United Kingdom have published a "prevention of nuclear war" declarations, clearly pointed out that "nuclear war does not win," Therefore, both parties will "restrain". Therefore, the possibility of direct war between US Russia is small, but the possibility of fighting between Russia is indeed very large, after all, the United States refuses to refund, and Russia has already had a retreat.