Once a conflict in Russia, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant will become new threats?Power is comparable to nuclear bombs

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Once a conflict in Russia, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant will become new threats?Power is comparable to nuclear bombs

2022-01-19 06:04:39 42 ℃

According to the US media, with the continuous upgrade of Russia, Russia may have an armed conflict at any time. The war seems to be sent, which is a huge threat to the nuclear reaction in Ukraine. Because these nuclear reactions may be destroyed in the war in the war, this will lead to a huge threat, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Many people believe that foreign media and experts have little noted that Ukraine has faced a nuclear reactor problem that is induced by war, in fact, this threat is completely present. Ukraine has a support of the United States, which has been provoking in Belarus and Russia, so Belarus stops the Ukrainian export coal as a sanctions, and Russia suspended from Ukraine as countermeasures.

In addition to hostile relationships, Ukraine has to consider how to make winter problems. Ukraine's power plant is burning coal, Belarus stops the supply of coal resources in Ukraine, and Ukraine's power plants will naturally face problems in resource shortages. The proportion of imported coal is reduced, so Ukraine can rely on its own nuclear power plant. At present, there are 15 nuclear power plants in Ukraine, of which four are running, most people put the focus on the military conflict of Russia, but they don't realize that Ukraine's nuclear reaches are less than 200 kilometers from the border area. Once These nuclear power plants will be potential dangers, which may become the area where the bomb hits.

Once the war broke out, a nuclear leakage accident will lead to contaminated in large areas, and Europe's water source and living environment will be very worries. The previous Chernobyl incident has given people a profound lesson. At that time, the reaction of the explosion released a large amount of pollution dust and radio source, which was boundless, and the nuclear power plant was already in the grass, even the maintenance, it is very Most of the people in most parts of time still cannot survive here. The power after these nuclear power plants is destroyed is no less than nuclear bomb.

If there are two possibilities, there are two possibilities lead to serious nuclear leaks in nuclear power plants. The first natural is caused by war. Once the war, a large amount of devastating weapons bombing nuclear power plant will cause irreparable war losses. Another situation is due to the war, the staff can not fully maintain and manage nuclear power plants, and will also lead to the disclosure of nuclear power plants. In any case, the treatment of nuclear pollution has also lacks certain experience, and the state should be protective measures for nuclear power plants and provide protection, which is the responsibility of the entire humanity.