British politics said that Biden is too old, letting the United States leaders world leadership to China Russia

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British politics said that Biden is too old, letting the United States leaders world leadership to China Russia

2022-01-19 18:04:50 54 ℃

Asia Pacific Daily Amanda

The Business Insider news report said that the UK's parliament criticized Biden's "heart is not absent-minded" on the intensive Russian border issue, in view of the intention of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it became gradually.

In recent weeks, Ukraine urged the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany to provide military assistance to help Russia's armed forces in its border.

At present, the UK has dispatched anti-tank weapons and troops to Ukraine, and Biden seems to have dispelled the idea of ​​demonstration - but he still sent weapons - although the White House focused on the economic sanctions against Russia.

Some Members told Insider News. They believe that the US president is only focused on domestic political and India - Pacific strategy, which leads to "vacancy" in the world's main leaders, and the result is to let Russia drilled the empty space.

A conservative party member anonymously, said that Biden's "Thoughts are not on this matter." He also said that the 79-year-old man may not be competent, he asks: "Will you give this big thing to your old?"

Other Members have not attacked Biden age, but they all said that he does not have a deterioration.

The Chairman of the British Defense Committee and the President Tobias Ellwood said that this kind of relief of the Biden's unlike the law "enabling the unstable and potential conflict of the international situation."

Elwood also said that the Gitden government attitudes the geopolitical attitude "The heart is not awkward and too much care." He believes that the United States withdraws from Ukrainian position and the United States decision, he called the latter as a "very short" decision, causing the Taliban to take over Afghanistan.

He said: "There must be someone to lead Western countries, I feel that we are now unresnormal."

Elwood claims that the United States withdraw from Afghanistan is "showing the world": Western countries have lost their ability to compete with East. This may make Russia, China and Iran cheap. He said: "Ukraine is just a chess piece in a bigger bureau."

Another member of Members said that this "power vacuum" will make people feel that the "Big Gu" of the Russian and Eastern European issues will be handed over to the British. "

He added that some Americans expressed doubts about the Plan for Britain for India, because "The United States believes that the United Kingdom should pack their own rotten stalls".

Elwood has been persistent to make the Britain's status in the world, but he said that this ambition is almost exhausted by the UK.

He said, "Party Scandal" gave the British political altar. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in violation of the wine in the new crown epidemic, and he is still focused in order to keep his own ruling career.

"We are in the center of the storm, but we forgot this is a storm that is watching all over the world." He told Insider News, "I saw the British stock because this incident fell, I feel very depressed." "

I was asked whether this wind wave will contribute to the air of Putin, and Elwood said; "This is certain, when the prime minister is in jeopardizable in his own political part, how can he gather to fight against Putin? Support? "

"This will make the world feel that this should be in the British in the United Kingdom in the international crisis."

Bob Sely, Wai Tao, said that "Western self-contained" is the main reason for this situation. Wirconda said that the United States and the European Union have a "lying" posture to "Western world lack of leaders."

In addition, Xili will respond to economic sanctions in the Russian, and he predicts that there will be more online war. Western companies in Russia may have been confiscated, and even "there will be more assassination action." .

"Russia is very means," Westernaly told Insider News, "Putin will definitely counterattack."

(Source: Asia Pacific Daily APD NEWS)