Tonga's millennium has a volcanic outbreak, and the shock wave arrived in China Hong Kong: Century disaster is close to us?

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Tonga's millennium has a volcanic outbreak, and the shock wave arrived in China Hong Kong: Century disaster is close to us?

2022-01-20 06:04:02 62 ℃

In the last two days, the news of "Tonga volcano broke out", accounting for Weibo hot search. This makes the Kingdom of Tonga, which have less known, becomes the focus of the world. After the volcano broke out on January 15, the entire Tonga Kingdom entered the "loss" state, not only with the world's contact, but all the communications in China were also paralyzed.

House leaks have a rainy rain. The new crown epidemic has been tortured for more than two years. Nowadays, the virus is not scattered, and this super disaster is encountered, it is not a unique. Most of the netizens are very worried: "The biggest volcano in the 21st century is out!" "I feel that the regional food will reduce production." "People are so small in front of nature ..." and Tonga's national pessimistic: " Pray, we don't have to be a law.

Some people say that the Kingdom of Tonga is so far away from us, even if the volcano is even more powerful, it is nothing to do with us, and it doesn't have to worry about them. This is wrong. "A butterfly patted wings in Brazil, and it is possible to set off a tornado in the US Dicosas", Tonga's volcanic eruptions, and the world's interest. It brings us that it may be difficult to pass over.

Kingdom of Tonga is a knowledge blind area for many people. It is not everyone's ignorance, it is really too small, and there is a sense of feeling. It is located in the southern hemisphere, an island country in the western South Pacific, consisting of 173 islands, with a population of only 108,000.

Unlike other Pacific Island countries, Tonga did not follow the trend of the Republican, but always maintained the monarchy since the millennium, the king is the highest head. However, this small country also has its unique place: natural scenery is very beautiful, and tourism resources are very rich.

There is a netizen of the net name called "Hot mom", who once issued a Weibo on January 15, and launched the scenery of the Kingdom of Tonga: "The feeling of closeness, the beautiful scene of the Volcano of Tonga, Too Beautiful. "

● Image Source: Weibo @ 生 生 妈,,, shortly, she will lose it, I hope she is safe. Once attracted many Tongqi Hand Tower in the Tokyo Olympics, because of the bodybuilding posture to the audience impressed. His family is also unknown in this disaster. Pita live in Australia, escaped, but his loved ones don't have this good luck.

He anxiously called on social media: "I have lost contact with everyone, I hope God can bless them safe, and I hope that people in the world will help Tonga as much as possible." This volcano broke out, Come can't get it. After the volcano suddenly erotic, Tonga is chaotic, and the people have escaped. According to the image captured by the satellite, the tsunami caused by volcanoes is very serious, and the capital is very likely to be overwhelmed. The most interesting, it is a volcanic ash formed. The strong ionization caused by volcanic ash, which is seriously interfered with electronic signal. After Tonga's domestic communications and network cut, it is like a white duckweed in the sea, Isolate and I have no aid.

● New Zealand Premier Adene does not know what the Tonga is in the case of Tonga, and Tonga can also ask for help. No wonder some people sigh, "Tonga has this situation and what is the difference between death in the country?" The power of nature is awesome and fear.

Even if humans have created countless brilliant civilizations, but anger of nature, you can destroy a country, even completely destroy a civilization. Today, Tonga's domestic concrete situations, still can't understand it.

Tonga volcano broke out, just like a butterfly fanned wings, touched the world of the world. Although I have always shouted the beautiful slogan of "Earth Village", the political and economic culture between countries is too big, and the interest appeal is not the same. Many times, "the snow in front of each sweeping house, no matter how others are frost". However, in front of climate issues, everyone must stand inside the same trench and fight side by side. Because the former car is not far away. In 1991, the Philippine Pinna Bo volcano broke out, directly leading to more than 200,000 people, and the earth experienced two years of "volcanic winter".

A large number of volcanic ash floats in the airproo, covering the sunshine, causing the earth's sun to become less, the climate is cold. This is also after the explosion of this Tonga volcana, some netizens call everyone in a friend's circle to quickly buy a thick down jacket, not just a joke. More terrible is that food shortage may occur. The climate will inevitably affect food production. The food production under the cold climate is a huge disaster for countries that do not have enough food reserves. In 1991, the food was shortaged. Former Soviet Union, in order to purchase enough food, the flowers were blotted. This is undoubtedly snowing in the snow. Natural disasters, it is easy to derive political disasters. As early as 1815 Tambo lasca, brought the earth directly into the "fast freezing mode". "The June Flying Snow" inside "Dou Yu" is not a legend. In the summer of 1816, the temperature in all countries in the world in 1816 was extremely low, and the wonders of snow snowfall were appeared.

"At first, no one cares about this disaster. This is just a mountain fire, a drought, a species extinction, and a city disappeared until this disaster is closely related to everyone." No one can set it out. The most nervous, it should be Japan. Japan is 8,000 kilometers from Tong, and it seems to be very safe. Japan and Tonga are the island, and the Pacific Earthquake volcanic belt is the same. Tonga volcano triggered tide changes, and there were now many fishing boats. Only 19 fishing boats in Kochi County have "turning". The Japanese Meteorological Hall issued alert. About more than 200,000 Japanese people may be hit by the tsunami and have received the instructions of the refuge. China's Hong Kong status is also worthy of concern.

The latest news on January 17 shows that Tonga volcanic eruption impact wave has arrived in Hong Kong, and the air pressure value in Hong Kong has appeared obvious abnormalities, and the sudden decline. The West Coast of the United States has also been affected by tsunami. The tsunami set off up to 7 feet of waves.

China is relatively safe, this is to thank us for a weaponian neighboring Japan. As a barrier on the Pacific Ocean, most of the power of the tsunami is effectively blocked.

When the tsunami arrived in the Chinese sea, the impact has been reduced.

Many people feel emotional. In the past two years, they have been "stolen" by new crown epidemic. Our 2020 and 2021 are struggling with a constant variant new crown virus, nucleic acid testing, in the same area, home isolation ... These vocabulary is already familiar. But it seems that the war is completely complete and is still far. Now, the volcanic eruption of the millennium has hangs a sword to the fate of all mankind.

Fortunately, although the specific situation of Tonga is still a mystery, many Chinese netizens have contacted friends and family far in Tonga through private channels, most of them have no life, but property suffers from losses. The official news of the Chinese Embassy also states that there is currently no Chinese citizens casualties in this disaster. The problem worth worrying is that the Earth will no longer appear again "New Year"?

Experts argue for this, "the year of summer" has to be certified, but the pessimistic argument is too much.

New crown viruses have made many countries to fight for powerful, chaos a pot of porridge, if there is another "summer year", it is simply nothing. Even if it has achieved good results in our country, it has also paid huge human material financial resources for epidemic prevention and control. The nerves of the people have been tight for 2 years. Never thought that 2022 was started with such a top disaster.

The new crown epidemic This "Black Swan" has not yet, "the year of the summer" may have been quietly approached, what should we do? Can only bite your teeth. Review history, every huge climate change will have a deep impact on the world situation and geopolitical politics. It's a winner; if you can't hold it, you will be lost.

Human beings in front of nature, like a weak reed. But even reeds, you can also resist the destruction of the cold wind. We are afraid of nature, but we will not raise your hand. In 2022, the front road is still difficult, and it is a victory!