The United States will extend "puzzle" to China Space Station: Chinese should not use Chinese, do not meet US standards

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The United States will extend "puzzle" to China Space Station: Chinese should not use Chinese, do not meet US standards

2022-01-20 06:02:52 41 ℃

"No rules are not square", each country has its own guidelines, but there is a country with strong strength, likes to interfere with other countries, the United States is typical, and now, "the claws" is extended to our country, and the feet of my country Space Station , Means that "the space station should not use Chinese", netizens angered, the United States really does not take themselves, and even wants China Space Station to use US standards.

For a long time, the United States is strong, and in the international community, many countries have died in the United States "deterrence", and they don't dare to fight against them, and they will become a stitching card for the United States to deal with "potential opponents". Developed to now, "American Hegemony" is no longer applicable, more and more countries began to stand up to resist, including American allies, it seems to have committed anger. However, there are still some countries in the world, do not buy the US account, the battle nation is one of them, every time it is strong, and the so-called "rules" established by the United States will be ignorant.

With the rise of my country's strength, the United States began to put their eyes on us, and try to hinder my country's development. Nowadays, there is no reason to make trouble, and the "fingertips" of my country's space station, "the space station should not use Chinese", netizen is not happy. " Since this is this is China's site, why can't I use Chinese? Some analysts said that the United States is completely fine, but I still want the Chinese space station to implement the US standard, which is simply a whimsical day.

Say, my country is one of the five frequent stations, and the United States can be said to be "live", today, my country has obtained quality in the aerospace sector, and also built Tiangong Space Station, which demonstrates China's development. The potential, also hit the American face. Everyone must remember a thing, in the US released "Wolf" provisions 10 years ago, in many people, this is the "space seal order" for my country, now look at the international space station's service period, China Space Station Get a major breakthrough, even the face is on the door, I hope we can open the space station for the United States, when it is very shameless.

The only difference is that the current option is in our hands, naturally will not be mulmed by other countries, the United States should ask yourself in the feet of our country, "Different in the United States, my country has always contraced, welcome Every country is involved, but if you deliberately "pick up", don't blame us nothing. The news of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, with the closeness of the ground science and technology personnel, Shenzhou No. 13 astronauts passenger passengers took the hand-held remote operation mode, successfully completed the Tiansh No. 2 freight spaceship and space station combination , Believe that future achievements will only be more dazzling.