The deterrence of the United States explosives!Taliban suddenly issued a warning warning, this time no one can stop

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The deterrence of the United States explosives!Taliban suddenly issued a warning warning, this time no one can stop

2022-01-20 12:03:15 49 ℃

According to the "Beijing Evening News", Afghan is finally over 20 years of war. The state power takes over by the Taliban, but this does not mean that the country enters the steady state, and there are many problems to be solved.

Today, the deterior in the United States finally broke out, Taliban suddenly issued a warning warning for the neighboring Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and this time no one can stop. The reason for this phenomenon is that in the midst of Afghanistan, Taliban seized the turmoil of the regime, Afghan military aircraft flew to these two countries and was still still returned.

Taliban suddenly issued a warning warning

The US military stationed in Afghanistan for 20 years and did not make much contribution to the country's counter-terrorism work. On the contrary, it was true that the country was forced to do.

Afghan people live in such a turbulent country for 20 years. There are a large number of people to become refugees who have flowed in other countries, and many people died in conflict.

Finally, the country had a big vibration, the US military announced that all evacuation is out, Taliban also directly seized the national regime at this time, and now the establishment of the temporary government is also to let the country can resume stable as soon as possible.

Of course, even if the US military has evacuated, there are still many problems that have not been resolved. The determination in the United States in the near future broke out. Taliban suddenly shouting Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, requiring these two countries to return to the military machine belonging to Afghanistan as soon as possible, if otherwise, the Taliban does not mind to use force to achieve the purpose.

It turned out that during the turmoil in Afghanistan, there were a large number of military aircraft to fly to these two countries, and they have been stranded in these two countries. These military aircraft are important for Afghanistan.

It is to know that there is only 131 military aircraft that can be used normally. One quarter of them has been stuck in these two countries. There is a large number of military aircraft to be destroyed by the US military, so I want to return to the military to enhance the Afghan Air Force. The important way for strength.

Errors in the United States

Even before the Taliban seized the national power, the country's military strength is not strong, especially if the air force strength is a mess, the relevant work of the basic domestic military aircraft is all done, the country's pilots are also Cultured by the United States. After the national is turmoil, these people flew away from the aircraft, which has the situation where the plane is rearing him.

Fundamentally, this happens, or suddenly with the US military, it can't take off the system. After all, the situation in Afghanistan is caused by the country. Today, Taliban issued a dynamic warning to neighboring countries, and the US also needs to bear the corresponding responsibility.

It is still unclear how the two countries handle this problem. First, Wufang has been said, or will contact Taliban, and both sides will negotiate on this issue, and it is possible to mention the solvement of border issues. It is also a very good result for unanimous consensus.

Secondly, Tajikistan, the relationship between the country and the Taliban is not friendly, even very serious, the country is also the first public announcement that the country that does not recognize the Taliban regime, which is completely anger Taliban. So the two countries want to negotiate, and it is estimated that it is not an easy task.

But no matter what to say, Afghan will go to the situation today, the United States needs a lot of responsibility. The status quo of Afghanistan also explained that the United States is a country that provokes events around the world. It has not been achieved by the world's big country, and does not contribute accordingly.