Russian agent fake the military soldier, starting the first shot to provoke the war?US: Ukraine falls into the circle

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Russian agent fake the military soldier, starting the first shot to provoke the war?US: Ukraine falls into the circle

2022-01-20 12:02:23 42 ℃

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A few days ago, the US media quoted anonymous US officials, Russia is preparing to launch "French Action" to Ukraine to make the military excuse of Ukraine, the US warns Russia immediately closer, stopping deliberate provocative provocation. Specifically, the Russian army will dispatched the special forces and special soldiers who have received urban alley, destroy training, secretly sneaked into the border areas of Ukraine, and counterfeiting the military soldiers "the first shot", launching the Russian army, so that Moscow There will be enough reasons to launch a revenge action, and the name is coming to attack Ukraine.

Worried in the United States, the Ukrainian army enters the continuous stream of the Russian frontline, in fact, it has already fallen into the Russian circle, and the rear area is very empty. Once the conflict is burst, the Russian army will start from other directions, and cut off the main force of the Umpering The back, then it is good to 歼 歼, when Ukraine will no longer have the power, and NATO will also lose the meaning of the shot.

According to the US, according to the latest evidence, Russia is preparing to launch an intrusive action in mid-February this year. In order to "the teacher", the Russian army is preparing for the second time in 2014, the 2014 lightning captures the Action of the Crimean Peninsula, The personnel who sent the personnel to the Ukrainian soldiers or militants, attacked the Russian army and even the target of civilians, and then quickly from the established operation plan, and strive to reach the main force of the Urms in a short period of time, and captured more Russian districts, afterwards It takes advantageous positions in Western negotiations.

If the two countries in Russia really make a big shot, who can get the final victory? In Ukraine's eyes, it is actually the best time to solve the problem of Donbas. After the fourth of 2014, the Uta will be determined to reform, and determined to abandon the old Soviet model. After the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian army has been It is a "Soviet Army". The main construction military thinking is to win a large-scale routine war. However, after the hematopoieties of the Soviet Union, the strength of the Udon has been "chronic blood loss" in decades, in NATO support Ukraine has been trying to be close to the modern NATO military standard in recent years.

The so-called military standard of NATO is actually the stereo "small fast" operation mode. Due to the limited power of the Urms, there is not enough funds to buy the Western advanced weapons, can only be said to be the NATO army of the "monkey version", but even so, The Uta will still think that there is a possibility of winning. Once a conflict broke out, the Udon hopes to break through the Russian army defense with a small-scale fine force, using the "gun" anti-tank missile sold by the United States, and TB-2 attack drones sold in Turkey, and combat the Russian-oriented tank troops. As long as it can block the "steel torrent" of the Russian army, then the Utah has the hope of winning.

But Russia is also prepared, and the recent increasing photos have shown that the Russian army has made targeted defense on this tank, including the installation of intercepts on the turret to resist "javelin" or drone. To attack, this simple intercept network can interfere with the explosion process of the anti-tank missile, so that the power of the tandem warhead is reduced, so that the tank is increased in the attack in the attack.

In addition, in order to interfere with the anti-tank weapon of the Udron, the Russian army also installed a special exothermic device behind the tank turret to interfere with the "javelin" missile's infrared guide, which makes it played in the final stage. In addition to the above means, the Russian army has actively promoted projects in tanks to install soft killing active protection systems. This system can have an early warning of the attack missile and then use interference bombs to intercept missiles. As long as the army's anti-tank means invalid, then the Russian "steel torrent" will be unimpeded, so it will determine the trend of the war.