US refuses to participate in the Winter Olympics!Prime Minister's back thorn: Will not release a boycott of Winter Order!Make Biden crazy

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US refuses to participate in the Winter Olympics!Prime Minister's back thorn: Will not release a boycott of Winter Order!Make Biden crazy

2022-01-20 12:02:13 47 ℃

The Beijing Winter Olympics is just that some Western countries have begun to sit. Among them, German Foreign Minister, the Green Party President Balbark, along with the Minister of Interior, Nancy Fedel, is publicly expressed in an interview, but it also emphasizes that this is not "unfair official to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics."

However, this is awarded, and it has to guess the true attitude of Germany. At this time, German Prime Minister Olaf Walz directly brightly became the attitude of Germany and will not promulgate any "boycott" ban on Beijing Winter Olympics.

The so-called "resistance" of the French President Markon directly spitting, it is not difficult to see that France's attitude and German prime minister are similar, and it is considered that "boycott" does not bring any benefits to their countries. Especially in the 2024 Olympic Games or France, China will also take the "support surface". At this time, it is resistant to the pits.

At this point, the US appeal refusal to send an official delegation attended the approach of Beijing Winter Olympics, not only did not achieve, but also lifted the stone to smash his feet. However, the real "face" is still behind.

US official delegation submitted to the Winter Olympics visa application?

The United States has repeatedly emphasized that they will not send official delegations to come. However, in recent recent, the Banden Administration did not have a public message, my country received the Olympic visa application from the US official delegation. I can't help but ask, this is "Where to sing?"

This is an out of the United States. Obviously, he did not send "official group". How to advocate this proposal, but the first is the first to regret? In this regard, China will naturally adhere to the international criteria to properly handle these applications. So, will not help but ask, will the delegation sent by the US will not come? Why do they repent?

The US official delegation came, perhaps in China

This time, the US official delegation came, perhaps not to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, slowly eased the relationship between Sino-US and US. After this, it is very likely to be related to the disputes between US Russia. Today, the US Congress is considering a bill against Russian high-rise sanctions. If the bill passes, it means that the United States has implemented "sanctions" on the implementation of Russian President Putin.

Russia responded straightforward, indicating that the United States really dared to do this, meaning US Russia or faces breaking risk. It can be said that this time Bundess authorities can be "played." If the US Russia really breaks, the most nervous is too Europe. At the same time, it will also completely chaos the US strategic deployment.

However, today's situation is a bit stiff, both sides will not come to Taiwan. Therefore, the United States dispatched an official delegation at this time, one of them, maybe it is to hope that China can mediate US-Russian relations, so that both sides find "steps". So, after the "recognition" of the United States, it is actually what we have. I have to say that the US can be arrested, it is worth our vigilance.

Some information comes from: National Defense Times