Russian ship ship lost 10.2 billion, I want China to repair the ship, the nuclear power is the only chip

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Russian ship ship lost 10.2 billion, I want China to repair the ship, the nuclear power is the only chip

2022-01-20 12:02:25 39 ℃

According to reports, the Russian bank ship has a combustion area of ​​500 square meters. According to sources, due to this fire, the economic loss caused by 95 billion rupees (about RMB 10.2 billion), and the internal structure and part of the aircraft carrier It has been damaged, and it is planned to exit the historical stage according to the worst situation.

In fact, when the library ship has been retired, it has been served in 1991 to now have 28 years, but Russia has no alternative aircraft carrier, can only let it continue to serve. Although Russia has been continuously launching various aircraft carrier's design programs and models, but "ideal is full, reality is very bones", even if the idea is full of flying, it is indeed no money to build. Now Russia's annual military expenditure is less than 50 billion US dollars, and then makes a aircraft carrier plus its carrier machine, at least 15 billion US dollars.

Russian-related experts have expressed "China's aircraft carrier technology comes from the aircraft carrier of the former Soviet Union, and we teach China to make a dahong mother, but now we need a aircraft carrier, but only can buy in China." Buying aircraft carrier has a lot of money, but it must be more cheaper than to build a ship, and Russia also exchange chips, that is nuclear technology. Speaking of this nuclear power carrier, only the United States and France have experience in the construction of a nuclear driving aircraft carrier, my country is currently under research and development process, which has nuclear power, which is equivalent to providing unlimited energy, providing almost unlimited sailing for ships. .

Although Russia did not build a nuclear carrier experience, in the Soviet Union, Russia retained the 350 MW-level KN-3-43 nuclear reactor designed for "Urijanovsk" nuclear power aircraft carrier, such nuclear reactor At present, only US Russia can produce, so Russia has already has the most important nuclear reactor technology for the construction of nuclear power. And Russian experts believe this is the only chip that will make China help to build aircraft carrier.

The library ship is tired, although Russia has always been to be repaired, but only small parts of the repair is performed for various reasons, and after the trauma, how long it takes to repair, and it can be restored after repair. Some military plants in the United States also tauce the land. "If Russia continues to invest in funds and human materials to save this obviously aging aircraft carrier, then it will be a big busy to help NATO and the US Navy."

Russia is now facing tough choices, and is the deposit of the library ship or continues to repair, which is big. Although Russian experts have proposed a program to come to China, Russia still has to face, and it is not willing to give up the ability to repair the aircraft carrier, so recently in China's help, Russia expanded the Red Star Shipyard in the Far East, and the future Kuznezo The wife's aircraft carrier may come to this maintenance, and the new aircraft carrier in Russia may also be born here.