The first anniversary of the friend of Biden "epic", Korean media lamented: US strength and international status are getting fell

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The first anniversary of the friend of Biden "epic", Korean media lamented: US strength and international status are getting fell

2022-01-20 12:02:35 40 ℃

[Comprehensive report of Global Times] January 20th is the day of the US President Biden 's Search. In the past two days, the major polls published by the United States have almost all showed that most American people have the feeling of "frustration" "disappointment" after the feelings of Biden. The support rate of Biden has fallen to 33%, and the top of the first year of the first year of the United States in the United States in the first year of the United States. A year ago, I promised to eliminate the epidemic and resuscitation of the economy, and he also called for unity and claimed that "the United States came back" to the world. However, 2021 new crown pneumonia diagnosis and death is higher than 2020; the US price has soared, but the supermarket shelves are empty; he shouts "unity" is still replaced by almost all matters in almost all matters. In the diplomacy, the Biden government has caused a big confusion from the Afghanistan to the Afghanistan, which is unprecedented in Ukrainian issues in Ukraine. Biden is considered to be the "most normal" of the United States, but why is the United States under his leadership "do not smooth"? South Korea "National Daily" lamented: "The strength and international status of the United States are getting fell.

"Bunden support rate breakdock fell

"Epic-like losing defeat: The United States summarizes the governance of the Biden", the US AXIOS News Network said that Biden is ending his first year of the president with "epic". Regardless of domestic policies such as anti-vloatology, economics such as the United States, the majority of the United States have shown that most American people have a "frustration" to the feelings of Biden. Due to a series of failures, the support rate of Biden and the Democratic Party is flying rapidly.

AFP 18th quoted the famous American Political Polinarism - Kunnechik University's latest data report said that only 33% of the respondents supported Biden, and this figure is in Trump The anniversary is 38%. In March last year, Biden's support rate was as high as 62%. The retraction of the civil struggle makes the disappointment of Bundess: Most respondents are dissatisfied with the policies of the Biden Government in the key issues such as anti-v.creatity, economic and diplomacy.

United States Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) and Yougov's joint civil programs were lower than the first year of Biden, and only 25% of the people were satisfied with the work of the Biden government. In particular, nearly 75% of respondents said they believe that the United States overall "some" or "very" bad. When he was asked to give the people to give the people, 50% of respondents answered "frustration", 49% answer "disappointment", 40% answer "nervous", only 25% answer "calm" And "satisfied".

Late 19th, I will hold the first press conference for 2022, and summarized my first ruling year. The White House tried to change the media's recent disastrous view, and prompted the public to pay more attention to Biden to have some achievements in the past year. The White House spokesperson Pisai reminded reporters at the press conference, "In the extremely difficult situation, he led the United States to fight the epidemic and resist the large-scale economic recession, and made great achievements." She said that Biden will focus on these facts at the press conference.

Clean, the director of the White House Office, was also known as the Fox TV in the Fox TV on the 18th that the past year is "a year of success." He said that the Biden government has made progress in fighting the epidemic and recovery economies in the past year. However, he acknowledged that the voters did not give the Biden government and the score, "this does not let me feel unexpected. The president of Biden is 4 years, not 1 year."

The British Sky TV said that US political history suggests that evaluation of the first year of the president may not reflect the achievements of its entire term. But even so, this is also a year of scarging.

Almost all commitments are empty

A year ago, in the epidemic, the Congress Mountain is chaotic shadow, and the first time in the history of the president is absent from the new president's inventory. When sworn in, Biden promised to lead the United States to go out of the epidemic crisis, revive the US economy, solve the American race inequality, and swear "using all souls" to unite "United States". Within a few hours of the first few hours, Biden signed a 17 administrative order, ending "limited Monochun", stopping the beauty and ink border wall, returning to the Paris Agreement and WHO. He is full, to lead the United States to return to "normal track".

The AFP said that in the first half of 2021, Biden has experienced a honeymoon period. At that time, the vaccination rate in the United States was sharply rising, the economy was strong, and the unemployment rate decreased, and his support rate was maintained at a level of 54%. But from August, his support rate continues to decline, because Biden almost all commitments have begun to fall. The Associated Press said that Biden made a long strive promise for a long time in the past year. However, although he made a lot of effort, he has failed.

The Biden government started to effectively develop disease. On the day of the Independence Day last year, Biden announced that the United States has already got rid of the epidemic, and then he rushed to relax isolation measures in order to economic recovery. However, Delta and Omkeck have attracted it, and the epidemic is once again outbreak. The US Epidemic Prevention Festival has been defeated. At present, there is more than 67 million cases of confirmed cases, and the new diagnosis of new diagnosis in the week has reached 1.7 million, and the cumulative death exceeds 850,000. The Biden government has recently announced the shorteness of the isolation time of unscrupulous infections, and saves the economy in the middle of the medium-term election. The British "Guardian" quoted the senior researcher of the Broins Society, the White House Policy Consultant in Clinton, said that Bynden is in his "failure to manage the expectations of the people." He has announced the success of the immunity and is attributed to the government, but the later fact proves that he is wrong. Now O'K戎, "may infect everyone", Biden has to re-adjust the caliber: "The eradication of viruses is not likely." For most Americans, most concerned is the economic problem. Over the past year, although the Biden government relies on unlimited printing to make the economy rebound, some employment opportunities have been added. But this also soars the price, inflation is coming to the new high of nearly 40 years. At the same time, under the joint action of the epidemic, the United States has fallen into a serious supply chain crisis. Fox News said that the supermarkets in the United States have frequent appearance empty air recent supermarkets. "Empty Skulls" also boarded the tweet hot playback.

"Is it back in the United States?"

"In the diplomacy, the Biden government has also got a gray face in the past year. Today, the Ukrainian crisis may fight back to the government again.

Turkey Anado News Agency said that only two weeks after I came to the stage, Biden made a speech to the State Council, clearly showing that he would like "the United States back". Biden vowed to recover trust between the allies, but in the disrupt Afghan dismantled issue, the United States said that there was slippery, and even didn't say in advance. Biden swearing to rejection with European allies relations, but also established the United States and Australian "Okus" three-party security alliance, which triggers fierce opposition in Europe.

South Korea's "National Daily" said 19th, the United States under the leadership of Biden, its policy objectives and strength are inconsistent. Taking Afghanistan as an example, the Biden government shouted "The longest war in the United States has finally ended", but in practice, the incidence of misjudgment is extremely confusing. According to reports, the strength and international status of the United States are getting fell. China's containment of the US government's containence and punching, North Korea, also launched a missile to the US demonstration. If Bid does not make changes, then the situation in the Korean Peninsula will be difficult to achieve substantive progress.

Russian "Viewpoint" said that more and more analysts pointed out that the United States is in the most serious crisis and predicts their fading. Whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, it can't see the real way to get rid of the abyss of the internal crisis. Many scholars and the former military generals predicted that the United States may explode "civil war." "Atlantic Monthly" columnist Otur said that the United States has made "civil war must be inevitable". In his view, the United States is not only politically, but also in both economic and cultural. The Associated Press said that Biden said that there were two major ills of the United States when they were sworn last year: one is a new crown pneumonia epidemic, one is the extreme political split in China. Now that the past has passed, these two major ills have become more intensified, "" The cracks in the United States are deeper than the cracks on the road. "