Overall, the probability of the cave nine six is a 1.80,000-ton magnetic fluid is extremely high.

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Overall, the probability of the cave nine six is a 1.80,000-ton magnetic fluid is extremely high.

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In general, the security classification of production equipment and large blackfish, but also much higher than large aircraft carriers. After all, large aircraft carriers are the open-air production and outfitting, from beginning to end is to see a clear space perspective. That sea trials, will be constantly "snap" a variety of ways to detect, I want to completely concealed almost impossible. But the major powers large blackfish production basically carried out in a closed workshop, outfitting only when it is likely to debut in the open. So if a new big blackfish appear, basically things that have been launched after at least a year or two. This module also stage than large aircraft carriers were found, often the gap between 3-4 years. But this world is changing fast, in the past many traditional practices and ways of thinking, to continue today may not apply. For example, long-term production of large blackfish and equipment airtight a shipyard, actually a very peculiar shape of a huge object in the new plant outside track debut a few days, fear not shoot the same space perspective. In fact, new factories, new production areas has completed the construction of a few years,

The outside world through a variety of early clues to determine the internal production of the new plant started early. But it has no direct evidence to be found. Well now, directly out of a huge block on the outside track area outside the main entrance of the new super plant debut. If you really want to be seen outside of the perspective space. Or at least not in space captured by the visible light imaging system. You only need to transport at night, during the day to enter the plant, so the operation, who would not be imaged picture. Initiative on the outside, how are like a deliberate strategy of deterrence. That it is, learning the superpower, a certain type of strategic weapons still in module stage, had already started making headlines, in order to get an early idea of ​​strategic benefits. Rather than blindly conceal it long, until after the formal service to the outside world have been recognized so a new strategic weapon already exists. In fact, desert Wolf (Hun Wolf) personally think that there is a critical point, and advance the strategic debut are complementary. That is, dare module stage debut in advance to get the benefits of strategic deterrence big kill, it must be a global technology leader.

If it is a made out of obsolete weapons, so not only can not get ahead of debut strategic interests it, it would gain strategic contempt. Many large blackfish to past strategies after the public service, not deterrence do not want to advance, but the world's advanced level of performance and there are obvious gaps, the benefits obtained in advance appeared not as a greater long-term benefits of mystery obtained. That it is often said in the past: Secrecy is to get behind the secret. Although this argument did not sound good, but you can not deny a certain extent it is the reality. And now the practice has clearly reversed, but also in the overall technical side shows the new generation of large blackfish, already one step to reach the international advanced, and even international advanced level. Some say so to speak, is not too confident? In fact, since the J20 and 055 as well as new large ships debut, there have turned out in style by leaps and bounds on the big blackfish, it is not surprising. After all, a breakthrough in military technology are all relevance. For example, the world's leading all-electric technology, applied on a large blackfish, in fact, older than the catapult large ship in the water. The new blackfish heap breakthrough than double stack breakthrough water much earlier years. Colombia class and Seawolf-class self-loop single heap but also 60,000 kilowatts,

The new single-stack blackfish absolute horsepower much larger than the first two; No. 3 submarine-launched Trident missile than 2D5 stronger. These subsystems comprehensive breakthrough, only the final big blackfish strategic entity module appears. Seems to be worried about the outside world can not understand, do not understand, the same manufacturer actually take the initiative and sent a photograph inside a giant new plant roof and giant traffic, and made it clear that the internal factory production already entered a state of full load. Visible is not only a big blackfish being built. The outside appearance of the module, and the plant itself as well as by comparison with the outer rail, will know very huge. Caudal from the volume may be completed Analyzing hole ninety-six total tonnage of not less than 18,000 tons. It is judged in all aspects of the tail of a module, not the controversy. Some people think that is a big black fish tail fin of the tail is not installed. The Wolf personal view is that probably do not need tail fin! In a strong full power and efficiency of the magnetic fluid with a higher reverse thrust mode, you can achieve low noise at high speed; and steering and pitch, only need to control the ejection direction. So it appears the shape of a singular neither flat nor tail of the vertical tail.