"I can deploy more than 100 nuclear warheads at your door, you don't even know"

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"I can deploy more than 100 nuclear warheads at your door, you don't even know"

2022-01-21 00:03:08 64 ℃

One hundred nuclear warheads parked in front of the country? Recently, the US Navy announced a high-profile strategic nuclear submarine docked in Guam, said the United States show commitment to the Indian-Pacific region, US experts intimidation, said: "We can be more than 100 nuclear warheads park at your door, and you are unaware or do nothing. "

This is the first time in six years the US Navy publicly announced strategic nuclear submarine docked in Guam, but also from the last century, 80 years since the second to do so.

"The silence speaks, the US Navy 'Nevada' sign strategic nuclear submarine coming out of Guam." "Voice of America" ​​as a title on the 18th reported that one of the US Navy's most important strategic assets "Ohio-class" "Nevada" nuclear submarine (SSBN-733) on Saturday in a rare appearance Guam US Navy base. The US Navy said in a press release, which demonstrates the US commitment to the Indian-Pacific region, and many exercise held with the US strategic forces, operations, training and military cooperation complementary actions to ensure that US strategic forces stand ready for the world deploy.

Reported that, "Nevada" was strategic nuclear submarine commissioned in 1986. There are 18 active duty US "Ohio-class" submarines, of which four were converted into cruise missiles carrying nuclear-powered submarines, the other 14 with "Trident" missile warheads.

"This is intentionally or inadvertently sent a message: We can be more than 100 nuclear warheads park at your door, and you are unaware or do nothing and vice versa, the other party can not do or can not do for a long time.." CNN quoted former US submarine captain, researcher at the Center for new American security ∙ Shugart Thomas as saying. CNN said 14 "Ohio-class" submarine movements has always been a military secret. On ballistic missile submarines, the DPRK is still in the initial stage of development, China may have deployed six.

A Chinese military experts told the "Global Times" reporter, in the US "Trinity strategic nuclear forces", the most deterrent, combat is its strategic nuclear submarines, the US side to show off the "strongest weapon" has multiple purposes. Many US media said Washington show of military force to take the enemy and ally, especially issued a "silent warning" to the DPRK.

US move drew international media attention. British "Times" 17, said aboard the attack submarine patrols are usually conducted in secret underwater, but the Navy was photographed and official propaganda. This is since the 1980s, this type of submarine is the second time to see the public.

Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao," 18 wrote this very secretive US naval forces were known as the three major US nuclear forces is the most important one, the other two are indigenous ballistic missile silos and bombers dropped bombs such as B- 2 and B-52 strategic bombers. Analysts believe that the tension in Sino-US relations, the situation in the Taiwan Strait warming, North Korea test-fired missiles repeatedly occasion, Washington would like to take nuclear-powered submarine docked Guam Foreign send a message.

British "Independent" 17 said, Guam is a US territory itself, compared with a distance of about 7100 miles west coast of the United States, which is much closer to the Philippines and China. "Russia Today" television said Guam from China's recent US military bases on the territory of the United States, less than 3,000 km from China Taiwan.

2016, the United States "Pennsylvania" nuclear submarine was docked in Guam. CNN quoted experts as saying that since then, tensions Indian-Pacific region increased significantly, and in relation to the current situation, the future of Washington's military should be doing more to show.

"The Times" that the US nuclear deterrent submarine deployment in the western Pacific, is a warning signal to China and North Korea and demanded Pyongyang "to stop illegal and destabilizing" missile test. North Korea recently conducted a series of ballistic missile tests. The paper believes that "Nevada" nuclear submarine docked and the United States intends to show nuclear power, Pyongyang or Beijing will not ignore.

Editor: Wang Chunyan