On January 19th, Australia demanded a spy in China; 4 aircraft carrier scared the mainland unity

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On January 19th, Australia demanded a spy in China; 4 aircraft carrier scared the mainland unity

2022-01-21 06:03:58 42 ℃

As everyone knows, Western countries have nothing to safe with China, so they often send spies to went to the wish, if they pay attention to watching news, they will find that foreign spies that have been captured in these years are not a few, and most from the West. The most unacceptable thing is that they have been engaged in these little actions. They have been arrested by us, and they still dare to bargain, and the skin is still thick than the city wall.

Media reported on January 19th, at a reporter meeting, Peng Bo, reporters said that Australian Chinese writer Yang Jun was arrested by China three years ago. After that, the health status continues to deteriorate, his family thinks he can get urgent assistance, It is likely to die in prison, so the Australian government requires immediate release.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Lijie, responded that China is a legal country in the rule of law. At present, the legal rights of Yang Jun have been fully guaranteed, and the Chinese side resolutely oppose any unreasonable interference to handle the case, rude interference China's judicial sovereignty. This is very right, first of all, Yang Jun's physical condition, only authoritative doctors have the right to say, his family deliberately speculation, advocating the former, will be died in prison, obviously don't have a heart.

Let's exaggerate the condition of the disease, give us public opinion stress, and the second is to discrimate the judiciary of my country and simply sinister. Second Yang Jun is not a good person. He is suspected of being engaged in the security of China's national security.

The West has always been self-reliant and reliable, and the judiciary is independent, but often has a variety of scorpion interference his country, destroying the judicial sovereignty of the country, and the above-mentioned actives fully show their hypocritical and shameless. Imagine that the West is crossing the world, how can we expect them to engage in real democratic freedom in China? It is a fool.

Interestingly, although Yang Jun has already immigrated, he essentially belongs to the Chinese group who is not taken by the West, Australia has spent a lot of effort in him, how do you care about AASge. The latter can be a white-baclass, which is wanted by Washington, which is wanted by Washington.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the unreasonable requirements of us, the recent movement of the United States is more wary. According to the report of the Media, the "Lincoln" aircraft carrier who will soon depart the United States soon is moving in the West Taiping sea, but before this, the "Carl. Wenson" aircraft carrier and "Essex" amphibious attack ship have been Arrive at the Nansha Sea. In addition, the "US" amphibious attack ship has also started from the Japanese Saseba Base, and the current driving is near the East China Sea, and the above ship is expected to be in the Philippines.

You know, the two amphibious attacks mentioned above can be equipped with F-35 stealth fighters, so its combat power is equivalent to light aircraft carriers, in other words, there are four US military aircraft carriers to arrive at China.

Let's talk about the Philippine sea. The sea is located in the Philippines. The north is Taiwan Island. Therefore, the US military will open the battle here, what is the use of Simma Zhao's hearts. Due to the afraid of the anti-ship missile of the People's Liberation Army, the US aircraft carrier does not dare to be too close to the mainland. If they really want to force the Taiwan Stairs, this place is almost the ideal choice.

Last year, four aircraft carriers in three countries held a military exercise in Japan Okinawa, and the US media said that this is to determlect our military to Taiwan. Then, this time it is a big move, it is intention, experts think that the probability is still scared, we don't want to be unified. In general, the three aircraft carriers set up a serious crisis, and now 4 are out. In order to scare China, Washington is spent on their strongest base card.