The first 120,000 tons of aircraft carriers were born, and the refers to the referring day, Russia experts: leading the world 50 years

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The first 120,000 tons of aircraft carriers were born, and the refers to the referring day, Russia experts: leading the world 50 years

2022-01-21 18:05:29 70 ℃

The United States has been promoting the "Aircraft Carrier", but it seems to be a fool in the construction of aircraft carrier. In order to give up the aircraft carrier research and development, the United States did not hesitate to move out the so-called military experts to express the speech, indicating that the 10-year park will become a chicken rib. However, for these "absurd" remarks in the United States, we have never put in your heart. After all, in the modern war, the role of the aircraft carrier is obvious. Furthermore, the United States said that a set of action is very honest. They are born in the world's first 120,000 tons of aircraft carriers, and the delivery date has been referred to.

It is reported that the aircraft carrier is "Ford-level" No. 2 ship "Kennedy", the US military has invested $ 1.3.7 billion for the construction of this aircraft carrier, and various advanced technologies such as electromagnetic diluters. When building the first ship's "Ford" aircraft carrier, these technologies were used for the first time, so many unkreated operations have led to the state of the aircraft carrier, but "Kennedy" has been fully drawing the failure experience, Improved.

In addition, the completion rate of this aircraft carrier was close to 76% last year, which is a gratifying achievement, but the American people are not excited. Under the global epidemic situation, the US economy has also been huge, it is difficult to bear the high construction and maintenance cost of the aircraft carrier, and for the public, the life and survival is obviously more important than building aircraft carrier.

However, the Pentagon does not think so. In their view, the aircraft carrier is a circle that promotes the global strategy, so this aircraft carrier must be available as soon as possible. Moreover, this aircraft carrier is also equipped with a large number of modern equipment. There are two nuclear reactors as a power system. In the future, the aircraft carrier will also equip the five-generation machine of a clear color. It will have an accident, which will have the ability to dispatch 270 fighters, this The firepower delivery capability is very powerful. Even Russian experts can't help but lament: leading the world 50 years.

Once this aircraft carrier successfully serves, the US hegemonism will make more powerful boosts. However, it is worth mentioning that the United States is now not optimistic. If the White House still does not pay attention to the domestic situation, insist on me, it is likely to fall down the altar, even toward the decline. At that time, even if the US Navy is strong, but no powerful The economic background is supported as support, and the aircraft carrier can only be furnished.