Drops?The Government of the Kazakhstan suddenly moves the muzzle, and I didn't think of the beautiful West.

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Drops?The Government of the Kazakhstan suddenly moves the muzzle, and I didn't think of the beautiful West.

2022-01-21 18:06:49 49 ℃

Summary of the people harays in Kazakhstan have aroused the attention of many countries. They are neighbors with Russia and China. If this riots continue to ferment, they will have an impact on surrounding countries.

Reasons for riots in Kazakhstan

Some media reported that the hassone of the people of Kazakhstan is because the increase in energy prices has increased the cost of purchasing liquefied gas. In this case, the people have held demonstration activities in this case, and put forward a strong dissatisfaction on the government. Some people evolved this demonstration as a serious riots because of emotional excitement.

Some people have put forward different perspectives, and the riots are uniform, and it is very likely that there is a full riots. In the face of domestic order confusion, the President of the country has adopted strong measures, especially to Putin, and quickly resumed the stability of social order.

Then the President has a large-scale reform of the domestic big knife. This incident also fully illustrates that the income of ordinary people has caused public optends, in order to relieve the dissatisfaction of the people, the president officially announced that it will not increase the treatment standard for government officials and Members in the next five years, and also appoint the new prime minister to vigorously promote economic development.

He said that he would make greater efforts to promote the development of the Kazakhstan economy. In the end, he also asked the relevant departments to analyze the root cause of this riot event. Only by taking strong strike measures on riots, better improve people's livelihood, more The management can fundamentally solve the problem of riots in Kazakhstan.

US is suspected of supporting this rope activity

In the face of this situation, many people guess this action behind, in the back of the United States, the United States is inseparable, and the United States has continuously supported the opposition power of Russia, in order to better strengthen the pressure of Russia, the United States continues to support the opposition power of Russia. The way "color revolution" has reached the establishment of a pro-Western regime. The social riots in Western countries will always open the horsepower publicity, and have a strong criticism of these incidents. However, when this riots occurred in Kazakhstan, the United States has adopted a silence practice, which exacerbates people's suspicion .

According to police investigations, many foreigners participated in this riots, and it is very likely that the United States is secretly supported. Kazakhstan or even the United States told the neighboring country to subversive action, and they also have a good emergency plan to quickly safeguard the social order of the country, but they need to fundamentally solve these problems, but also need to improve people's livelihood It is only possible to further enhance the living standards of the people to avoid subversive activities in Western countries.