Make a knife: The United States releases "strong signal", want to alleviate the relationship between China?

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Make a knife: The United States releases "strong signal", want to alleviate the relationship between China?

2022-01-22 00:03:50 45 ℃

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The US President Biden just states "Not ready to cancel the Hua Guan Tarre", and the two party members will "rebellion" after one day.

These more than 140 cross-party members strongly called on American trade representatives to immediately resume and expand tariff exclude procedures for Chinese goods to help American manufacturers.

Among them, "Immediately" and "Expanded" these words, very tricker reflects their dissatisfaction with the Biden government, and can see their urgent mood.

They released the signal of "strong" hope to alleviate economic and trade relations with China.

Moreover, this signal is not just in the trade field.


On the 21st, the US media reported that more than 140 US members of Members said in a letter to Dali, "need to expand the tariff exemption for China's commodity tariffs as soon as possible, because these tariffs are harming US companies and workers."

This cross-party organization said that this appeal is based on worry about foreign competition and high inflation in the United States. So, only to restore and expand tariff exclude procedures for Chinese goods can help US manufacturers.

Leading this Congress cross-party organization is the Wisconsin Democrats, Ron Kind and SUZAN Delbene, Washington, and Varin Lahood, Darin Lahood and Indiana (Warroski). Jackie Walorski).

They issued this call.

This is a re-reported "301" exemption of "301" exemptions in the implementation of the "301" exemption, and the tariff of the US payment since the exemption project in the event of a broader exemption project, and the United States It damages the interests of American companies and workers.

In this letter, more than 140 US Congress said some truth: the increase in these costs is weakening the competitiveness of American manufacturing workers, and the increased tariffs make their current products more expensive than foreign competitors.

Moreover, "Sadly, 301 tariffs have influenced companies in US manufacturing, agriculture, fisheries, retail, energy, technology and service industries."

Why is it "rebellion"?

Because it is a day ago, Biden said in the speech, the additional tariffs for canceling Chinese goods were more early, and Dai Qi is working hard on this issue. And Biden also accused China did not fulfill its promise.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on the 20th that in the routine reporter meeting responded to the speech of Biden, it was conducive to China, the United States and the world. " The fundamental interests of consumers and producers in the United States are conducive to the restoration of the world economy. "

Now, Biden is actually very embarrassing.

First of all, his own government is not better than the Trump government after going on, which makes many regrets in the ordinary American people who have passed the ballot in 2020.

Secondly, in terms of economic and trade, although there is some recovery from the US economy, the cost is the level of inflation to maintain a record, which is very dangerous to the United States, and the US people are difficult to bear. This also brought very much pressure on the Giden government.

Third, once the punitive tariffs of Chinese goods at this time, the Biden government worried that the Republican Party will grab this, and they are "weak", which makes them passively in the US domestic conservative atmosphere.

Due to the existence of these three factors, it is better this year. It is exactly the interim electoral year, so the Biden government is afraid that they will change in the China policy, and they will affect the results of the elections, so I chose the "delay".

Even Biden himself said that he knew that some business groups were strongly asked him to reduce Trump's 25% of Chinese products levy.


Brande playing ambiguity, but the US business is all waiting.

According to China Customs on January 14, it announced that in December last year, my country's trade surplus was 94.46 billion US dollars, setting a record high. Reuters assessment, China's current month for US trade surplus is $ 39.23 billion, and the annual surplus is 396.58 billion US dollars.

The United States has no anti-rises to China's trade deficit. This is a large extent that the market is determined by the market. On the other hand, it is also a huge gap between China and the United States.

The US political elite is now considering problems from the perspective of political perspectives, but the US business groups consider problems from their own life and death, as only cancel these high tariffs can bring economic recovery.

US political elite wants to reduce the dependence on China in the global supply chain, and even get rid of China's dependence in some areas, so high tariffs. But it turns out that the United States wants to break the existing balance of the global supply chain, it is necessary to pay huge consideration.

Moreover, this cost is likely to be unbearable in the US economy.

In fact, the cancellation of tariffs is in line with the benefits of both parties, especially in the case of historical high in the US inflation index. However, the American political elite is still thinking that tariffs are "chips" in their policies.

Although Washington needs to show tough to Hua, the relationship and interaction between China and the United States is still very close. Therefore, the US business left and other right, etc. As for China's "The First Phase of the Economic and Trade Agreement" in China, it is actually based on the existing capacity of the United States. The current objective goal is not enough, and the responsibility is not in the middle.

For example, according to relevant data, as of October last year, China's purchase of energy products is only 37% of the first phase agreement target. In the $ 67.7 billion energy product purchase commitment, the main part is crude oil, accounting for nearly 60% of the total. According to data, as of October, China only purchased 34% of the crude oil goals.

But in fact, before the effectiveness of the agreement, Bloomberg reported that the US energy industry did not have enough production capacity to achieve this goal.

In addition to energy, Lu Xiang, a Chinese and American problem expert in the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, surveyed China Shipping Company in recent months. He said that China's container for transporting goods to the United States this year is empty back. "There is not much cargo in the United States, so the ship has to come back. This is a very real problem."

To say, for political needs, the Biden government still takes an impossible completion of the agreement, as an excuse to reject the tariff of China, does this do not make US companies and people complain?

Reuters said that China has been express in last week, I hope that the United States can create conditions and expand trade cooperation.


In addition to more than 140 parliamentarians in the United States, the Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post" is reported on the 21st of the Hong Kong "Nanhua Morning Post", and China and American high-level officials will also meet again, and negotiate around national security.

The Hong Kong media invokes newspersides that China and the United States are consultations with the Director of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Director of the Working Committee of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee.

This insider also revealed that there are still differences between China and the United States in meeting arrangements and agenda items.

The US initially proposed Yang Jiechi and Sali Wen once again in Rome on January 10, but because the United States announced that he did not send diplomats to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, the US Congress was speculated in front of Xinjiang in front of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, so the atmosphere of talks It has been seriously affected.

Informed people disclosed, and finally the other will postpone this arrangement.

In addition, although both China and the United States want to avoid the evolution between the two countries to evolve, both parties will disagree with the scope of the recommendations and who should participate in the meeting. For example, the United States suggests that both parties sent military representatives to participate in the Sino-US talks, but China has different views, and does not want military control issues to be discussed.

A senior American expert tells "补 壹 刀", currently, the United States faces the pressure of simultaneous "double-line" in China and Russia.

In the direction of the Russian border, due to the three safety talks held by the United States and NATO last week, Moscow showed a tough gesture in order to safeguard its own security benefits.

This has made the United States "to solve the Russian border military confrontation".

Biden said that Russia may have a "small invasion" in Ukraine.

Then, Brinkens claims that if Russia invades Ukraine, the United States and allies will make Russia to withstand "rapid and huge" cost. On the other hand, he persuaded that Russia still chooses diplomatic programs to resolve the increasingly upgraded tension in eastern Europe.

Obviously, in addition to shouting, the United States is not a good way, in addition to shouting of Russia.

This expert said, at the same time, the effect of the Government of Biden government is "dry thunder, not rain". The surface work of the United States has made a lot of power, and some "small brothers" and "strategic chess pieces" are in Asia-Pacific display strength, or put out the battle of the sea.

However, in this strategic competition, China is very patient, and the other is in an orderly manner, and the other is still resumed its own economy, and it has accumulated his strength. An indisputable fact is that in the year of Biden, the United States has not controlled the epidemic, do a good job in the economy, and the strength gap between China and the United States is further reduced.

Therefore, Congress Members of the US business and representatives, hopes to release the "alleviation" signal to the Chinese, and partly recognizable reality.