The war is on, the B52 is in an emergency!The Russian army has thousands of missiles, and the last pass of Putin

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The war is on, the B52 is in an emergency!The Russian army has thousands of missiles, and the last pass of Putin

2022-01-22 06:03:49 40 ℃

Due to the European crisis triggered by the Ukrainian military crisis, this time did not only be done because of the multi-party, many talks were relieved. Instead, because several talks are unhappy, it is further intensified. It is understood that because Russia and multi-party talks in the United States have not obtained effective results. So in order to make a warning to Russia, the United States quickly attacked several targeted movements. The first move is that the US military first leases a military base in Slovakia, and sends yourself in a lot of air force; the second move is that the US military builds arsenal, the purpose is to further improve their strategic replenishment ability; Three moves are, according to the "Washington Post" recent news. The B52 bomber sent by the United States has all reached the fierce conflict of Confinciobas, which can immediately start offensive. The war seems to be sent, at this time, Putin, which is in the United States, also begins, and Russia's troops have also carried out action.

Things are progressing, and they didn't expect anyone. The original people thought that only the Western countries headed in the United States, and routinely pressed Russia. After all, I still use it, and I will rendering the threat of Russia. During the period, more people were also trying to pull more people, and even the UN Security will help you with Russia. Just, from now on, they have used these means that they have not reached their own goals, let Russian injury to the bones. Instead, Ukraine is also not light, and may even become the battlefield of both parties.

In the face of repeated persecution of these countries, Russian Foreign Minister Lav Rov is tough. The Russian side has been ready to prepare, and the Russian President Putin is also ready to give, the last opportunity of NATO headed by the United States. That is, NATO can promise to stop eastward, and the United States must do a written promise. Otherwise, the Russian party will act according to the specific situation. In fact, Russia has such a bottom gas, because they have a tactical tour, 4 combat groups and thousands of elite soldiers in the Russian border, and have a thousand missiles. In addition, they also warned the United States. It is said that the strategic bomber map 160 can be loaded with 40 tons of ammunition, and the range of range can be covered with the entire earth. If it is really ambiguous, maybe it will go straight to the US capital.

It seems that the fighting nation is really urgent, but more appreciates even if the Americans are afraid. Russia also plans to be in the United States, which is Cuba and Venezuela, re-built the Russian military base. And also threaten to deploy high supersonic missiles in these places. Is this planning to repeat the "Cuban Missile Crisis"? It is important to know that the crisis is almost evolved into a nuclear war. However, the United States is also the United States at the time, who let them take the lead in blocking to Cuba, so that there is no way to help the Soviet Union. In order to keep his face, the Soviet Union does not let the allies feel cold. So I decided "support Cuba" and treat them as their own tentacles, extending to the West Bridgehead. So they deploy some nuclear missiles in the dark in Cuba, which is the origin of the Cuba missile crisis.

According to the historical records of the time, the Soviet Union was deployed in Cuba, and the setting is also a large city of the United States. If the two countries started at that time, then the Americans who were killed in an instant, at least 8 million people. Now Russia once again released this news, in fact, is a warning for the United States. Let them converge, or Russia has this ability to counterattack.