Thailand spends 70 million to buy F35 fighters, American blood-selling big sale?Buy cheaper than the US military

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Thailand spends 70 million to buy F35 fighters, American blood-selling big sale?Buy cheaper than the US military

2022-01-22 12:02:28 60 ℃

Thailand has recently have new news, this Southeast Asian small country wants to buy the US F35. At first, everyone is bright, after all, F35 can be the highest level of fighters in the world. It is because the level is high enough, so the price is really a lot. But people surprised that Thailand actually cut the price to a US $ 70 million. This price is quite low. At present, the US military's own assortment can't get this price. How did Thailand do?

The world's minimum aircraft carrier pays how to buy five generations in Thailand?

The main purpose of Thailand to buy F35 is to use it to yourself. At present, Thailand's aircraft carrier is Kryi Navibet has not been used for a long time. For Thailand, the most suitable is F-35B. After this fighter, the aircraft carrier not only has a carrier, but also part-time as a fighterway. For example, the current UK is so dry. The Royal Air Force 617 Squadron is used as a carrier machine, as a regular air force implementation task. The Empire of the year is now a machine.

However, when the Thai Air Force 70 million US dollars will buy F-35, we know that it is not F-35B. As a vertical take-off and landing, how can the price fall, you can't get it over 100 million. Obviously, Thailand is to buy F-35A. But actually f-35a price is not so cheap. At present, the cheapest price of F-35A is also 80 million US dollars. Later, Finland bought 64 F-35A, spent 5.349 billion US dollars, a difference between $ 83 million.


Thailand is a small country, and the purchase amount is about 10. Switzerland purchases 36, unit price is more than 100 million US dollars, so the only possibility is to reduce the F-35A in Thailand. In fact, Loma has done this kind of thing. At the beginning of the UAE and Loma talked to a custom version F-35A. However, the reason why Loma is so doing this time is to ensure Israel's dominance in the Middle East Air Force. After all, the UAE is not a bad country.

Now, the United States is doing, and it is also a country where it is not so good to export. After all, the United States is the world's largest arms tradder, and the more proportion of arms income is large. The domestic arms giants have to rely on these military princes. According to this idea, the future India is also very likely to purchase this reduction version of the fighter. After all, it's okay, you can say that India is a specially customized low version.


As for the reduction, this is actually very good. The radar, weapons and photoelectric systems of a five-generation machine can be reduced. As long as this fighter is a five-generation machine, it is enough to have a generation. And buy F-35A is not bought in. Because this five-year machine is like the leopard fetus of Shenlong, it must be authorized by Americans.

The F-35A requires a secret to open, and the system of fighters must also be upgraded regularly. As long as the F-35A is bought, it is equivalent to the US control circle, unless otherwise buying other five generations. Today, France and Germany would rather I don't want to use F-35, I don't want to use F-35. After all, France and Germany are the EU leaders, do not want to be completely controlled by the United States.

Second, Thailand is actually a strong military in Southeast Asia

Don't look at the country in Thailand is inconspicuous, but in Southeast Asia belongs to a first-class military country. Although it is technically better than the Singapore Air Force, it is absolutely not small on the scale. At present, the Thai main fighter is a F series, and the head array is F-16A and F-5, and there is a Swedish eagle fighter. The trainer is the French Alpha Jet fighter, South Korea's Golden Eagle and the Czech Republic. Thailand's early warning machine is Saab 340, this is Swedish goods.

Although Thailand's fighter looks quite advanced, the year has been a long time. F-5 and F-16 have been used for decades. F-5 is purchased in the 1970s, and later, there were ten in Singapore, and there were currently more than 50. F-16 is a little bit new, but it is quite a year.

Thailand has purchased 54 F-16 fighters from 1988 to 2004. Singapore has been given to 7, and there are currently 53 in total. It is also because of this, the Thai military is rushing to buy a new fighter and replacing old equipment. According to the 2020 military procurement plan in Thailand, the purchase of multi-purpose new fighters will replace these equipment for C130 transport, F-5 and F-16 in the future.

Of course, we don't have to be too sensitive to Thailand's purchase of F35. Thai Air Force has always been Western equipment. At present, there are only F35 reduction version of the five generations on the market to purchase. Moreover, Thailand is generally based on fine in the Air Force procurement plan. It has reached the purpose of suppressing other three generations with a reduction in five generations.

Since China has continued to expand in Southeast Asia, China's landing ship, frigates, submarines, and tanks have appeared in the Thai army in recent years. Since 2015, the China Thai Air Force has conducted four joint military exercises.

For these secondary countries in Southeast Asia, there are fathers who are very concerned with thermatics.Although the number of purchases is not much, in order to achieve deterrence, it is generally very payable.For example, Malaysia only purchased 18 Su-30mkm and 8 F / A-18D, but these fighters are sufficient to safeguard their own sea area.For arms, the more advanced, the more famous fighters is relatively high.And these fighters require long-term maintenance of arsenal than a high-end, and follow-up costs are also considerable.This is also an important reason why Loma is preferred to get customary version, but also to sell it to Thailand.

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