Playing forward?The United States and Russia have begun, the two sides are not allowed to make each other, Russia is anger.

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Playing forward?The United States and Russia have begun, the two sides are not allowed to make each other, Russia is anger.

2022-01-22 18:05:57 85 ℃

Recently, the game between Russia and the United States is constantly, first hold multi-round diplomatic negotiations, and repeatedly shouting, mutual threats. According to Americans, all this happened because Russia continued to increase the troops in the Russian, and the Russians said: Russians said: All roots including the Ukrainian crisis are in the United States constantly pushed NATO DEA. Violation of the promise of Russia, squeezing Russia's strategy and safe living space. Despite the recent confrontation of the United States and Russia mainly based on diplomatic negotiations, the two sides did not dare to relax in the military.

According to Russian satellite news agency, January 21, the United States Pentagon is announced: the United States will be with some NATO allies in the Mediterranean section of the Navy exercise of "Neptune Strike -22". This exercise content mainly includes remote strikes and anti-submarine training. According to the US Pentagon spokesman Kibi, this exercise is a established exercise, which has been planned to be prepared before starting, but the current Ukraine situation is also taken into account. Kebi's words essentially expressed the purpose of the exercise. It is to determine Russia, to deal with the continuous nervous Ukraine. The protagonist of this naval exercise is a "Dulun" aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean, but also some other NATO countries. However, what is specifically, Kebi himself did not disclose it.

According to the original plan of the US military, the "Dulun" aircraft carrier battle group was originally to be sent to the Middle East for deployment, but due to the mutation of Ukraine, in December, the Pentagon was required to be suspended in the Pentagon, continued to perform tasks in the Mediterranean. Although the "Dulongmen" aircraft carrier has not been equipped with the latest US F-35C carrier, according to the previous media reports, the carrier machine currently equipped, such as F-18 Morbia, is also superior, with remote strike. Once an emergency is burst, the battle task can be implemented immediately. As for the anti-submarine training, the US "Dulun" is actually strengthened in this regard. According to the previous Russian satellite news agency, Russia's die-electric power submarine has tracked the "Dulun" aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean deployment, and if it is not the Russian submarine, it is estimated that the entire "Dulun" is aircraft carrier. I don't know that I have tracked by the Russian army. If you encounter this situation during war, it is hard to imagine what terrible results.

The country where participating in the US military exercise is still unclear. Previous France, Italy said that he would send a military exercise with the US "Dulun" aircraft carrier in February. "Neptune strike -22" will last until February 4th, then does the common military exercise of France and Italy refers to this time? If the US French Three Kingdoms is exercised together, it will form a "three navigation" mode in the Mediterranean Sea. France's "Dai Gaulle" aircraft carrier is the only nuclear driving aircraft carrier outside the US aircraft carrier, which is currently equipped with "gust-M" carrier. This carrier MRD Indian Navy is very valued. Performance must exceed the F-18 "Bumblebee" equipped with the "Dulun" number; and the "Gair" aircraft carrier has been tested by F-35B fighters last year. If this "Gair" is equipped with the F-35B to come to the military exercise, it is not surprising.

However, the "battle nation" Russia is not vegetarian. On January 20th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian Navy will exercise in the responsible area of ​​all Fleet of the Russian army from January to February. If the current Russian Navy is prepared, this military exercise may involve the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean. However, the Russian Defense has also given some specific areas, such as the Mediterranean, Okhake Sea, the Northeast of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. If the Russian Navy conducts military exercises in the Mediterranean, it is a trying with the naval fleet of the NATO countries, and it can even be seen as a preview of Russian and NATO's eruption. Have to say, Russia and NATO military confrontation is very strong.

The Russian Navy's military exercise is very large, including more than 140 ships, more than 1,000 military equipment, more than 60 fighters, more than 10,000 Russian military. This military exercise is considered to be the largest military exercise in the history of Navy. It is not clear that the Russian army will use weapons and equipment in the exercise, but some Russian media is very expected to appear in the "zircon" high supersonic missile, because "zircon" has been called "Nightmares of the US Aircraft Carrier" by Russians. " The US aircraft carrier killer "is an important weapon in the West Russian deterrence.

The game between Russia and the United States has reached a critical stage. This party is almost simultaneously carrying out Navy military exercises, which will undoubtedly exacerbate tensions in Europe. However, the two countries did not give up diplomatic contact, but they were a military and hand diplomacy. According to experts: The purpose of the United States is to squeeze Russia, and Russia's purpose is to force the US to negotiate the table to force the United States to agree to Russia's security needs. Therefore, although the military exercises between the two sides is large, it may even appear in the same area, but the armed conflict between the two countries of Russia can basically exclude. The final problem is still to return to the negotiating table, but in order to increase the advantages of our own exchanges, the action outside the negotiations is essential.