The gap is too big!Iran sent three "big" ships and Sino-Russia, tonnage contrast could not bear

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The gap is too big!Iran sent three "big" ships and Sino-Russia, tonnage contrast could not bear

2022-01-22 18:06:38 95 ℃

On January 21, the Iranian Navy released the on-site photos and pictures of the "2022 Maritime Safety Belt" in the Sea of ​​the Three Kingdoms of Russia, so that the outside world has clearly understood the situation of the three countries to participate in the ship. Among them, the ships in China and Russia are the 052D missile destroyer Urumqi. The 903A comprehensive reserves of the Taihu Lake, the glorious missile cruiser Valley, the fearless large anti-submarine trialbats navy, the number and Boris Hummer replenishes the tanker. Compared with the Sino-Russian two military ships, the Iranian Navy Ship tonnage is a lot, and the model is also more comparative, and they will understand them in detail.

Photo: Urumqi missile destroyer shooting by Iranian Navy

Photo: Taihu Navy shooting Taihu Comprehensive Supplement Ship

Figure: The Iranian Navy shooting the Russian military rigorga cruiser

Photo: The Iranian Navy shooting the Russian Tribats Navy's number of large-scale anti-submarine ship

Figure: Jaimalan, the Iranian Navy, has been upgraded

The main tonnage ship in this Iranian Navy mainly has three ships. The first ship is the above picture of the Iranian domestic waves-level missile guards Mamashi. It is a large tonnage in the main ship of the Iranian Navy, but there is only 1500 drainage. Ton. It is worth noting that Jamaran, which appeared, was the latest, and its posterior mast on the sea-to-air warning radar has been replaced by the Iranian domestic phases. Radar. Originally, the mast is Iranian improved Praith's vintage AWS-1 radar, which belongs to the modern version of the 50-year product. After the replacement, the Qiamaram's warning detection ability finally reached the same level as the post-batch sea level, but the air defense ability of the ship was still bad, only in the front part of the helicopter, two MehRab (altar) fadial missiles system.

Figure: Jamaranno Upgrade (below) and upgrade (on) comparison

The launch box of this air defense system is the MK32 MOD2 launch box designed in the 1970s of Iran cottage. It is designed with a wonderful upper and lower design. There is no rotation ability, only one direction, and only one bomb in the back. Therefore, there is only 4 air defense missiles in the whole ship. In addition, the launch box is oriented to the left and right, so there is only two air defense missiles in each direction. This MEHRAB (altar) fadial missile system is used by the interceptor of the cottage. The United States exported to Iran's standard 1. The radar half-active guidance is used, and only one fire-controlled radiant in the ship, so the whole ship can only pick it up. When a goal is a goal, once you encounter a multi-objective attack, it is basically ended. In addition to radars, the electron war system in Jaimarah has also been upgraded, and the front of the bridge adds a discharging elastic transmitter, and the electronic warfare antenna is also changed.

Figure: Up and lower opening and forming launch box of Mehrabian shipmark system

Photo: Derna (75sta) frigate

The second large tonnage ship in the Iranian Navy is the 4th shipdener of the sea level. The ship serves in June last year, and it is the same as the upgraded Jamaland in the radar and air defense configuration. It is just a position. Derna's phased array radar is directly installed on the mast, no back design. The air defense missile launch box is moved directly from the rear to the front of the bridge, and the number of missiles is reduced to 2, and the preparation bomb is canceled. In addition, a SAMEN fire-controlled radar system is added over the top of the mast, and there is a spherical cover in the outside, mainly for the main gun shooting. The overall performance of Derna is the same as the Jaimarand, which is upgraded.

Photo: Derna

Figure: Iran Navy participating Eres Nough Di (82sta) frigate

The third large tonnage ship in the Iranian Navy is an Aiys Nagdi missile frigate. This ship is a CF-103-level artillery patrol ship built in the 1960s, and later The assistance gave the Iran's Balletvi Dynasty Navy, with only 1135 tons of full-load drainage. It has been served in 57 years, it is a real caravan. Compared with the initial state, Nagdi's weapon configuration has changed, which is an upgrade accepted in 2013. The former main gun has exchanged the Oranian version of the Ou Tu Meira 76mm. The front of the bridge is replaced with a 20mm mechanic, and the tail has added 4 Nur anti-ship missile launch boxes arranged by interleaving, which has a remote anti-ship capacity.

Figure: Nagdy number in the exercise

In addition to these three "big" ships, the remainder of the Iranian Navy is full of hundred tons of small boats, including 275 tons of Sina-level missile boat, 234 tons of Kamant's missile boats and 420 Tons of Hendi Zharid Rapid Support Boat Modified Missile. The Kammann Missile is actually imported by the Palevi Dynasty, which is jointly developed by France and Germany, while Sina is the Kammann, radar and weapons produced by Iran. The Hendi Zharid is the support boat that the Iranian Navy is ordered from the Netherlands Dynasty. Most of them are used for patrol and training guarantees. Later, some are partially installed into a missile boat. However, this Hendi Zhan-level is the Nonarak number of No. 1403. When the boat guaranteed the anti-ship missile to shoot, the anti-ship bounce was shattered by the anti-ship bomb, it became Iran. The largest jokes in the year of the Navy.

Photo: The Sina-level missile boat in the soldightener, just served last year

Figure: Getting Card Mann Missing Boat Tabsu (near) and Hendi Zhari support boat modified missile boat Gana Wei (far): Shashid Nazieri, who participated the revolutionary guardian sea forces Level double bodies

The ship situation in this Iranian Navy is actually a miniature of the Iranian Navy's current overall equipment situation. The current Iranian navy uses a word to describe: "Old and autumn". In addition to the waves and sina-level shipping age and boat age is also young, the remaining main ship, missile boats and affair ships are all productive during the cold war, and even the model built in the 1980s, in the Iranian Navy is still young. In addition to the age of ship, another problem in the Iranian Navy is a small tonnage. The main ship actually found a drain of more than 2,000 tons, the auxiliary ship is after the Kharker is replenished, can't find it. A professional ship with a drain of more than 5,000 tons, except for tanker and modified tanker. The current shipping capacity in Iran is actually unable to change this situation, so if the Iranian Navy wants to get an improvement in a short time, there is only the road of the purchase of ships.