Russia took the lead in shot, multi-country ordered from Ukrainian, Ze Lingski shouted the big country block

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Russia took the lead in shot, multi-country ordered from Ukrainian, Ze Lingski shouted the big country block

2022-01-22 18:07:03 69 ℃

The Eastern Europe is the Ukrainian military crisis, and the warship caused by the War of the War, and it has become more and more beautiful. According to Multi-Division, on January 19th, the Ukrainian issue continued to press Russia due to the United States. So the forced Route Russia is finally going to make the final showpack with them. Because the atmosphere in the region has become more harmful, it also has attracted extensive attention from the international community.

Moreover, there are many indications to sustain, subject to the increasing impact of Ukraine. There have been many countries that have organized their own people to evacuate from Ukraine. It is because of this, so it is already a bird's Ukrainian government, more vigilant and fall into the strategy struggle. And the strong Russian army is deeply weak, and has to issue a request signal to the Western countries headed by the United States. I hope they can block this phenomenon and realize the promise of their own, guarding them not to be completely defeated by the Russian army. In the face of the Ukrainian government, many netizens will give them cold water. It has said that the Ukrainian government may be disappointed, they think this request is just a wish of the Wu government. The big country he requested is not for them, and the Russian army is on the front of the Russian army, so Ukraine will ultimately become the "cannon gray" of the big country.

Have to say that Ukraine is also a big courage, and the consequences of the big country. They should be the most experienced as a part of the original Soviet Union. As a result, the current national leader, yet no netizens can see. It is to know that the original US and Soviet Union are the status of the world's hegemony, but in order to compete for the world's dominant, it has conducted short-term battle. And their behavior has also made this impact of the World War, has not recovered the international development order, more snowing. During this time, in order to make their own potential range, two countries are even more desperate to draw other countries. It is better to make your own camps, which can also give each other to make greater pressure. And some other countries are miserable, and they have been 殃 and pool fish.

Therefore, it also triggered a series of crises, so that these crises also worsted. Just the Soviet Union descepted, but inherited Russia in which most of their heritage, it became a new opponent in Western countries headed by the United States. They are not used to Russia, Russia is also opposed to them. Therefore, in order to completely fight Russia, the United States drives NATO to continue to continuously carry out eastward expansion. While turning the country that is originally a Soviet camp into its own camp members, it is also constantly squeezing the Russian living space to cause great external pressure. Recently, the Ukrainian military crisis is held, and the Russian threat is rendered.

Their steppoint is forced, and Russia is of course also seen. It is also very unpopular that it is known as the country of combat nation. As long as they are conspiracy, Russia will be counterinated. It's just that there is still no let, give up in Western countries headed by the United States. So gradually consumed endurance, the polar bear finally broke out. They sent a threat of force and showed that they would defend their "final dignity". In order to express his words, in this time, Russia embassy in Ukraine. Some of the staff and their families, in order to withdraw from returning to China. Other people who have not evacuated have also been notified to prepare for the evacuation. It is their driving to drive other countries, and they have done a dismissed overseas Chinese. I am afraid that it is the war, and it is too much to run too slow.