140 warships 60 aircraft 10,000 Navy, all fleets!Putin attitude out of control?

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140 warships 60 aircraft 10,000 Navy, all fleets!Putin attitude out of control?

2022-01-23 00:05:28 70 ℃

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Recently, a driver in Russia made foreign media, as the initiator of the Russian, the United States discussion, the British Reuters also marvel: this will be the latest example of Russia's sharp increase in military activities.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, the Russian Defense Department said on the 20th that according to a 2022 armed forces training program established earlier in Russia, Russia will conduct a series between all fleet responsible waters in January-February. Scope exercises, the exercise will send all 140 battleships and replenishment ships, more than 10 aircraft and more than 10,000 navy, by the Naval General Siki Nikola direct.

Former Navy Staff, Wemdo said that this will be the largest military exercise in Russian history. As for the purpose of the exercise, the Orthodium reported in the report, mainly to make the Navy and the air to better guarding Russia. National interests protect Russia's sea security, which is from military threats in certain countries.

When the news came out, foreign media did not calm, and they reported this, and began to render outside of the outside. Reuters' military behavior made the Western countries, including the United States, especially combined with a series of tough reminders that Russia's recent release. It can be seen that Putin's attitude towards war is about to "out of control", and many Western media have the same attitude. But there is an unquestionable fact that Russia is more than once, and there will be no war, it is more impossible to invade Ukraine.

Let the Western concerns still don't stop these, the same January 20th, the China National Defense Department announced that combined with the common will of China, Russia, Iran, within three days of 18 to 20 days, in Iran The surrounding sea area Aman Bay once again held a large-scale maritime military exercise.

China sent a destroyer, replenishment ship, carrier helicopter, and 40 naval land players, which aims to strengthen military cooperation between the Three Kingdoms and maintain offshore safety, contribute to peace and stability in the region.

Russia sent three ships in this action, namely "Valley" cruiser, " special case Bartz" anti-submarine destroyer and "cloth slor" ocean oil boat, and these three Ships will be taken to the Mediterranean Sea after participating in this joint exercise, and the North Fleet and the Baltic Fleet will be again exercised.

In recent days, the United States with "mixed sticks" has repeatedly arrived in the Sino-Russian waters, and it has been involved in the national government. It is said that it is a long-term "red line" in the Handbook. The party will, transport the weapon, and frequently released unfriendly signals in Taiwan, the United States has also opened a Ohio-class nuclear submarine to Guan Tao, trying to gang Guan Tao in the surrounding sea area.

Under the continuous provocation of the United States, China and Russia should show their own military strength and deterrent to the enemy of the outside. Western countries such as the United States are "worrying", and they are at all, they have a ghost, after all, China's exercises are only exercises at home, and they don't always drive the ship to other countries in the country.

This movement in Russia is undoubtedly in the anti-hit NATO's "red line", Russia, in order to defend its sovereignty, not only deployed advanced weapons in the border of Donbas, but also gave a blood book at sea, this The size of the subtle exercise is wide and wide. While showing the tough attitude of Russia, I also gave the NATO countries headed by the United States.