China is ready to welcome the New Year, the world is not peaceful!Japanese epidemic upgrade, US sanctions Ukraine

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China is ready to welcome the New Year, the world is not peaceful!Japanese epidemic upgrade, US sanctions Ukraine

2022-01-23 00:05:13 106 ℃

Tree wants and the wind is not!

There are still 10 days, China will usher in the most important holiday Spring Festival in the year. Different from previous years, during the Spring Festival this year, Chinese can not only gather together with friends and family, but also enjoy the ice feast at home.

However, in the Chinese people, the trains of returning to the hometown are busy buying new year, but turmoil and restlessness are still the main melody of the international community.

Japanese media reported that since the new crown virus infection is rapidly spread, some health cares in Tokyo has been overwhelmed - the number of diagnostics has even exceed the record of the 5th wave last year.

Many medical staff frank, don't say that care for hospitalized patients, even if they contacted home isolation and health monitoring work, they have been difficult to maintain.

The Tokyo Olympic Games closed, after the government's transistence, the Japanese epidemic was effectively controlled, and there was also an excellent transcript of less than 50 cases in less than 50 cases. However, since the New Year, the number of new diagnosed people in Japan has increased geometric multiple.

According to the data released by Japan's Work, Issue, on the 20th, Japan added more than 46,000 new diagnosis, and the highest record since refreshed in the third consecutive day. At this point, Japan's cumulative diagnosis has exceeded 2 million mark.

In addition, the Ni-Media also lists a set of DBD data comparisons: Japan's diagnosed cases from 0 to 1 million cases, used for 1 year to 7 months; but from 1 million to 2 million cases, only 5 Many months.

Then the problem is coming, as Japan, which is one of the few developed countries in Asia, why will the epidemic will break again? Stealing, there are two main reasons.

First, at the end of November last year, the Suda Nadong announced that in view of the spread of O'K, Japan will implement "Fengguo", in principle, for all foreigners from entering the country, for a month.

During this time in Fengcheng, Japanese epidemics remains stationary, and new diagnosed cases in single day is almost 500.

And Japanese confirmed cases soaring turning point, it is precisely the time point of the blockade. This is enough to explain that the lack of the government is one of the main reasons for the Japanese epidemic.

Second, recently, the US military facilities in Japan have been in addition to the collective infection, and there are currently more than 6,000 US military-related personnel have been diagnosed, and they are incrementing with hundreds of people per day.

But this is not a focus, with a focus, even if the epidemic is found in the base, American soldiers will not be honest in the base, but they will run to nearby people with intensive business districts in three days.

These do not wear a mask, the US soldiers who do not maintain social security distances have become "Source of Mobile".

More, even if the Japanese government has repeatedly negotiated with the US military, it is required to take measures to control the epidemic, but the US military's attitude is "good" (and then there is no then), or it is not a matter.

According to the Ametan Agreement, the US military is not constrained by the State. Therefore, even if the US major is arrested by the Japanese police because of the violation of the epidemic prevention, it will eventually be handed over to the US military's gendarmerie, escaping the punishment of Japanese law.

On the 20th, the US Department of Finance announced the implementation of four Ukrainian and predecessor government officials in the current development of 4 Ukraine and the former government officials in the "False Propaganda Action" to assist the Russian intelligence department.

The US Department of Finance said that Moscow hopes to draw Ukraine into "one party to provoke the Russian conflict" by these actions, and use this as an excuse "invading" Ukraine.

According to the US statement, these four officials were employed in the Russian intelligence department and prepared to cooperate with the Russian party to capture the Ukrainian regime.

According to the plan, these officials will be with the Russian army "Era" to control the key facilities of Ukraine, and launch a "riot" in the world before the Russian army "invasion".

Washington's description has eyes with eyes, but as usual, the United States has not taken any evidence that can support himself.

The description of the US, it seems that it is not very like Russia's style, but it is a bit like the United States inciting the "color revolution" in other countries.

There is also, although the United States has always claimed that Ukraine is its own "allies", this Washington's operation has not seen Kiev as a member.

A very simple logic is, is the United States sanctioned a British government official? Is it sanction of German officials? Is it sanction of French officials?

Furthermore, even these four Ukrainian officials are suspected of "Tong Russia", they should be disposed of by the Ukrainian government. What is the US declaration?

Ze Lingski's sanctions in the United States are not awkward, and this is not the default, "Ukraine is the US affiliated country"?

Finally, still don't say a few words.

The outside world did not have the so exciting thing, in the eyes of many people's people, we have learned today, but they are difficult to expect tomorrow.

We feel that turmoil and restlessness are far away, just because of the lucky born in a peaceful country.

The Spring Festival is coming, when we enjoy the joy of family reunion, we should know that these peace and peace are not easy!