Modern artillery technology is advanced, why is the ship number less and smaller?What is the power of small diameter ship?

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Modern artillery technology is advanced, why is the ship number less and smaller?What is the power of small diameter ship?

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"Iron Availability", this name is very heavy for modern Chinese people. After the national national door in the 19th century, "there is a sea has no anti-anti-anti-" becomes China's largest hidden danger. The armored armored armored ships in China have come to China.

In the modern world, the Navy is strong, as for the strong extent of the Navy, it depends on how big is your main battleship tonnage, and the ship has a rough. From the end of the 19th century to the early 20th century, the naval gunships of the navy have become more and more, and this era is called the "big ship gun" era.

The "big ship gunnille" era reached the peak before World War, Japan installed 460mm ships on his own "big harmony" battleship, and the United States's clothes Ahua-level battleship was more than 400mm. But these battleships have no highlight performance in the Pacific War, the leader of the war in the aircraft carrier and carrier.

After the end of the World War, the naval basically gave up the construction of the battleship, and the remaining old battles were either retired or transformed. There will be a "big cannon" on the new ship. The diameter of the ship has continued to decline, from 200mm, 150mm has been dropped to the current 70-80mm, and the number of ships is also reduced, and now there are only one of the expelling ships. Door ship.

According to the development of half a century, the military science and technology of all countries will pass the new moon, and the techniques of manufacturing cannons should be getting better and better. Why is the hangar of the gun becomes less and smaller? What is the modern ship use as a major weapon? How is the power of small diameter ship?

First, the birth of the anti-ship missile, let the ship retired from the sea battle

In 1937, the major powers of the world exited the London Navy agreement and began to ship crazy ships. The Japanese Navy designed a large and big and large and larger number of main guns, which is also the most crude battleship at that time. However, in the Pacific War of the Subsequent, the figures of the sea battle have changed completely. The gunboats have a very small manifestation. In addition to the small encounter, almost all large-scale wars are the world of the aircraft carrier.

The US Navy's battleship became a soy sauce role, and the domineering giant ships made by these heavy gold were not as good as some small submarines.

After the end of the Second World War, countries have been aszeted by the battleship, and the navy no longer pursue large ship gumen, aircraft carrier, and submarines become new growth points. In addition, the horizontal air of the missile also makes it completely changed by the form of the warrow. Missile technology spread from Germany to the Soviet Union and Europe and America at the end of World War II, the HS292 anti-ship missile manufactured by Germany in 1944 has been smashed in the sea battle. The feasibility of this attack method has been proved.

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union studied the first generation of anti-ship missiles. At this time, the anti-ship missile is slow, the adjustment, and it is not optimistic. However, the Soviet Union adheres to research. In the 1960s, the "Pluto" anti-ship missile of radar guidance was taken. At that time, the anti-ship missile was installed on small ships, and the price-checked missile boat was the favorite of many small naval.

In 1967, Egypt's "Mosquito" level missile boat used the Soviet "Plutao" anti-ship missile, and he actually destroyed Israel's "Eilate" destroyer, so that NATO is oscillated. A missile boat tens of tons of drainage, plus the total value of the anti-ship missiles still less than a million dollars, a destroyer 2000 tons, and the ship tens of millions of dollars, this exchange ratio is not at home.

At that time, Europe and America generally believed that the missile boat was the poor toys, and there was no combat power. As a result, an anti-ship missile of Egypt took a destroyer, which allows the anti-ship missile to change the equilibrium of the sea. Since the beginning of this year, all the world began to speed up the research, beauty, Su, British, law, and other countries, have come up with their own anti-ship missiles.

In the 1970s, the second-generation anti-ship missile emerged, and they were small, the launch rate was fast, the killing is large, and the range can reach 100 kilometers, which is the main weapon of the Navy of the country. National aircraft, submarines, and ships are filled with missiles. Many warships are no longer equipped with ships, and the age of gun is completely over.

Second, the positioning and combat power of modern ships

After the arrival of the anti-ship missile, "Pendulum" is in the past, and the large diameter main cannon will fight dozens kilometers, but it is not guided, and the accuracy is worrying.

The navys of all countries began to retire the ship, and some new destroyers did not even carry large-diameter ships, only anti-air guns. However, after removing the ship, the US Navy took the lead in finding some problems: some intensity, small incidents, playing shells, can solve problems, the deterrence of the ship does not replace it.

A cannonball is killing thousands of dollars, a missile should do tens of millions of dollars, this account can be clear. Therefore, in the late destroyer, the fritter, even the frugation, the gun, one hundredmm, is a must, although looks thin, can solve practical problems. So the ship is returned to the ship as a soldiers, and continues to play fever.

Modern ships are no longer a simple warming weapon, which combines ship attacks, air defense and sides of the sides, and can even block missiles. The new vendor sacrifices the diameter, the average diameter is less than 100mm, but it increases the radio range and the range.

The ship can gain a few shots during the World War II, and the Modern Shootun is several times, such as the AK130 main gun of the Russian "modern" destroyer, 130mm caliber double gun cartridge can actually launch 70 Cannon bomb.

Behind the highlight of the ship is the application of the automation system. The World Warrhery will depend by manpower. Now the ship is basically automated. Behind the artillery is a huge filling system. The artillery itself has a fire cooling device and cannon. radar. In terms of artillery, although most of the guns are still using high-shelling, wearing a bombs, but benefiting from the advancement of explosive technology, the power of modern artillery is larger than the same caliber, and the range is far away. Dash. Taking the US Navy's pride-Zhimwart destroyer's two 155mm ships as an example, the two cannons are raised 10 per minute, but the shells have more than 100 kilometers, which can catch up with the early anti-ship missiles. When the two bathers of Jumordte are fired, their firepower is equal to the high-tech grenade of the same caliber every minute, and the ground is equal to a grenades camp.

Third, the United States change thinking, the gun is re-attached

Chinese often say "by luxury into difficult", it is difficult to adapt to the previous old tools with a good thing. However, in recent years, playing missiles have played the best US military to put the ship in an important position, and the biggest gas will study the future of the ship.

The United States has been vigorously developing "Earth-Hohai Combat". This vessel is similar to the frigate, but it is more powerful than the guard ship. In the sides of the shore, the "Endo Hai Fund" is more responsible than the missile, so the United States needs a powerful shipber gun and shell.

In 2018, the US "Dewei" destroyed ship showed a new type of ship in a ministerial in the Pacific, which is transformed on the basis of MK45-type 127mm high-speed ship, but shells used by shells. Not the same. The new gun can be flying at 3 Mach speed, the shooting distance exceeds 80 kilometers, the shell has a guidance system, which can use a missile used in the offshore to accurately combat the target.

After following the United States, countries around the world have not stopped, Russia, China, France's high-speed ships and guidance shells can play a comparable missile effect, and their cost is not very in one tenth. In the future, the ship that is farther, more accurate, and more power should be reproduced in the battleships.

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