Kill chicken monkeys!A large number of missiles have made a severe warning from Japan, and the United States has not used it.

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Kill chicken monkeys!A large number of missiles have made a severe warning from Japan, and the United States has not used it.

2022-01-23 18:04:16 58 ℃

The improvement of strength has helped Japan's ambitions, small actions, in order to give them a clear warning, a large number of missiles are vertically aiming to Japan, this time, there is no force behind the top behind it.

Under the situation, it is more likely to facilitate the ambitions, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. in Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., add a threat to the Asia-Pacific region. Today, the attention of all countries is in the Russian-Wulian border, always pay attention to the US and Russian trends, the attitude of both parties is as clear, and they are not willing to conquer, and there is no progress. Some analysts said that if they continue to stalemate, the future or will eruption, the ending can only be two defeats, as for Ukraine, it will be a "cannon gray" in the United States to press Russia.

Just at all, the Japanese aspects have been taken by the US Russian game, and the Japanese aspects have been outform, launched a military exercise against mean, publicly clamor, requests and Russia to clear the northern four island issues. Obviously, Japan has a US military support behind, crazy provocation Russian bottom line, which is to announce the defense budget and develop a cruise missile up to 1,000 kilometers. It is to know that Japan is limited by the defeat of the country, the military development is limited, only allowing the construction of self-defense team, and now it seems that the "Peace Constitution" is not placed in the eyes, and there is publicly provocative national capacity.

As a young brother of the United States, it is also a tacit understanding for its "saddle horse". It is also a tacit understanding of Russia. However, the battle nation is not a soft persimmon. It is not allowed to be bored by him. It will face the United States, and will also have a decisive, attitude Very tough, in the face of Japan, it will not bear it, and directly ordered the deployment of the coastal defensive missile system near the Qiao Islands, which makes a clear signal to Japan, and gives Japan's next Mawei.

For Russia, the US media is not surprising, and it is also said that the deployment such as Russia is in the region. It is often a convenient rice. It has long been unlimited to erect the advanced air defense missile system, but also established a complete air base, fundamental If you don't care whether it is a dispute island, continue to strengthen military deployment, and this is greater about Japan, but forced to have a disparity between the strengths of both parties, Japan does not dare to act rashly, only dare to have a mouthful addiction, and it is no longer helping to help.

Regarding the existing situation, the outside world is said, even if the United States is useless, let alone the United States will see for a "chess" and Russian soldiers. Japan is also unlucky. The conflict of the Russian border is unable to solve, and more complicated under the NATO in the United States, Japan is coming up at this time, but it will become the best candidate of Russia's "killing chicken monkeys". It is aimed at Japan, it is actually a warning of the United States.