Announced 47 pages of Nanhai report, robbed at home, China relieved: Just waiting for this day

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Announced 47 pages of Nanhai report, robbed at home, China relieved: Just waiting for this day

2022-01-24 06:03:29 68 ℃

The US State Department has published a report in the near future, and 47 pages are for the so-called "research" of the South China Sea. The overall expression is to illegally in the sovereign sovereign of China in the South China Sea. There is no international law basis. According to the French New Agency, the report is that the US is updated to the report in 2014, and expounds that China is based on historical powers, but most of the people in South China has no legal basis. According to the report, there is more than 100 islands with marine power, and the United States has conducted technical analysis, and finally discovered the sovereignty of these islands and the 12-nautical seafood of these islands and their surroundings. In this regard, the US State Council requires China to respect relevant international regulations based on the United Nations Convention on the United Nations Law.

In fact, this is not the first time in the United States. In July 2016, the relevant International Arbitration Tribunal has also unilaterally made sanctions decisions, accusing China's sovereignty claims in the South China Sea Subjective, is not worthy of international law. . However, whether it is before or now, China will not accept this type of arbitration. After all, this type of arbitration is basically unfined. Why do China not recognize without any evidence?

To put it bluntly, it's nothing more than hoping to use this way to intervene in the East Hemisphere. During this time, many high-rise in the United States visited Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. The purpose is to wool these countries to deal with China. In order to give Southeast Asian anti-China countries, the United States even implemented weapons in Cambodia. Not only that, Burlin is particularly emphasized in the central status of ASEAN when present in the US and ASEAN foreign ministers. Plus the 47-page report released by the US State Council on the South China Sea, the intent of the United States is actually very clear: Master South China Sea.

In this mole, there is a must-have to provoke Southeast Asia's national group of South China Sea sovereign disputes, and use them to reach the purpose of we want to curb the rise of China. As long as these countries have a dissatisfaction with China, then the United States can easily promote their own plans and kick China from the South China. But this is destined to be a US fantasy. The next day of the US State Department issued reports, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin was billed, and the US press release and the relevant report were confused, provocating, disrupting the region.

China is a State party of the United Nations Convention on Sea, the United States refused to join the Convention, but also tried to sign the "Covenant", deliberately distorted the "Convention". Even so, the United States will not meet the purpose. At present, under the joint efforts of China and the ASEAN countries, the situation in the South China Sea is generally stable, and the United States wants political fucks, it is impossible to destroy international rule of law. The international community is very clear. Clauselessly, it doesn't hurt, and then it is now tough, China has been pushed to "wall corners" by a series of actions in the United States.

My country is very clear now, and it is a friendly that does not come to the United States, but will make the country among the country. In this way, China has to give up fantasy. If the United States continues to obey, I don't understand China, then my country is not polite! Of course, in the country's core interests, the United States is rejected in China to do any retreat. When I come back, the United States is now obviously not to cover my own "robber", so I want to force China to force the South China Sea, although it is not a good thing for my country, but when I am concerned about the United States, I suddenly engage in things, China Instead, I am relieved, at least, don't worry about which the Congress suddenly chals the fire. The robber is open to the doorstep, and China can completely be opposite to a face. (Dora)