Tri Remnant reveals the old bottom of the United States, "The United States Liege", China Russia is not an enemy

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Tri Remnant reveals the old bottom of the United States, "The United States Liege", China Russia is not an enemy

2022-01-24 12:02:03 90 ℃

Although the President of the United States today is Biden, it is not strange to the previous US President Trump. Today, Trump once again passed a large number of ranks active in people's attention.

In this rally, Trump not only might secretly revealing the US old bottom, but also to the guns directly, and let the outside world have never thought that Trump is more speaking. "The biggest enemy in the United States has never been China and Russia, but lie to the United States of America. "

According to media reports, Trump has recently launched the first large-scale rally of his "opening year", and a violent attack from Biden and Democrats, Trump is rare in his speech to admit that the United States is a Listed countries, he bluntly speaks the opponent in the United States, never is Zhongri, nor Iran, other countries, but some "people who are crazy to pinch the fictional plot". Trump claims that these people in the United States make up the madness of Russia, these "mad" is the most difficult to deal with it. He claims that the country in which the United States is the most difficult to deal with - it is "United States of America".

According to Trump's statement, the biggest enemy in the United States is really a US own, and the performance of the Democratic Party has been a good time. First of all, the Afghan war, this lack of 20 years of war, spending a lot of money, manpower, material resources, and finally the United States chooses to go withdrawing the army, and even the final Afghan dismantled army action, it is no wonder that the US nationals will borrow a complaints. Not only that, but the United States is to output inflation to the world and engage in the US version of the big foundation. So far, the most serious need for the most serious needs, the Giden government does not have timely control, before it is now implicated to the economic level.

Trump pointed out that US politicians have fallen into political crazy, such as "Russian threat", "China threat", "Iran threat", etc., all lies are manufactured in the United States. Trump believes that this is the shame of the United States, and emphasizes that the United States will pay a list of lies that will be made by yourself.

And the facts also prove that the United States has indeed been "lying deceived". But the United States does the evil results that caused themselves to be swallowed. Nowadays, the United States is extremely split, Trump's rally, and symbolizes is not unity, but more exciting inner. It's coming, 2022, the senior election is coming, because Biden's performance fails, the support rate plummeted, the Democrats may be lost in the medium-term election. When the 2024 election is coming, the United States will face more difficult situation. Some people even worry that the United States, as well as extreme activities, may cause civil war to break out again in the United States.