The double-seat stealth fighter, the United States, did not make it, South Korea first made it?Single landline 1 year

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The double-seat stealth fighter, the United States, did not make it, South Korea first made it?Single landline 1 year

2022-01-25 00:06:34 70 ℃

Recently, South Korea officially released a set of frames of Korea's latest stealth fighters KF21. Surprisingly, KF21 that appears in the figure is actually a double type. If this is true, this means that South Korea has gotten the technology that is not bought by the United States and Japan, and it has become a true NATO stealth fighter NO.1. Of course, the premise is what you really believe in Koreans.

Fragment published in Korean media

South Korea's stealth fighter development plan can be said to be "rough", after all, there is no ability to design large high-altitude high-speed fighters before South Korea. Although they also have a K-9 trainer, it is also a great relationship with Koreans to absorb a large number of IdF designers in Taiwan.

South Korea has earned a hand in March 2001, and the Korean President Jin Dazhong proposed that South Korea is developing a R & D plan called KF-X advanced multi-purpose fighters. At that time, the Koreans had vowed to develop their stealth fighters in ten years. However, since it would not be able to do it later, in 2010, South Korea successfully "flicked" in Indonesia came to cooperate. As a result, it quickly Indonesia found that "a big head" and finally dismounts no longer cooperate. Koreans have to continue to study the scalp.

On April 9, 2021, after 20 years, the KFX first prototype of Koreans has finally assembled, and held offline rituals, and the Korean President Wen is attending the line ceremony in the personality, and puts a new type The fighter KF-21 named "Falcon". But crying is that the Koreans have treated this "prototype" at low profile. It is said that it has been opened by Koreans and no longer retained.

South Korean President Wen is attending the KF-21 off-line ceremony attending, and it is still a seat

People who are familiar with the development of the aircraft know that the prototype of a styling machine must obtain a large number of destructive tests and static tests to obtain data. Why is Koreans to disassemble their first prototype machine, it is generally considered because the prototype of South Korea does not have any test value at all, which is to look forward to a shape. After the shoot is over, naturally lose value, unpacking research is truth.

However, it is surprising that only the past is less than a year, and the Koreans have got out of the double-seat version. This is the place where people feel liable. From the picture published by South Korea, although the code is hit, it can still be seen that this new model is actually a double session. To know, so far, the US F-22 fighter and F-35 fighters have no double sessions, and Japan's F-35 purchased from the United States is also a single seat. And the Russian Su-57 is only a single seat, and there is no double problem.

As we all know, the double fighters mean a lot of task capabilities, but also makes the design of the fighters more complicated. So far, the United States is still in the way to design a two-seat stealth fighter, and South Korea that will bring to the purchase of the international market shelf product, it is really unbelievable.

US F-22 fighter can see is a single seat

However, from reality, there are only two possibilities that South Korea makes two fighters. One is that Koreans have left the radical route, that is, forcibly in the single-seat fighter, destroy the body's stealth performance and Pneumatic performance to make a technically unpleasant fighter.

This way will undoubtedly make the risk developed by the fighters greatly increase. But considering that Koreans have always liked to use low prices to flicker international customers, let them do "small white mice" style, do not rule out the real purpose of Koreans to make this fighter to the world fighter market to make money and experience. However, this is the same risk.

The first is that Americans are very annoying that some people will grab their business with them in the world's arms market, especially their own younger brother. The second is if you can't go out, then you can lose money in your hand. Another possibility is that this time is still a fighter that Koreans can't do. The so-called double-seat is just a scorpion of fooling people.

In the end, the fighter is dragged out and then does not come to the real machine, then simply cancel the project pull down. This behavior of this breaking tank is also the normal state of Koreans in studying equipment. For example, the plan of Koreans have millions of RMB aircraft, even the model state is not canceled in the planning phase.

Double-seat KF-21

The South Korean Air Force mainly rely on the purchase of American equipment, to armed their own aerial power, and the Korean Air Force's Jianjun, it is existence as auxiliary force in the East Asian region. So there is a joke, there is a US in the United States, and there is no air force in Korea. If the United States is not there, there is no air force in Korea.

Despite this, South Korea is still firm on the road of self-research equipment. On the one hand, Koreans also tried to play a person in this area to do business, on the other hand, Koreans also hopes to use this way to invite the Japanese in front of the Americans. So South Korea's stealth fighter plan, really don't have to pay too much, anyway, it is not allowed to say something wrong.

Author / Teacher Guo

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