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Rivers and lakes no more

2022-01-25 00:05:18 50 ℃

MiG-29 seems to be the last successful model of Mi Gao Yang Design Bureau.

The Russian Joint Aircraft Manufacturing Company was approved in the previous year - Migg into Sukuji. What does this mean? In laughter, this means that one of the world's first-generation jet fighters, the Western Air Force will have a new Miger, and there may never have new models. There is no MiGu in the rivers and lakes!

Of course, the world air force equipment manufacturer's pattern has long been overwhelming. Chinese military enterprises who have used MiGu model, now they will not worry because of NG's no longer exist ...

Wen | laugh

This paper reprinted from the WeChat public account "Xinmin Weekly" (ID: XINMINZHOUKAN), the original text was started on January 24, 2022, the original title is "military | never, Migger ...", does not mean the view of the watch.


The so-called "MiG" is actually a combination of two people's last name. "Mi" is born in 1905, Albeim Mi Gao Yang; "Ge" is born in 1892 Mikhail Grevic.

Glewich (left), Mi Gao Yang (right)

In the 1930s, Mi Gaoyang was already a Soviet senior aircraft designer. In 1939, Stalin appointed Mi Gao Yang to lead a new design. When Mi Gao Yang received the appointment, I proposed a request - Comrade Glewich's Glewikov Design Bureau to work with himself. Even, Mi Gao Yang said that the new design of the design bureau can be - Mi Gao Yang-Glewich Design Bureau ("MiG Design").

MiG-1 fighter

The propeller fighter design in Migg is designed - MiG-1, and the improved MiG-3, it seems that it is not satisfactory. Although these two aircraft have a good high-speed performance in the year, there is a good flying stability, and low-altitude control is not good. In the propeller era, air war is often taken by low-altitude flight, and the machine guns have naturally need better low-altitude control. Migg products were more than the "king" of the Jacques Soviet propeller aircraft.

Soviet Air Force MiG-15 Fighter Team

It truly let the MiG fighters thrive, and the development of MiG-15 has been successful as the Jet Fighter era. It can be said that MiG is in the times, leading the wind. In 1949, MiG-15 was in the past, and it was very moving at the time, the firepower was violent, and the Soviet troops have achieved tactical advantages in the United States and NATO. In particular, MiG-15 has been taken after the post, the flyer F-80, F-84 used by the US military use, is advanced. Even if the F-86, MiG-15, the F-86 that appears later, is not inferior.

Anti-US Aid Dorship Battlefield, China Air Force pilot welcomes the US military with MiG-15, achieve brilliant results

It is particularly worth mentioning that in the anti-US aid battlefield, China's new people's Air Force, with the Soviet pilot, make full use of the fine features of MiG-15, often set up in high altitude, once found the US formation, push the attack, give arrogance The American army of madness, with a fatal blow, and a "MiG Corridor" is called between Qingchuanjiang and Duck Green River. Wang Hai, Han Decai, Li Han ... The Chinese People's Volunteers Air Force be behind a brilliant name, there are MiG-15's figure.

Chinese People's Volunteer Air Force MiG-15

On the basis of MiG-15, the MiG Design Bureau has also developed MiG-17, MiG-19. These aircraft have been served in the Soviet army, not only in the Soviet Union, but also the Air Force of Pakistan and other countries. The Soviet fighter is not inferior to the performance of the American fighter.

MiG-19, Pakistan Air Force, called F-6 in the Barbed battle sequence

After that, in 1953, it began design, 1955 original test flight, in 1958, the MiG-21 of the Soviend, and became a generation of aircraft. Today, some derivative models are still served in multinational troops. MiG-21 features to fly to twice the sound speed, and the limit is 20,000 meters high.

Yugoslavia, MiG-21 of the Serbian Air Force Equipped in May, 2021

1964 MG-25 first fly. It is also ahead of the world - becoming the world's first mass production aircraft that can fly to 3 mep, 30,000 meters. At that time, there was a saying that MiG-25 was a plane that the missiles were caught. This kind of saying was confirmed in the future - December 1992, Iraqi Air Force MiG-25 was shot from the US F-16 in the USA F-16 using advanced AIM-120. The Iraqi summed up lessons and immediately found an effective new tactics. Soon, MiG-25 can be quickly detached with high-speed turning in the event of an AIM-120 attack.

After the Iraq war, the US military dragged the Saddam Iraqi Air Force MiG-25 fighters from the sand pile.

At the beginning of MiG-25, what materials did not use from Know Mak-25 in Western. Some people in the West actually speculated that the MiG-25 has mastered titanium alloy processing technology. It can actually, the MiG-25 fuselage is made of stainless steel. The titanium alloy is used to the aviation industry. From the 1970s ... and after the Soviet Union, the Eastern European Variety, the Iraq war, the West finally gradually figured out what happened to the MiG-25 developed by the Soviet Union. Mig-23

MiG-23 developed with MiG-25 almost syndrome, which is refreshing and refreshing. This makes the type of fighter to obtain powerful high-altitude high-speed performance, and effectively taking into account low-altitude and take-off performance. It is also equipped with more powerful radars and R-23 among empty missiles, with super-visual operation. To some extent, this is a fighter that opens the door of the future. Today, it can be degraded afterwards, super-visual attacks, etc. are the standard of new R & D fighters.


MiG-23 is the last fighter of Mi Gao Yang. In 1964, Glewich retired, died in 1976. Mi Gao Yang Bigrevich has passed the world - 1970, and the year is 65 years old. Although the two aircraft design everyone left the world, the name of the MiG did not eliminate it.

Russian Jun Mi-29 fighter

MiG-29 became the final "Mig" word of the Soviet Union's equipment. But I have to say, after this, Sukho's name covered MiG. For example, the Russian army adopts Su-27 in a large number, and the taste of a bit cold-eyed in MiG-29. In the international market, Sukhoi and Migger also have their own markets. For example, the Korean People's Army is equipped with MiG-29, and the Indian Navy also won Russian special carrier version MiG-29. It is to know that the Russian Navy's own "Kuznezov" aircraft carrier is equipped with Sukhoe's Su-33.

Indian Navy MiG-29 carrier

As for China, in the 1990s, the new fighters were taken to Russia. At that time, I wanted to choose MiG-29 - After all, the Chinese Air Force is the old user of the MiG series fighter. Even after the relationship between China Soviet, China's domestic fighter 歼 -7 series is also developed on MiG-21, China naturally gets close to the MiG series aircraft. It can be, through various performance comparison, China chose to introduce Su-27, and abandoned MiG-29.


In fact, in China, when developing 歼 -8, it has begun to get rid of the Soviet designed style. To 歼 -10, it has basically can't see the taste of the Susk fighter. Of course, China is improving on the basis of the introduction of Su-27 fighters, and improved the sub-歼 -11, and there is a carrier version of the 歼 -15 that is not the same as Su-33. Today's China Air Force, 歼 -16, and even earlier in Russia - 歼 -20 proves that China's aviation industry is constantly improving. In Russia, after the merger of Migg and Sukhuai, can it launch a new generation of world-famous fighters, still need to be observed. In this case, you can only say one -

Well, Mi ...