Dragon Block3 beats MiG 29!Argentina's speed sent people to visit China, and I can't sit in the UK.

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Dragon Block3 beats MiG 29!Argentina's speed sent people to visit China, and I can't sit in the UK.

2022-01-25 00:06:09 47 ℃

According to Russian Satellite News Agency, January 24th, the recent Argentina introduced the maturity of the dragon warfare, and once again communicated with my country's aviation technology import and export company, the key issues of this exchange were related to the Blon Block3 fighter. According to sources, Argentina had been very entangled on the issue of purchasing the Dragon or purchases MiG-29, but the comprehensive performance of Jilong Block3 fighter is better than the MiG-29 fighter, so Argentina finally chooses to purchase monk. The Argentine military plans to send his own delegation to visit China in March this year, and their decision makes the British sitting, but the UK does not have a way to prevent Argentina from working with my country.

my country has already been published by the Pakistan's export 歼 -10CE fighters, compared to the Block3-type fighter, the performance of the 歼 -10CE fighter is more out of power, but Argentina is not much foreign exchange for purchasing equipment, so they You can only choose to purchase the dragon fighter. It is reported that Argentina has previously procured Korea's F / A-50 fighter, but South Korea's fighters used a large number of Western technology. The UK stopped the cooperation between the two sides. In the face of this situation, Argentina can only be with our country. Cooperate, procurement technology has matured Dragon fighters.

At present, Pakistan has been able to mass produce the dragon Block3 fighter. The fighter is not only equipped with AESA, but it is also able to launch a 霹 -15 remote empty missile. Such a superposed attack ability, has been crushed with the prior to competing with the dragon. MiG-29 fighter. In addition to the shortcomings of information technology, MiG-29 fighters, the number of "airport security", and the reason for this outer number is because MiG-29 is too short, though The MiG-29 fighters were optimized in the Russian party, but its orders are far less than Su-27 series of fighters.

In 1982, Argentina broke out in the UK, and both sides had a fierce confrontation in Ma Island. Although Argentina was eventually defeated, its Air Force was very good in this war. They even sinkled the most advanced in the UK. Sheffield destroyer. After the War of the Ma Island, the UK is very taboo to the Argentine Air Force, so they start using various means to prevent Argentina from procurement of advanced fighters, and Argentina is also unable to update the fighters of the Air Force because of their own economy.

The Dragon fighters are all our own technology, so the UK cannot stop us from working with Argentina. Informed people said that Argentina not only purchases the dragon fighters, but they are also preparing to buy my country's armored vehicles and introduce the production line of the armored vehicle. Experts believe that Argentina's foreign exchange reserves are lack of foreign exchange reserves, so they are likely to exchange our fighters and armored vehicles with their national beef and grain products, because my country's demand for beef and grain products is very large, such transactions are completely available of.