5 "aircraft carriers" in the Spring Festival, the aircraft carrier group is approaching my country, and the nuclear submarine appeared in Guam, China decisive sword

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5 "aircraft carriers" in the Spring Festival, the aircraft carrier group is approaching my country, and the nuclear submarine appeared in Guam, China decisive sword

2022-01-25 12:03:28 58 ℃

After the 5 "Aircraft Carrier Group" of the United States approached the door of the Chinese, the "Ohio" strategic missile nuclear submarine "Nevada" in Guam, and the US Nuclear Warcad, which can deploy hundreds of nuclear warheads. China Xisha Lee Hai, its provocation is not obvious, in this, China decisive sword.

At this moment, the Chinese traditional Spring Festival is increasing, however, in this wonderful point in time, the United States will always come to add blocking. Not long ago, the US Navy "Carl Wenson" aircraft carrier hits the group and "Essex" amphibious guards in the South China Sea; and in the East China Sea, the US Navy "United States" amphibious attack ship is also active; In addition, as the US "Lincoln" aircraft carrier continues to approx the Western Pacific, and the "Ragan" aircraft carrier in Japan is still in Japan, the surrounding sea areas have gathered 5 "aircraft carriers", of which "United States" and The "Essex" is a modified quasi.

However, this has not yet finished, and there is also a report that the US "Nevada" strategic nuclear submarine has emerged in Guam. It is understood that the nuclear submarine can load 24 "trident" ballistic missiles, which can be put on the nuclear elastic head to reach more than 100, but Usually restricting the restrictions of nuclear weapons treaties, only 20 missiles are loaded. Through this "Nevada", there is a sudden appearance of the US Navy's former officers. The sudden emergence of "Nevada", indicating that Americans can park 100 core warheads at any time at your door, but you But I don't know, there is no way to do what he does.

For this reason why the US Navy's "Nevada" strategic nuclear submarine suddenly slammed into the water in Guam, the outside world is also discussion, and experts have analyzed that this movement is to scare North Korea because North Korea has frequent missile tests in January. Japan and South Korea are frightened. The United States feels necessary to brighten "muscles", showing military power comfort allies. But there is also a view that the United States will show off force to China, try to determine China, release if the Taiwan Sea broke the conflict in the United States or the intervention signal.

It is undeniable that although the United States can deploy hundreds of nuclear warheads under the Chinese eyelids, the key issue is that the United States dares to start the button? Nuclearmade, nuclear deterrence is a bit effective for those non-nuclear countries, and for countries that have nuclear weapons and can check against nuclear counters, the United States does not have a slight effect. It is worth noting that on January 3 this year, China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States, issued the "The United States" on the prevention of nuclear war and the avoidance of the arms race ", emphasizing that" nuclear war does not win Do not ", reiterate" We don't target nuclear weapons to each other or any other country. " However, less than a month, the United States has begun to showcase nuclear power, trying to suppress other countries, and this move will only let the US international credibility will drop, so that countries will more resentful and vigilant against the United States.

In addition to 5 "aircraft carriers" approach the Chinese door, the nuclear submarine is exterior, the US Navy's destroyer is not idle, January 20th, the United States "Benford" missile destroyer has not been approved by the Chinese government, illegal intrusion China Xisha Leehai, this act is seriously infringed in China's sovereignty and safety, and the nature is very bad. This is another Iron Iron Iron Iron, Military, and Multi-Military Division. In this regard, the Chinese National Defense spokesperson Wu Qian's college has expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition, and asked the US to recognize the situation and stop challenge. The facts once again prove that the US is the "South China Security Risk Manufacturer", which is the "maximum destroyer" in the South China Sea.