"Da Xiu Muscle"!The United Military Period "5 aircraft carrier battle group" joint military exercises, what is the strength?

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"Da Xiu Muscle"!The United Military Period "5 aircraft carrier battle group" joint military exercises, what is the strength?

2022-01-25 18:03:18 89 ℃

[Military martial art] Author: Leon

In recent days, the waters near my country and the surrounding waters have changed. On the 23rd of this month, according to the US media report, the US Navy and Japan Sea are at sea in the relevant sea area of ​​the Philippine Sea on the 22nd of this month. Exercise, it is reported that the United Military Military Performance is almost elite, and the light in the US military will dispatch the "Carlinson" aircraft carrier and "Lincoln" aircraft carrier.

Together, "Carlinson" and "Lincoln" aircraft carrier, I must be unfamiliar, as the "Nimitz"-level aircraft carrier of the US Navy, and its comprehensive force can be the top of the world, and "Calvinsen" aircraft carrier can also carry the F-35C of this aircraft carrier special carrier, as a car carrier, its operation radius, and loads are stronger than the F-35B docked in amphibious attack ship of.

▲ The "5 Aircraft Mother" battle group of the United States and Japan, but the core force of the "picking the big beam" is still the "Carlinson" and "Lincoln" aircraft carrier.

Moreover, according to the company's business carrier consistently attendance, it is not possible to carry four fighter squadrons at once in the US military aircraft carrier, and according to the US military's active fighter, a aircraft carrier contains F / A-18 Series fighters or F-35C fighters, roughly, this US-Japanese Joint Exercise US military is very likely that the active carrier carrier fighter will dispatch more than 40.

In addition, the US Navy also dispatched the "US" amphibious attack ship and "Essex" amphibious attack ship in this Joint military exercise, and the "US" amphibious attack ship as the current US Navy The two attack models, the full load of the drain can reach 50,000 tons, this drainage volume and even the "Wickland" aircraft carrier in India is still unproved, is a level.

▲ "Essex" amphibious attack ship drains are also around 40,000 tons, but different from the "US" amphibious attack ship, "Essex" amphibious attack ship did not equipped with the F-35B fighter, it is equipped The fighter is still the old English "鹞" fighter, its comprehensive combat power and "US" amphibious attack ship have a big gap

Moreover, "The United States" amphibious attack ship can also carry 24 F-35B fighters, for some countries, it is about to be a aircraft carrier, and the Japanese sea arrived also dispatched "Japan to" helicopter carrier ship. "Acting as an atmosphere group", after all, the ship has indeed gap compared with the exquisite drainage of the ship and the essence of the US Navy, and the main combat advantage of the helicopter aircraft carrier is anti-submarine, and its combat is positioned as a whole or Aid.

Only the amphibious attack ship with a vertical landing fighter and Japanese helicopter aircraft carrier, the beauty of the United States, there is a total of "5 aircraft carrier" to join this exercise, if adding this joint exercise is affiliated to the US Navy The Cindero plus cruiser and the Berk-level destroyer, the Joint fleet of this US-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese-Japanese

▲ The main combat advantages of the "Japanese Sea" helicopter aircraft carrier is anti-submarine, and it can only be included in the US Navy's combat system.

It is not difficult to see that this "5 aircraft carrier battle group" is indeed comprehensive, whether it is anti-enemy ship to carry out amphibious landing, or the sea, anti-submarine Ocean operation, the "5 aircraft carrier fight group" or less It is involved, so, in the case of deterrence, it is indeed a big deterrence of some countries with weaker high-defense strength, but this is the same for my country, and the United States and Japan joint exercises are still The lack of "new intentions".

After all, for the American aircraft carrier, the core of its current combat may still be a aircraft carrier as a center, using the combat advantage of the carrier machine to capture the sea-saving, the "shield ship" to the aircraft carrier and defense protection The amphibious attack ship attacked the ship to send some combat troops to complete the direction of the "sea mainland". Of course, "Japan to the Japanese" helicopter aircraft carrier will prevent the enemy's submarine sneak attack. The main ship seems to be .

▲ Two American aircraft carriers have taken the F-35C, combined with the discharge sea area, and their imagination is self-evident. However, if we are in our home court, we are critical to the 歼 -20 of the dispensing, can formulate the F-35C

I would like to see everyone, and the routine of this American aircraft carrier is really shocking in the 1990s and the Iraq war. However, now, in this regard, we also have it. We must know that our Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group and Shandong model aircraft carrier battle group is also based on this combat idea construction, in the contrast of sea military power, our Navy's power is currently the ability to form a certain degree of balance between the aircraft carrier fight group.

What's more than the United States, our shipping speed in these years is also a more famous existence in the world. In 2018, the total amount of water in the shuffle of our ship is already equivalent to a French Navy, our and The gap between the ship between the US Navy is gradually decreasing, of course, in this, the 003 aircraft carrier we are building may have further significantly narrow this in the future. ▲ As our advanced ship has increased, the strength of the aircraft carrier fighting group of our army is gradually narrowing compared with the US Navy.

After all, according to the current news, the 003 model of the dramatic drainage is almost about 80,000 tons, and it is very likely to use the more advanced integrated power system to act as aircraft carrier's power center. At that time, our 003 good aircraft carrier may carry electromagnetic ejection. To protect our carrier, it is very likely that the comprehensive strength of our 003 aircraft carrier will not be weak in a US "little eagle"-level aircraft carrier, even if we don't rely on our home advantage, we With the power of marine, it may be a military deterrent to the US Navy to form an incompetent.