Sudden!One soldier in Dongwu was captured by the Mei Ying, and the Russian Wul is war.

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Sudden!One soldier in Dongwu was captured by the Mei Ying, and the Russian Wul is war.

2022-01-25 18:03:44 85 ℃

"Military martial art" Author: I am Dafan

According to Russian satellite news agency, local time on January 23, the east of Ukraine, an east Ukraine, "People's Republic of Lugansk, the People's Republic of Rubrous", is patrolling on the ceasefire line, Ukraine that penetrates into the front of the front The reconnaissance force traps.

Captured militia photos

At present, the Ukrainian army said that this matter is true, but the name and unit of this soldier has not yet been announced, and the "Lugansk People's Republic" troops have not yet issued any views of this incident. Said that this soldier found that there was a "abnormal situation" in a bush in patrols, and the reinforcement troops have not yet arrived, and the result was captured by the Urban.


No accident, this "Dongwu militia was the news of the Ukrainian Army", which rapidly triggered the hot discussion on the Internet, in accordance with Davan's point of view, this situation did not attribute two very bad signs:

Cameated weapon number

At the tactical level, this means that the Ukrainian army reconnaissance forces are implementing penetration reconnaissance. This kind of reconnaissance is often carried out in the form of a small detachment. The focus is to touch the first line of the Qingdong Wu militia, the tactical depth defense is formulated, the fire power launch point, the troops preparation and equipment. According to the Sujun, including the "routine practice" in front of our military war, in armed reconnaissance, if you can get one or two "tongues" on an advantageous terrain, it is tied back to your own array. The effect of reconnaissance is often more than a simple "ear listening".

Arms on the clothes of the captured person

The Ukrainian army felt in the rear of the Dongwu militia defense line, but also grabbed a captive of the East Wushu Military, although the rumors said that this person is "accidentally" captured, but some extent, this is also like the Ukrainian army. A capture homework was captured. If this person can't help with the trial, it is possible to bring difficult to predictive consequences to the Passing of the Lugansk State militia.

Former US special forces soldiers arrived in Donbas, probably as an instructor to help Ukraine

And on the level of the battle, the capture battle must not be arrested casually, because the capture of the capture is often tortured, many effective information. Therefore, when both parties are in a relatively calm state on the battlefield, the use of captured battles often relatively cautious, and even directly penetrates the actions behind the other side defense will also be cautious.

In recent weeks, Russia set more than 106,000 soldiers near the border borders in Ukraine (Ziyuan: Associated Press)

The two sides really started to penetrate each other, and even each other, "grabbed the tongue", often in the other party's large-scale troops, or before you prepare for the implementation of large-scale attacks, the capture homework at this time is frequent. On the one hand, if the other party's troops, the defensive formation is very moving, and it is often necessary to reconorage the enemy's defense, and the enemy "touch the bottom"; on the other hand, if we are preparing to launch a battle to attack against the opponent, there is also necessary Perform a very detailed war.

Ukrainian mechanized troops from Odessa to Mali Upo

Considering that the front line of the East Ukraine, the East Ukraine has nothing to do, even decreased to the intensity of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is now infiltrated to the Lugansk's militia front, implement capture combat, Davan believes that there must be certain possibilities and is the pre-war of the Ukrainian army. This kind of reconnaissance and even award, can be considered to be an attack sign of the Utah.

The situation is close to the show number

After all, according to Xinhua News Agency, the current Ukraine, Russia, tense situation cannot be eased, and even gradually approaching "showpassive time":

A large number of Russian equipment arrived in Belarus for the "joint determination" exercise. It is currently about 40 kilometers from the Belarus - Ukraine border, and stays near Raycisa, Kiev.

Political perspective

In politics, multi-round diplomatic mediation in Russia and the United States, NATO, Europe, etc. in early January, ended through the thoroughness of both parties. It turns out that Russia and other countries, on the issue of Ukraine and the NATO, the gap between the appeal is too difficult to adjust, and its domestic situation is not worth any adjustment between the two countries. In short, both parties are pressurized, but they don't know how to relieve pressure.

The United States announced that the staff will reduce staff in the Ukraine Embassy, ​​from non-necessarily and their families to start.

At this critical moment, on the evening of January 23, Xinhua News Agency has forwarded the Text of the US State Council, ready to allow some librarians in the Ukrainian embassy, ​​especially the family of librarians, from Kiev "voluntary evacuation". There are also multiple Western countries to follow up and intend to "dismount" from Kiev. The Russian Embassy is more scary in Kiev, it is said to be burning the documents, this is the first time, the Second World War, that is basically the signal of the "war is about to explode".

Military perspective

In the military, the Ukrainian army attack sign more: As Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, the Ukrainian army announced on the same day, will set up a "local defense forces" of up to 150 camps. These troops will be divided into 25 trips, and the total number of people is approaching 100,000, and the compilation of these forces is the so-called "native troops", which is expanded in accordance with one deployment in the state. When the Urma was announced, the 86% of the troops have been selected, which in fact means that the Udon has entered the state of mobilization. In addition to the troops have entered the mobilization, the current domain countries are still desperately transporting weapons and ammunitions to Ukraine: such as January 17, Xinhua News Agency reported that the United Kingdom provides a group of "new-law" light anti-tank rockets to Ukraine on the same day. . This is a light single soldier anti-tank weapon equipped in early this century, which is jointly developed by Boss Group and Tallis Group.

"New-la" anti-tank rocket

The anti-tank rocket uses a simple sight line guidance, the weight is light, and it can be carried by a single team. Strong power, enough to break down the front armor of the third-generation main battle tank, the only problem is that the range is too close, it is said that the effective range is less than 1000 meters, similar to the "long nitsu-SR" of Israel. These "New-Law" Rocket Reservations for the British equipment are valid for 20 years. At present, there is a common service for 15 years, just handed over to the Ukrainian army, it is "handling waste equipment".

On January 22nd, Xinhua News Agency reported that the US military aided a group of arms devices in the Ukrainian army on the same day, is gradually arriving in Ukraine. The photos taken from the United States show that these arms mainly include the following two equipments:

M141 type attack rocket tube

First, the US Army's M141-type anti-rocket tube, which is a one-time single soldier rocket, and the launch cartridge is two-piece design, with only 7.1 kg of the combat, which is used with MK-118 Hedp rocket.

Can be used to combat concrete wall or light armor goals, dealing with bricks in the Middle East, especially effective, but the emission distance is too close, the effective range is said to have only 300 meters;

FGM-148 "Javelin" anti-tank missile

The second is that the Ukrainian army is as a "ace", the anti-tank missile, the anti-tank missile is the US Sterreck Brigade Battle Team, and the usage tube is in the camp, the battle When the squad leader, the team leader is applied to the car.

In terms of performance, the performance of the "javelin" is really good, especially if it uses the refined imaging guide equipment, it is enough to let the "gun" missile "no matter after launch", and the blow distance is also far enough, actual blow distance Between 2500 meters to 4000 meters, the threat of this anti-tank missile to the east Ukrainian army tank, armored vehicle, etc. is relatively large.

Overall situation

In summary, the current situation in the eastern region of Ukraine, Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine:

Hold NATO - Russian Council in Brussels, taking

From the above, it is in the state of the political tuttle, the military sword is arrogant;

From the details, the United States, Russia did not have a willingness to retreat in Ukraine and NATO issues.

In the military, a border area is joined, one is desperately arched in Ukraine, and if this situation continues, it can't see the end.

Then the only consequence is to truly guide the war in Donbus. And since the Ukrainian army has launched penetration operations in the border areas of the Lugansk, but also implemented the capture operation, this can only be explained that the Ukrainian army has established plans to launch battle attacks to the two states.

The situation is on the verge of failure

Although from the power of the Ukrainian army and the Russian army, the overall strength of the Ukrainian army, the combat capacity is obviously unprofitable relative to the Russian army. However, Ukraine has been seen from the domestic situation. The political ecology of its domestic political ecology has been further destroyed. The stability of the political situation is further weakening; the Urban Forces get a lot of Western weapons and equipment, it is entirely impractical to recognize their strength. Knowing, thinking that the East Wu militia, even the Russian army "but this"; not to mention Ukraine may also have unrealistic fantasies to the Western world, once you play with Russia, you will get more external assistance and even the army Direct support; or even Ukraine can not grasp your own fate is unclear.

Therefore, Ukraine has a war in the East Ukrainian issue, and even the Russian and Ukraine war, there is objective conditions on the strategic level, and there is an objective level on the strategy level. The danger of this war is the reality. The only problem is: this is Maybe the local war may excel, when can I really "fall down the last boots"?

In short, Davan still hopes that East Ukraine can recover calm down, don't fight.