Diaoyu Islands whatever bursts?After the Japanese army unreasonably blocks us, China's sea police take measures

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Diaoyu Islands whatever bursts?After the Japanese army unreasonably blocks us, China's sea police take measures

2022-01-26 00:07:05 66 ℃

According to the Global Network, Diaoyu Islands have always been between China and Japan, a controversial area, saying is a controversy, in fact, the self-climax of a country in Japan, for our country, this is the sovereign territory of China, my country Everything is completely reasonable.

However, the Japanese army has always been unreasonable to block the work of my country's sea police ship in the relevant sea area, which makes the two countries to confront to the Diaoyu Islands or will break out. At the critical moment of the Japanese military exercise, China Sea Police has also taken measures to indicate the Chinese attitude with practical actions.

Diaoyu Islands whatever bursts?

China's emphasis on sovereignty and territorial integrity is an excel. This has a direct relationship with the history of our experience. Only after the national strength is strong enough to have a bottom gas to deal with the threat from the outside world. Obviously, the strength of China is strong enough, and we can respond well for any pressure from the outside.

The relationship between China and Japan is bad, and it is also very clear internationally, but many times, provocation is mainly from the Japanese. For a long time, Diaoyu Islands as the sovereignty territory of their country, which has caused great troubles to my country. The country is even still ordered. If you see China's sea police ship appear in the relevant sea area, it is necessary to fight my country.

In recent days, Japan has held sea military exercises at sea, and the goal is also Diaoyu Islands. For the country's confident that the Diaoyu Island is Japan, my country has always been unbearable, because the country does not have any reasons and evidence to make this statement. When my country has taken a lot of evidence, it is possible to completely ignore it, and if you have to admire the country's strength.

It is also completely ignorant of Japan's ban on China's sea police ship in the Diaoyu Islands and surrounding islands. It is also completely ignored, because the country does not control the behavior of my country's sea police ship in their own sea. But after the country conducts military exercises, we naturally have no need to endure, so China's sea police ship has made a big move, is the Diaoyu Island Sea farm wants to start?

China Sea Police take measures

Recently, several sea police ships in China have appeared in the Diaoyu Islands. They are mainly to perform normal cruise tasks, leaving after a few hours of tasks. The Japanese media reported on this matter, first of all, the actions of China Sea Police Ships were condemned, called the region of my country's sea police ship activities, and belong to Japan, which is required to be responsible for the Chinese.

Secondly, weapons and equipment equipped on China's sea police boat, expressed great concerns, and believed that China's active path is extremely dangerous, and the Japanese side expresses high attention to this matter.

Obviously, these two points raised by the Japanese, people can't touch their minds. First of all, the sea area of ​​my country's sea police ship is China's territorial sea. Is there no problem in the family's leading sea? In this regard, the country says it takes out the evidence that can convince my country, otherwise stop making a rumor.

Second, the Chinese sea police ship equipped with weapons and equipment is also completely reasonable, which has positive significance for maintaining the safety of relevant sea areas, as well as the safety of sea police ships. It is said that it can be said to be a low key to the equipment of the Japanese maritime security hall.

Japan's allegations of China can be said to be reversed in black and white, the country has no power to refer to the feet of the Diaoyu Islands. It has to be said that these years, Japan and many countries have made controversies because of the territorial issues, but many times the country is unilaterally called, after all, because the country does not occupy. Today, Russia is no longer used to Japan, decided to focus on the development of Northern Fourth Island, look like, the country has to hit the wall in the middle and Russia.