During the Wenchuan earthquake 14 years ago, the fifteen warriors of the airborne soldiers, why did it parachuting at 5000 meters high altitude

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During the Wenchuan earthquake 14 years ago, the fifteen warriors of the airborne soldiers, why did it parachuting at 5000 meters high altitude

2022-05-13 00:09:10 15 ℃

5.12, who can cry out if you hear this word? Who heard this word suddenly silent? To this day, the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake has been 14th anniversary. At that time, we touched our hearts and prayed silently. Still memory.

5.12 The Wenchuan earthquake is the most destructive and widest in the New China since its establishment. It is also the heaviest and most difficult earthquake in disaster losses.

The entire earthquake level is 8.0, and it is confirmed that the earthquake waves surround the earth for 6 laps, which affects most of China and even more Asian countries.

In addition to feeling a sense of shock in many places in China, it also felt the sense of shock in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and other countries. It can be seen how terrible the earthquake was.

In this earthquake, the severe damaged areas reached 500,000 square kilometers, a total of 69,227 people were killed, 17,923 people were missing, 37,4643 were injured, and the direct economic loss reached 845.14 billion yuan. In the disaster, it was also moved.

Our rescue team, our volunteers, donations from all walks of life, and kind people who donate money, do not know if everyone still remembers the righteousness of the Wenchuan earthquake 14 years ago.

That is the 15 warriors of the airborne rescue. In order to rescue, they resolutely jumped off from a 5,000 -meter high altitude. The oldest 48 years old, the youngest was only 23 years old. Without them, they could not even open the connection channels of severe disaster areas and the outside world.

So why do rescue troops choose such a dangerous skydiving without helicopter?

Because of the severe earthquake, the road in the disaster area was severely damaged at the time, which caused land rescue forces to quickly enter the site of the disaster area for rescue, and even many disaster areas could not be contacted. In the end, only airborne rescue was selected.

At the beginning, it was indeed decided to use the helicopter to carry the rescue force to carry out local landing rescue. Choose skydiving and skydiving at a high altitude of 5000 meters.

You know, at that time, the PLA did not have a 5,000 -meter -high skydiving ability, and never had actual combat. In this case, the implementation of parachute was tantamount to the degree of life and death in this rescue. The righteousness was reckless, and for this reason, they also called them the fifteenth warrior of the Airborne soldiers.

So since we have no experience in this area, why choose such a high difficulty and skydiving at 5,000 meters high?

That's because Maoxian has a lot of mountains, and the fog is large, so the transport aircraft can only fly in high altitude areas, and our paratroopers can only parachute at such a height.

During the normal parachute training, it is carried out when the condition is sufficient, so that there is a guarantee, and this parachute can be said to be a "blind jump" with two eyes. They are all accumulated from usual experience, and they are lucky. It is the first case in the history of world military aviation to implement a height of 4,999 meters.

First of all, in the disaster area, and the impact of heavy rain and fog, the visibility is very low, and the skydiving environment is very bad. In addition, the disaster area cannot provide ground command and guidance, that is, there is no ground logo, and even the meteorological materials. Coupled with the places of skydiving, Maoxian is in the area of ​​high mountain canyons, and there are very few areas that can be used to provide airborne.

In this case, for the "blind jumping" fifteen warriors, the area where landing is not guaranteed. It may face the canyons, cliffs, and even buildings that collapse due to the earthquake.

Fortunately, although the fifteen warriors were injured to varying degrees, they successfully landed. Under the spirit of not fear of sacrifice, they brought valuable time to prevent large -scale rescue. Hope.

Finally, more than 40 hours after the earthquake, the first batch of rescue forces successfully entered Maoxian, and began to gradually connect with the outside world to open the passage for ground rescue troops, open the passage, and conduct cinema rescue.

Their shocking, only for the people, let us salute them again on the day of the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. On the day of the 14th anniversary.

Of course, 14 years have passed, we have also improved, and we have also made a lot of ability to rescue. The strength of the transport aircraft has also risen sharply, such as our Yun-20.

We do not want to have disasters, but we must have the thoughts of being safe, the thoughts are prepared, and there is no preparation of the mind. It is difficult for us to predict natural disasters. With more advanced rescue techniques, we can reduce death and help more families.