Putin becomes an orphan?Important allies of Russia issued orders: the army is prepared to defend the territory

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Putin becomes an orphan?Important allies of Russia issued orders: the army is prepared to defend the territory

2022-05-13 00:08:34 16 ℃

According to Observer Network, Prime Minister Kazakhstan recently said that under the situation of geopolitical instability, Haifang must be prepared to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity. Harbin is urgent to actively strengthen national defense forces, which is always a key priority.

In the context of Russia and Ukraine's conflict that has not yet been substantially relieved, what is the significance of this order as an important allies of Russia?

Kazakhstan issued orders: the army is prepared to defend the territory

Recently, the most important speech on the 30th anniversary of the founding of Kazakhstan in the Harbin Armed Forces: Under the situation where geopolitics extremely unstable, we need to prepare for the integrity and sovereignty of territorial territoriality. It has become the most critical and priority thing now. As the independent pillar of maintaining national security and social security, the army is also the strongest backing on the country's development path. Under the situation of turbulent international situation and geopolitical instability, countries in the world may face more challenges and threats in the future. Maintaining national interests, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty are particularly important.

From the statement of Prime Minister Kazakhstan, it is enough to see that Harbin has clearly aware of the national defense power construction work. With the current situation of the Russian conflict that has not yet ended, it is reasonable to order the army to prepare for the preparation of defense territory.

Prime Minister Kazakhstan said: At present, Kazakhstan needs to be prepared at all times to continuously meet the challenges and threats composed of external forces. The urgent need to prepare for the maintenance of national interests, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty. The ability of defense, which has strengthened armed forces, has become the primary task.

In the context of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Kazakhstan has the courage and determination to actively prevent external malignant forces. However, as an important Russian allies, choose the content of this statement in this situation. Is it related to preventing Putin? Does Putin become orphan because of this?

Putin becomes an orphan?

The outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict has been more than two months old. As the initiator of this special military operation, the Russian authorities are being suffered from pressure and sanctions from external forces. The negative impacts they face can be imagined. The fierce firepower is facing a large degree of negative effects. In fact, the original intention of the Russian army's military operation this time was not to occupy the territory of Ukraine, but to achieve Naziization and militaryization on its territory. The situation of the war was maliciously delayed, and the military power of both Russia and Ukraine was being maliciously consumed, and the overall situation has evolved increasingly deteriorating.

Despite the warning of Russia, the western countries did not stop. As a China standing position, China has continued to this day. In the international community, it is continuously called on the international community to actively maintain the stable development trend of the international situation, and actively actively serve as their responsibilities and obligations. The United States of hegemonism, the United States should also reflect on the negative role played in the Russian -Ukraine conflict and even the international community, and promptly correct such errors.

As for whether Putin will decide to strengthen national defense construction and other acts in Kazakhstan, there are also some wrong judgments to become orphan. After all, in the strong international community, countries around the world have the right to take corresponding measures to defend the country. Essence