Colonel of the Germans talks about the Battle of Donbath: What is the analysis of the German Ministry of Defense?

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Colonel of the Germans talks about the Battle of Donbath: What is the analysis of the German Ministry of Defense?

2022-05-13 00:08:18 13 ℃

At the end of April at the end of April, the focus of the outside world was near Donbas in eastern Ukraine. Although the two sides did not conduct a decisive battle, as the Pentagon Briefing said. However, the Germans invited officers from the Ministry of National Defense to talk about the battle of Donbas.

The officer was Colonel Ralph Feld Orto, who was responsible for early intervention and threat assessment in the Ministry of Defense in Germany. Perhaps his view represents the current German assessment.

Colonel Ralf Feld Orto

Colonel Ralph noticed that the Russian army now uses a lot of remote firepower to combat the depth of the Ukrainian army. He commented that the battlefield was composed of multidimensional.

Tanks, armored vehicles, and armored bullet throws (mechanized infantry) cooperative operations, coupled with the artillery remote cover, is a traditional synthetic soldier operation. This combat is tens of thousands to thousands of kilometers, and the infantry battle distance is about 300 meters.

The small -scale disturbance of the Ukrainian army in the early days of the war was a flexible and flexible defense operation.

The fixed -wing fighter, multi -purpose fighter, bomber and helicopter are the third dimensions of the battlefield.

However, it should be noted that the proportion of logistics and combat forces should be 7: 1, so it is necessary to maintain a large number of logistics and supplies and facilities in Ukraine in Donbas.

The Russian army continued the practice since the start of the war in Donbas. At present, it is constantly cracking down on the command agencies and logistics facilities of the Ukrainian army, such as field stations, ammunition depot, fuel material, military grain depot and other facilities that support the Ukraine operations. Essence The Russian army also attacked large -scale civilian goals that can be used by the Ukrainian army to weaken the Ukrainian army's combat capabilities.

It is also necessary to talk about the dimension of modern warfare. The dimension of modern warfare can be extended in various fields, and it has been derived to the western border of Ukraine during the Russian and Ukraine War.

Not only that, the Russian Navy also blocked the coastline of Ukraine to attract the attention of the Ukrainian army with the attitude of landing and conduct fire support from the sea.

Frontline Russian tank

According to the Germans' estimates, the Russian army gathered 80,000 troops in the Donbass region, and the Ukrainian army was a 30,000 army, which is a very dangerous situation for Ukraine -their most elite troops are deployed in East Ukrainian until The River bank of the Dieber River, if this troops were destroyed by the Russian army, then the Russian army can easily occupy the entire territory of Ukraine.

Perhaps all the Ukrainian troops should do: Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. It can use the characteristics of large land area to flexibly mobile operations and play courage and morale. It may be able to win.

Colonel Ralph also said the judgment on some important events of the Russian War.

In the early days of the Russian and Ukraine War, the Russian army attacked from the three directions of the north, east, and south, and even directly attacked the Ukraine capital Kyiv. Their plan may be quickly marched within 96 hours. Can win quickly, but this fast plan has not been realized.

It is the second stage now. The Russian army hopes to open up the land with Crimea through the occupation of Mali Ubol, Lugusk and Donetzk.

Since the military reform in 2008, in addition to modernization and strengthening maneuverability, it is dedicated to achieving political purposes.

In 2014, the Russian army quickly controlled Crimea. Crimea was equivalent to non -sinking aircraft carriers. With this place, the Black Sea could be controlled and the Russian influence was further extended to the Mediterranean. What's more, it can also be linked to the naval base of Syrian Taltus (Syrian West Coast City, the former Soviet Union at Syrian military base).

The Russian army connected these Crimea to these regions, which is conducive to the army's mobilization and deployment, and then control the entire Ukraine.

Regarding the sinking of the previous Russian Black Sea Fleet Moscow, Colonel Ralf commented:

Moscow is named after the Russian capital and the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. The Russian army claimed that it was an accident, and the Ukraine said that it was a missile hit. Based on sea conditions, it should be the result of being hit by the missile.

In addition, the remaining ships of the Black Sea Fleet are now far away from the Ukrainian coast. The sinking of the Moscow cruiser will limit the actions of the Russian Navy and abbreviate the scale of maritime operations.

Judging from the current situation, a major consideration of the Russian army in the Russian and Ukraine War is: How much loss can the Russian army bear?

Front line infantry

Nuclear weapons are a card in the hands of the Russian army. The Russian army will use nuclear weapons as a means to expand the scale of conflict or restricting conflicts.

This may refer to the use of nuclear weapons to imitate the intervention of NATO countries, but Colonel Ralf did not explain in detail.

From a larger perspective, Russia's military forces are combined cards, not only in Ukraine, but also activities in Syria and in Africa.

The Russian army has trained 200,000 troops exercises during the Western-21 exercise, exceeding the scale of NATO exercises, which is worth noting.

There is not much introduction to Colonel Ralph online. It can be confirmed that he served as the commander of the German paratrooper 313 paratrooper camp before he worked directly at the German Ministry of Defense.

German paratrooper

The medals, medals, and skills programs he worn on the Internet have almost no introduction. In fact, these awards can actually reflect his military experience to a certain extent.

Honor is as follows:

first row:

Federal Defense Force Gold Medal, Federal Defense Forces Silver Honorary Medal, 2 German armed forces deployment medals,

second row:

4 German armed forces deployed medals,

Third row:

The Meridian 4 -day march of the Netherlands, the United Nations Yugoslav Civil War Pervable Force, 2 NATO deployment medals,

Fourth row:

1 NATO Deployment Medal, German Swimming Life Gold Medal, German Swimming Gold Medal, German Sterilization Silver Medal,

Fifth row:

Class 5 Polish Restoration Medal.

It should be explained here that the Federal Defense Force Honorary Medal is rated as a model for a certain period of service. It can be obtained for 10 years, and it can be obtained for 20 years.

There are many deployment medals in the German armed forces, such as to Afghanistan, Yugoslavic region, Africa, etc. The difference between each medal is the words written above. Because the words are really unclear, it is difficult to write specific medals.

The same is true of NATO deployment medals, relying on text to distinguish the type.

Those who have been rated as outstanding contributions can receive the Polish recovery medal.

At present, it can only be determined that Colonel Ralph has been deployed overseas many times, and the regions that can be confirmed are Yugoslav and Afghanistan.

Wearing American infantry fighting skills chapter on the left (right side of the picture), wearing III (gold) military skills chapter on the bag.

Wear the German Golden Paratroopers on the right (left side of the picture) on the right (left) of the military uniform. On the bag is the American paratrooper skills chapter, the fast reaction force combat command department badge, and the Federal German assault players (covered).

Colonel Ralph's department is located

It can be seen that this time the German army sent a colonel who has experienced an experienced overseas security war to express his views on Donbas Battle. Strangely, he did not introduce his experience of his experience and the medal of medals.

I hope that in the future, the German army is written according to me to prevent the introduction of several other generals.