What signals to release our "most in the years"?

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What signals to release our "most in the years"?

2022-05-13 06:03:39 11 ℃

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What "strategic signal" is released in the Liaoning Ship's largest voyage training over the years?

This time the voyage training "does not target any party." Although our navy spokesman clearly emphasized this, the Japanese defense province has closely followed the training process of monitoring the Liaoning ship in the past few days, calling this "long -term training of Chinese aircraft carriers near the Taiwan Strait", claiming to be "vigilant" and "worry".

The green camp on the island and the "standing" of the United States and Europe couldn't help but make similar "Lenovo".

Looking at the provocations of the United States, Japan and Britain in the past two weeks, you can know that they are doing guilty conscience.


This time, the actual combat training of the Liaoning ship has lasted for more than 10 days, but its attention has become increasingly stronger.

The headlines of the BBC Chinese website this morning focused on the Liaoning Ship's "the biggest exercise in the past years" and linked it with the "geopolitical wrestling in the Indo -Pacific region".

In fact, as early as the Liaoning ship just entered the West Tai Sea on the 3rd, our naval spokesman had emphasized that this time the voyage was "not targeted at any party". This is a routine training organized by the Navy based on the annual work plan, which is in line with relevant international law and international practice.

However, the size of the formation is "the most in the years".

The Taiwan Defense Department, which has been paying close attention to the mainland military exercise, said that this is the 70th training of the Liaoning ship, and it is also the 10th voyage. Compared with the latest voyage in December last year, the lineup of the escort ship expanded again:

After two new 052D destroyers were added, the formation included 8 ships including Liaoning ships. The entire aircraft carrier formation has significantly improved air, anti -ship and anti -submarine capabilities.

In addition to the scale, the improvement of the overall combat power of the formation has also attracted much attention.

The BBC Chinese website mentioned a detail that this time the Liaoning ship carrier -based aircraft repeatedly carried out night -take -off and landing drills in the evening or even after sunset. Some analysts said that this shows that the Liaoning ship carrier formation "has matured operation and develops to high -intensity combat operations."

This time, the Liaoning ship's voyage has attracted great attention, and it is directly related to the continuous follow -up of the Japanese side.

The Japanese Defense Provincial Department of Defense and Supervisor and Supervisor said that on the 1st, the Liaoning ship "discovered" the aircraft carrier formation when it was on the East China Sea. Beginning on the 3rd, after the Liaoning Ship passed the Gonggu Strait, the Daily Defense Provincial Provincial Provincial Provincial Provincial Provincial “dedicated” has been “dedicated” for many days in a row, saying that the Liaoning ship has continuously carried out carrier -based fighter and helicopter offset training on the Western Pacific.

This take -off and landing has more than 100 times in just six or seven days since the 3rd.

The Ministry of Defense announced the relevant "statistics", and said that the Chinese aircraft carrier was a long -term training near the Taiwan Strait this time, and "has strengthened their vigilance." Japan ’s Fangshi Shin Fu also came out on the 10th and expressed“ concerns ”for the Liaoning ship's training activities.

In response to the activities of the Liaoning ship, the Japanese Maritime Self -Defense Force's "Izumo" helicopter carrier has just carried out "intelligence collection and alert monitoring" along the way. The Japanese side also responded to the emergency lifting of fighter aircraft for Chinese aircraft carrier.

Hundreds and landing within a week, why do Liaoning ships conduct such intensity training?

Relevant military experts interpreted that from the configuration of 7 escort ships, this time the Liaoning ship formation is a complete aircraft carrier formation, which is greatly improved compared to the previous overall combat capabilities.

The difficulty and strength of the Liaoning Ship's training in recent years has continued to improve. From a few high -frequency take -off and landing from a few to dozens of carrier -based aircraft, from only daytime to now and landing, it indicates that it has a response to medium and high intensity. The ability to fight.

In the "worry" and "vigilance" sounds of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, there are more conjectures about the Liaoning ship's "largest scale in the years".

American think tank scholar Ge Laiyi believes that this may be a "routine exercise" because passing through the Gonggu Strait is a conventional route for the Chinese Navy to enter and exit the Pacific Ocean. Such training is also a determination and will to show the PLA's defending China's interests.

She said that the exercise "did not target a specific 'target'."

However, the United States and Europe also include more media and "analysts" in Taiwan Province, but they can't help but be a "strategic signal" to pass the Liaoning ship this time.

Especially in the direction of the Taiwan Strait.


Almost at the same time in the Western Pacific Training, the Liaoning ship conducted a practical exercise in the eastern theater.

From the 6th to 8th, the Eastern theater organized troops such as sea, air, and frequent directors to conduct practical exercises in the east and southwest sea airspace in Taiwan, and further inspected and enhanced the combined combat capabilities of multi -military and soldiers.

Similar to the training of the Liaoning ship, the actual soldiers exercise in the east of Taiwan and the southwestern sea airspace in the eastern theater are already routine.

To say that it is different, that is, the appearance of "frequent directions" in participating in the actor. It was directly mentioned when it was officially announced by the PLA officially announced the force of actual soldiers, which was relatively rare.

"Frequent" refers to the conventional missile troops. Generally speaking, it refers to the conventional missile forces under the Rocket Army. Some military experts believe that the "frequent guidance" mentioned by the Eastern theater's exercise is more likely to be a cluster cracking firepower and the combat force of the military and arms.

Analysis believes that this is obviously targeting "Taiwan independence." Because conventional missiles are likely to become the first batch of strike for Taiwan in the future.

On the one hand, it can effectively strike the fixed targets including airports, docks, and military bases in Taiwan; on the other hand, it can also combat out -of -the -domain forces to implement intervention. Limit casualties. In response to such obvious training, of course, the Wanwan side is very nervous. It repeatedly guarantees that all of the dynamic mastery of dynamics claims to be "absolutely capable of countermeasures."

According to the "real-time military dynamics" set up in Taiwan, the PLA "Yun-8" anti-submarine aircraft has penetrated into southern Taiwan and southeast airspace for 4 consecutive days. Among them, the PLA dispatched 18 military planes including "Board-6", "J-11", "J-16" on the 6th day of the 6th military aircraft entering the Southwest airspace in Taiwan. This is considered by the Taiwan media to be the largest flight operation in May in May.

A Taiwanese military expert directly contacted this with the training of the Liaoning ship.

He said that the "Board-6" bomber flying around Taiwan's southeast airspace, echoing the Liaoning ship fleet that sailed from the northeast of Taiwan to the west, and this is "the situation of pinching Taiwan with the power of sea and air forces."

Of course, our military has clearly stated that the distant sea training of the Liaoning ship carrier formation is not targeted at any party, and the training news released by the eastern theater did not specify the specific pertinence. However, when a spokesman for the Eastern theater announced before that the PLA had conducted a multi -military and soldiers' joint warning training and the exercise of the sea assault subjects, it directly pointed out that it responded to the frequent military operations of the United States and Taiwan.

The more clear signal came two days after the end of the real soldiers of the Eastern Theater, which was the 10th. One "Wu Zhi-10" PLA has crossed the "Taiwan Strait Middle Line" and passed 900 meters!

This news was first confirmed by Taiwan on the 11th. This was the mid -line of the PLA fighter aircraft after a year.

The last time on May 20 last year, the two "J-7" picked the side of the ball and crossed the end of the Taiwan Strait. Earlier, on September 18, 2020, "J-11" and "J-16" crossed the northern end of the Taiwan Strait.


Some scholars believe that this series of moves indicate that the complex situation created by the current US -Taiwan hook has enhanced the PLA's preparation for military struggle.

On the same day of the Taiwan media reported that the PLA "Wu Zhi-10" and "Crossing the Strait Middle Line", the U.S. Titkurga-level missile cruiser "Royal Port" passed through the Taiwan Strait and carried out public hype.

This is the second time that the US warship has passed through the Taiwan Strait within two weeks. On April 26, the "Sangpuson" missile destroyer passed the Taiwan Strait and publicly speculated.

The People's Liberation Army "organized the whole process to follow the supervisor's warning." A spokesman for the Eastern theater said that the United States frequently staged such dramas and provocations, and sent an error signal to the "Taiwan independence" forces to deliberately exacerbate the tension of the Taiwan Strait.

The "nourishment" of the United States is more than that.

The New York Times revealed on May 9 that due to the influence of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, the White House believed that some military equipment purchased in Taiwan was not suitable for the Taiwan Strait's defense war and "asymmetric combat". Military equipment.

8 days later, on May 20th, Biden will visit Japan.

According to media analysis, the US -Japan Leaders' Summit will talk about Taiwan issues at that time, and some people even predict that "the Taiwan Strait is equal to Japan" into the structure of the United States and Japan alliances.

However, Washington should recognize that the Russian conflict has made the people of Taiwan no longer believe in the false intentions of the United States: the polls announced by the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation" on April 26 show that if the cross -strait conflicts broke out, 54%of the interviews were interviewed. Those who do not believe that the United States will send troops to "cooperate against Taiwan", which is 18 percentage points higher than those who believe.

Obviously, more and more Taiwanese people have realized that if it is manipulated by the United States, it will only push Taiwan to a dangerous situation.

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