Poland broke into a disaster and offended Russia and Germany at the same time.

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Poland broke into a disaster and offended Russia and Germany at the same time.

2022-05-13 06:03:55 12 ℃

The Russian crisis has opened a new era of geographical strategy. During this turbulent period, countries around the world have also begun to find their own new positioning, and Poland has performed very active. In the Russian crisis, Poland followed the United States and took the lead in imposing sanctions on Russia. When Germany and France hesitated in energy sanctions, Poland even publicly accused the two old European powers and said that Poland would use the United States to use the United States The liquefied gas. After Russia announced the settlement of the ruble for natural gas settlement, it first stopped supplying gas to Poland. Poland expressed strong dissatisfaction on this. It even believed that Russia had violated the business principles and also violated the law. Seek benevolence.

Recently, Poland has made great disasters and offended Russia and Germany. May 9th is the anniversary of Russia to celebrate the victory of the Anti -Fascist War. The Russian ambassador to the Russian embassy in Poland Andreyev went to the Soviet Soldier Cemetery to present wreaths, but was abused by Polish extremists and even splashed red paint. In this case, Andreyev left before leaving. According to international foreign rules, the open activities of diplomatic ambassadors will report to the foreign department of the country, which means that the relevant Polish departments fully know the matter, but they have not made any preventive measures. It is almost a kind of acquiescence.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately warned Poland, and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that it had realized the seriousness of the incident. Earlier, Poland also refused to accept the entry of the German ambassador to Poland. The new German ambassador to Poland Lorin Hoffen was rejected by Poland, but the reason was incredible. Poland stated that Lorine Hofen was born in a soldier family, and his ancestors had attacked Poland. His father was also the little leader of the German army during World War II, so Poland rejected him to enter the country. In fact, Lorine Hoffen had worked in the intelligence department, and Poland was worried that he would pierce Poland. Poland's move obviously did not meet foreign rules, and it was criticized as a result. The Germans even launched protests.

Poland has frequently provoked Russia and Germany, causing the relationship between Poland and the two countries to fall into tension, and at the same time hinders civil exchanges. In this case, the history of flashing Poland may be staged again, and Poland will be divided again. Before the outbreak of World War II, Poland also offended the Soviet Union and Germany at the same time, and the two countries chose to target Poland, causing Poland to fall quickly. Today, Poland is more rampant in the support of the United States, and Poland even stated that it plans to cancel the boundary between Poland and Ukraine.

As we all know, although the United States and other Western countries have provided a lot of support for Ukraine, they have never made positive confrontations with Russia. Ukraine is not a NATO member country and is not suitable for collective security defense clauses. The Russian and Uchia crisis today. If Poland plans to become a reality, Ukraine will be automatically scheduled into NATO, the regional situation and even the global situation may usher in a huge change. At present, Polish airborne soldiers have arrived in western Ukraine and took over the transportation hub and important military goals.

In addition to the above -mentioned remarks, Poland also hopes to take this opportunity to regain Russia's flying land Galinenrad. Poland will cause trouble with Russia on territorial sovereignty and diplomatic levels, which will inevitably be hit by Russia.