Zelei was relieved, and the "Five Changs" of the Security Council rarely reached an agreement. Is Ukraine rescued?

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Zelei was relieved, and the "Five Changs" of the Security Council rarely reached an agreement. Is Ukraine rescued?

2022-05-13 18:05:28 10 ℃

According to CCTV news reports, the UN Security Council passed the situation involving Ukraine on the same day, saying that it was deeply concerned about maintaining Ukraine's peace and security, and expressed strong support for the United Nations Secretary -General's efforts to seek peaceful solutions. The statement was drafted by Norwegian and Mexico and passed in a consistent way.

The United Nations Security Council reached an agreement

The outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict has entered the third month, and in terms of the current situation, it is still a big hindrance to solve the problem through peaceful negotiations. These two countries have not been negotiated. On the contrary, several rounds of negotiations have been conducted, and they have reached corresponding consensus on some peace talks. However, due to the repentance of President Ukrado Zessic, the negotiations have not progressed. Even Russia has lost trust in the country.

The reason why Zeelianky's attitude is so arrogant is mainly on the support of the United States and NATO. At the beginning of the war, the West still kept cautious about supporting Ukraine. Shuttle a lot of weapons and equipment to Ukraine. After receiving the strong support of the West, Ukraine also began to seek confrontation with Russia, hoping to win the victory.

Obviously, the actions of all parties have led to further upgrading the situation, and the attention of the outside world has gradually increased its attention to this conflict. At such a critical moment, the "Five -President State" of the United Nations Security Council reached an agreement on the issue of the Ukraine crisis and passed a resolution involved in Ukraine.

The draft resolution was proposed by Norway and Mexico, mainly to point out that the United Nations is responsible for solving the Ukrainian issue. It is necessary to intervene in this conflict to ensure that the situation can be eased. It is quite surprising that the five -Chang country can maintain a consistent position in this matter, but this result also relieved Zeelianzki. Is Ukraine rescued?

Although Zelei's attitude is very arrogant for a period of time, and has repeatedly made a tough shouting to Putin, as the situation of Maliword gradually became clearer, the civilians of the Ace Steel Factory were evacuated, and more and more armed forces were increasingly armed forces. The choice of molecules to surrender, which means that Russia occupies an advantageous position.

Therefore, it can be seen that Zellezki has recently stated publicly that he is willing to have peaceful dialogue with the Russian side and be willing to exchange personnel in any way, which shows that the attitude of Ukraine has softened. Under such circumstances, the United Nations Security Council passed such an agreement, which did bring a positive impact on the ease of the situation.

Related content involved in the resolution

In this resolution, it can be seen that the overall argument is very rational and objective, and it does not adopt the saying of very radical statement in the United States and Western countries. Russia's usual expression, all the contents of the entire resolution are not biased towards any party, maintaining an absolute neutral.

The main content of this resolution is to solve the current problems in a peaceful way, minimizing the crisis and losses caused by the conflict. It is affirmed by the hard work of the United Nations Secretary -General Gutres in order to ease the situation, because after the conversation between Gutres and Putin, the Russian army opened the humanitarian channel, allowing the civilians of the Ace Steel Factory to be evacuated by the evacuation Essence

Regardless of whether the permanent member of the Western camp led by the United States is a sincere voter, it is a great progress to reach an agreement on this issue. At present, I hope that these countries can abide by their own commitments , Make more efforts for the solution of the Russian and Ukraine. However, it is also possible to have too high expectations for the United States and Western countries, because if this conflict continues, it is actually what the United States is more willing to see. very important.