The veteran experienced it: it was miserable. Following the fell to the ground was resumed by the Vietnamese army.

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The veteran experienced it: it was miserable. Following the fell to the ground was resumed by the Vietnamese army.

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On February 17, 1979, only two or three days before entering Vietnam, Zhang Fuyuan saw the complex and strange environment of the battlefield environment of Vietnam. My soldier is equipped with a 56 -type semi -automatic rifle, and the tropical jungle battle in the mountains and forestry has become a bumpy scrap iron; The enemy is good at Brey's technology, which actually brings a whole class, and then the nightmare of the entire army ...


After laying down the trigeminal mouth, Zhang Fuyuan's 386 regiment was interspersed along Highway 4 towards Gao Ping's scheduled target. When passing by Qixi County, he also fired with the Yue army.

Zhang Fuguan received an order in the regiment. If there are heavy soldiers in Qixi County, they will travel around and not entangle with the enemy, because this place is not a place of attack.

Unexpectedly, the defense of Qixi County was unbearable. When the 386 regiment entered the county seat, everyone ran away. It is probably that there is no strategic value in this place, and even the militia soldiers who sent politely, not the regular army.

The Vietnamese soldiers ran away, but things were not taken away.

Our army seized a lot of materials along the way. These materials were originally left in place, and there were no traces of moving a little. Be a gun there, as a bunker.

"Are we coming too fast? This girl's good is all good things, and I didn't take it away."

"Take away the hammer? They are all sent by others, how can you know heartache?"

"Squad leader, this has the gun we made ..."

Several soldiers talked, one box of one box was trapped on their shoulders.

Seizing materials should be a happy thing, but everyone has an unspeakable taste. When a soldier seized the rice, he was so happy that he was so happy that he was rushed to his feet.

"What are you laughing? What are you laughing? What are you laughing at your own things?" The long board was fierce, and Xingzi flew on the face of the man.

The soldier might be really fooled, with a towering and low shoulder, and his voice tremblingly said, "Long ... I haven't eaten rice for many days."

The long slap on his face gently, "Let me see", and the nose was put on the rice bag and smelled, "It is the taste of my hometown."

The players, the soldiers all brushed their white teeth and laughed. It is necessary to do fun in marching.

But Zhang Fuyuan looked at these good guns, good rice, but couldn't laugh in his heart. The Vietnamese people had no face and no skin. They ate our rice and turned the gun head to hit us. Lord.

As soon as the supplies were counted, I heard a masterpiece of gunfire not far away, and the communications soldiers reported that a simple airport was found nearby. When our army took over, it was fiercely resistant to the regular army of the Vietnam Army. The group said that it was going to be hit, and Zhang Fuyuan's ministry responded to the order to support.

This is a airport that has been almost not used. The military value may be less geometric, but the enemy is unwilling to give it as vain as the county, and our army cannot let the airport leave the trouble.

"In the competition of the airport, some soldiers were injured, and a small number of soldiers sacrificed in this place. The airport was not as almost as the county."

It can be seen that no matter how small the battle is.

As soon as the airport was attacked, it was completely destroyed. Other -sized buildings were also fryed, and the burning burned (the local building materials were mainly wood).

When he left Qixi County, there was a sea of ​​fire behind the team, waiting to withdraw a road, and the 386th regiment bombarded and detonated some of the solid buildings in Qixi County. At this point, there are no hair left in Qixi County. Only the fire roaring was roaring. After burning in the middle of the night, Zhang Fuyuan walked out of the sky and could see a lot of fire in the sky.

That night, the company reported the materials to the materials, and Zhang Fuyuan unexpectedly found that the militia seized a lot of radios. There were no mistakes. These radios were searched from the Vietnamese houses living in the hut.

It was really ignorant. I did not expect that the Vietnamese people would live this way. At that time, few families in China had radios.

As soon as they opened, everyone heard a foreign radio news agency broadcast: "The Chinese army captured Qixi, a county in Vietnam today. .. "

"Hearing this, we all secretly laughed. In fact, China and Vietnam did not have a decent fire in Qixi (except for the airport)."

Similar news is endless. Until returning to China, Zhang Fuyuan can also see foreign media accusing Chinese media in accusing Chinese soldiers with flame jets to burn Vietnamese houses.

"Our flame jets go to burn those thatched houses? It's not that leisure, it's too much. Can thatched house be worth a few money? What military value is there?"

There are countless discreditation such as such, making people laugh. However, it also shows that the news on the battlefield is true and false. It is passed on to the front -line battlefield, and it is difficult to master the solid real -time information. People may be fake when they hear ten, and they are mostly unreal. However, it does not affect their emotions to fluctuate at all, because these are the political means of some people who are omitted, and they want to confuse audiovisual and incite the public.


During the period along Highway 4 to Gao Ping, Zhang Fuyuan's Ministry of the Ministry actually no longer assumed the main task of the front line. One is because they have made great achievements in the previous battles, and the other is that this counterattack is almost all recruits. Vietnam has become a military training ground. It is necessary to give other brothers for the opportunity to take turns to exercise. To this end, Zhang Fuyuan was arranged to perform the tasks of some logistical support, mainly to keep the mountains and ensure the safety of traffic lines. It is not necessary to relax at the front of the front line. The rear personnel are often the main goal of the Vietnamese army to ambush. They dare not touch the big troops, and they fight the idea of ​​the small troops. It is not an example of the heavy sacrifice of our army.

During his persistence, a battle leader at the 129th Division of Zhang Fuyuan's Division took six people to go down the mountain to the Vietnamese villages early in the morning to find food. As a result, he did not return to the team. Vietnamese people are ghosts, and it is very dangerous to return to the team. The superior cadres realized that the incident was broken, and immediately organized the team to go down the mountain to search, but still could not find anyone.

The troops were lost to seven soldiers. This was a big deal. Later, the seven people were found, and they were buried in a large pit by the horizontal pits.

Hearing such a thing, the ministry was shocked. When the superiors grew up, the table was shot, and the table had to be shot badly.

Our army sent the search for troops to chase the Vietnamese streaming troops, and set up a number of troops at the intersection, water sources, and eating crops. Once all the midfish are annihilated.

"After a few ambush, the Vietnamese army did not dare to come out. Presumably those Vietnamese soldiers could only die in the cave and mountain because of hunger and lack of medicine because of their hunger and lack of medicine." No one knows it. "

Figure | Our army is taking care of the Vietnamese captives

Afterwards, the seven sacrifice soldiers were decently decent. But how they were killed, but they did not understand. Near the place where they sacrificed, there was a sentry of our troops stationed. It can be said that the Vietnamese people ambush under our troops, but the sentinel did not hear a gunshot or shouting from beginning to end. This is weird.

Zhang Fuyuan infer that they were assassinated with micro -sound or silent weapons, but the details of them were difficult to score.

There are seven people in us. The other party wants to subdue seven regular soldiers, and the number is less unlikely to do it! If the number of people is dealt with one to one, even if the enemy is dark, we will suffer at most, but no one will escape. Therefore, the number of opponents is likely not to be less than seven, or more than expected, because the enemy adopts a quick attack method. However, this speculation is also a bit abnormal, because the Vietnamese agents are all small teams, and the number is generally not too much.

Zhang Fuyuan thought that even if the Vietnamese soldiers were more than us, it would be a melee in fighting. There will definitely be a shout and gunfire when the melee, but from the perspective of environmental information, there is no sign of the melee. Seven regular soldiers killed for a moment, how could they do without a shot?

"I can't figure it out to this day, why are they (sacrifice soldiers) not even shot the alarm time and opportunities? Our opponents should be the veterans of the Vietnamese army, and there are two sons. Dry rice. "

Needless to say, the single soldiers' combat capabilities and experience of the Vietnam army should be above our army.

After this attack, the disciplined militias no longer ran around. When they were hungry, the soldiers also stayed at their positions and no longer proposed to go to the nearby Vietnamese villages to find food. Food bottom can only look for wild vegetables, corn, papaya, pumpkin.

I believe you and I have doubts, and modern battles, why should the soldiers go to eat by themselves? ——The vulnerability of Hengsheng gives the enemy organic.

The reason is that our army has had difficulties in the feeding troops in the later period.

As the war expanded the front of the front, the various troops were stationed in dispersion, and the logistical staff ran away from the west, and it was overwhelmed. This was one of them.

The second is that the complex terrain paralyzes the military trucks of transportation materials into semi -hanging. How bad is the mountains in the north? Zhang Fuyuan recalled: "After entering Guangxi, I saw these mountains from the window, and thought that it would not seem easy to hit Vietnam this time. The mountains here, like steamed buns, straight up and down."

Faced with the steep and steep hillside, transportation of food can only be carried by the master of the logistical personnel, which greatly delay the delivery time. Many troops cannot wait for food supplements.

"In order to find food, we sacrificed a lot of excellent comrades, fighting to attack the mountains, and bleeding and sacrifice is inevitable, but in order to eat the stomach, we sacrificed so many people, let us have a lot of emotions about strengthening logistics support. Especially The support for the Air Force is very disappointed. If the Air Force can make some supplies, how can those comrades and leaders be sacrificed? "

Figure | The movie "Fanghua" is to use Malay back supplies


In order to alleviate the scorching head of the logistics support system, a large number of militias and migrant workers supported the front lines in the country have also changed.

Unfortunately, there was still a tragedy.

The day before the residue, the 129th division was in the smoke and dust, and the three hundred cars took the staff of the whole division to drive in Gao Ping. I never thought that a trivial detail became a fatal error -thousands of statistics, round statistics, wheels, wheels, rounds, wheels, wheels, rounds, wheels, wheels, rounds, wheels, rounds, wheels, wheels, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, wheels, and rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, rounds, wheels, and rounds, rounds, rounds, wheels. When Zhang Fuyuan boarded the car, there were so many cars. Zhang Fuyuan's row and 180 militias were left behind, so he had to wait for the car in place. Early the next morning, four cars were transferred.

When boarding the car, the platoon leader took the first car with some soldiers and militias. Zhang Fuyuan sat at the last one.

"What does it mean to fall behind? In the world of cattle, sheep, and deer, it means being discovered by the tiger and leopard by the lion group, and eat it again."

This is a joke of a mulberry militia. If he has seen life and death, he does not talk about auspiciousness. No one will scold him with smell. He can get on the battlefield. Everyone thinks about how to die?

Zhang Fuyuan didn't think so seriously, and the drop of behind him seemed to be late at a time. Speaking of uncomfortable, can wheels be called road? The car was so bumpy that he was about to vomit, and he was so strange that he was too full. After everyone left, they opened the food station, took out the rice and soybeans, and ate it for a long time.

"哕" reflected a sip of yellow bile water, and Zhang Fuyuan really wanted to stop the car.

He thought like this, the car was really slow, and it was getting slower and slower.

The driver came down to kick the car, scolded swear words, and smoked compromise.

I did not expect this situation. The car "no oil" broke down. Too coincidentally, the car in front also lay down.

"It's evil. How can the two cars be anchored at the same time?" The driver of the third car also came over. "The two in front of the two were driven out. This kind of road was not fast and could catch up."

A militia camp chief, a deputy director of the political department, and a healthman who were in the same car with Zhang Fuguan, hurriedly took things to chase two cars.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, a wounded militia ran back to report the bad news.

They were attacked.

The deputy director of the Political Department in the car, 5 movie soldiers, and 50 militia soldiers were all sacrificed. He could survive because he was pretending to be dead and was fortunate. The long car rushed out because the driver was not dead, but the car was blown up.

"We heard this tragedy, we were all shocked: from Qixi to Gao Ping, the main transportation line was under my heavy troops, and there were many clearing around. The enemy could ambush on the road and sacrificed so much! "

"The dog is too big!" It was the ambush under the eyelids again.

Zhang Fuyuan and the left -behind forces immediately ran to the place of the accident.

"It's not dark yet, and the scene of the attack is here. It is miserable. The sacrificed soldiers and militia were made up by the enemy, or they were shot multiple shots (re -gun). send."

At this time, there was a light rain under the sky. The soldiers' faces were covered with flowing water marks. It was impossible to distinguish whether it was rain or tears. No one knew who cried. One piece of mud on the ground, all the potholes are full of blood, a large piece of red, flowing along the rain, flowing into the rice fields on both sides.

Faced with the broken tires of the flesh and blood, crushed clothes, and messy tires, the wolf borrowed, the soldiers were dazed, and they could only put the sacrificed comrades aside first. The vehicle comes away. The sacrifice militia and migrant workers were crying.

"Many of them are a family or relatives and friends to support the front line. Seeing that their relatives are like this ..."


In fact, the militians who came back to report the letter before were still shocked, their minds were chaotic, their words were unclear, and things were unclear. After seeing the platoon leader, Zhang Fuyuan was able to understand the approximate process of attacking at that time.

When the two cars were attacked, the first was a gun with a long -standing car. This cannon was hitting the box instead of the common on both sides of the car, so the car on the car The casualties were immediately serious. Almost at the same time, the second car was also hit by the rocket launcher. Compared with the damage of the first car, the second car directly ignited a fire.

The soldiers of the two cars were panicked at the time. What kind of chaos was it?

Smoke, fire, shouting, and a loud voice of the injured comrades "save me" ... and the sound of the unknown gunfire, the grenade exploded one after another.

Under panic, the first two heavy machine guns of the first car were first fiercely returned. The soldiers who did not sacrifice the second car also jumped out of the car and opened the fire, but where is the enemy? Two heavy machine guns just swept blindly towards both sides. It is enough to suppress the enemy with the fire strength of the two very heavy machine guns, but all comrades under the train fall down one by one, indicating that the enemy is not effectively suppressed by effectively counterattack.

In the end, only the rowed cars were rushed out of the encirclement. The second car was broken in place. Except for the reporter who reported the letter, the people who fell were re -gun, and none of them lived.

Unexpectedly, the ranking of the escape of the birth day was trained and almost was punished. The superiors questioned why he stopped five kilometers away from the encirclement circle before he stopped organizing rescue. He couldn't answer.

Zhang Fuyuan defended the head of the line from the bottom of his heart. "The bird of shocking, a sudden and violent attack on a small highway between such mountain jungles. It is understandable that it is understandable to deal with panic."

Regarding the analysis of this attack, Zhang Fuyuan believes that the enemy adopts the most classic stuck head break -tailed ambush play. If his car is not anchored, it must be the same as the header. Without joking, it was the comrades who received the remains at that time. But this is not an absolute result.

If the latter two cars can keep up, first, the number of people will take advantage (plus more than two hundred militia), the resistance capacity will be enhanced;

Secondly, the team is pulled longer. The ambush enemies are all the soldiers who have failed to clean up the soldiers. The number of people will not be a lot. It is impossible to paralyze the combat capabilities of four cars at once.

If you look at it like this, if there are four cars, our troops can stand up to reinforcement.

But Zhang Fuyuan did not understand- "Why did the latter two cars have no oil and anchor, it has always been a mystery!"

Except for the above, Zhang Fuyuan did not expect that the Vietnamese army was so big! The traffic lines along the way are under the control of our army. There are posts alarm in two or three kilometers before and after ambush. The sentinel will sound reinforcements when he hear the fire. Lack of risks at all. They were not allowed to have many regular soldiers in the two cars, and they were weak. It coincided with this section that was not in the area of ​​our army. It was cleverly calculated that the raid time was to gamble our army for reinforcement time. In the end, the enemy was able to retreat quickly. The militia who was lucky to survive the news was probably the enemy before survived.

After such a closer look, Zhang Fuyuan felt secretly afraid.

"This incident is very exciting to me. As an infantry, who is impacted in such a place, whoever encounters is unlucky, there is no way. I can’t tell anything except for my luck. Come."

Finally, as an infantry, he once again expressed his views on the Air Force:

"The consumption of ammunition and supplies of modern warfare, and the supplementary requirements are very urgent. On the humble highway of the curved curved, it is too easy to crack down on these transportation materials. Thunder, a few people can make a large army move and a dead snake. If you combine with a long -range artillery calibration, the consequences are unimaginable! Don't leave too much for the enemy. "

Figure | Logistics forces ambushed in "Fanghua"

Therefore, in the modern war, the logistics in the air is particularly important:

"I think our understanding and role of the Air Force is very backward and deviating. Our Air Force is only used for air defense, and how to use the Air Force to provide various effective guarantees for the ground forces. In terms of basic understanding, its gap is also very large compared with the U.S. military ... In this battle, they can only fly around in their own home. Our Air Force compared with the Army, Generally speaking, it really looks like a child who is walking. It is far from growing up and mature. "

These are the details of the battlefield. Both the enemies and us are cautiously destroyed by the opponent. This is the real you die. As soon as you go to the battlefield, a hundred eyes are staring at you to die, and every second of life is the moment of life and death.

Defending southern Xinjiang is the closest war from us, and we are very pleased that we have not completely forgotten the details of the battlefield of this war. Although the memories of the veteran Zhang Fuyuan had a micro -word for the Air Force and sighed a little about our army's combat experience, there was no intention to derogate. These are the painfulness of the real existence.

Understand the victory of the war without knowing the details of the battlefield. It is impossible to talk about the cherishment of peace. There is no way to talk about the cruel perception of the war.

All the details of the battlefield (the hand -to -tear devils of the film and television drama) were made to the battlefield artistic into the screen to create aesthetics, rendering the victory easily, and they were very disrespectful to the sacrifice martyrs and the living veterans.

All victories are intertwined with life and death, blood and meat casting.

The bullet marks taken out of the bullets on the flesh, the scarred scars that were scratched by the shots, and the tears that when they mentioned the sorrow of comrades -in -arms ... it was a great and difficult testimony of this war!